Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Etsy Finds

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I'm on a shopping hiatus right now because I'm heading to the Bead and Button Show in a couple of weeks.  I get to meet my editor and other Kalmbach Publishing folks, but I also got thrown for a major loop when I was asked to do a video interview for promotional reasons.

Now.  Let's talk about that for a second.

I think on this blog you've seen maybe three (four?) recent photos of me.  I HATE having my picture taken.  I do not like how I look.  Nope nope.  Nope.  I do not do video blogs or vlogs or whatever they're called.  First, the whole "face on film" thing, and second, to be honest?  I read FAST and if I have to watch a video my mind wanders.  It's naughty that way.  I'm the same with books on tape.  Can't do them.  But anyway -- I don't even look in the mirror all that much (which makes getting ready for the day quite interesting) so I've been hyperventilating about this video interview for a while now.

To take my mind off that, I've been strolling through Etsy perusing the goods, as it were.  And here are some favorites I'm loving.

From VintageRerun, a typewriter ribbon tin.  With purple on it.  PURPLE.  I love typewriters, have three collectible ones, but boy do they take up space.  So now I'm collecting the ribbon tins.  One VERY sweet lady sent me some beads in a vintage typewriter tin recently (thankyouthankyouthankyou) and you know, you guys might consider this as a collectible, too -- they are awesome little storage tins.

Just back off the purple ones, m'k?

Really?  Any of the flower pendants from The Classic Bead.  Every time I favorite one, I come back, and it's sold.  So go and take a look at her things -- they're awesome!

I want this so badly it hurts.  I keep coming back and it's still there, so maybe it'll stick around for a while and I can sweet-talk Rick into it.  PearsonMaron not only made this delight, but makes fanciful monsters, paintings, and dioramas.  OH, and there's a Heart Factory and a mini-factory -- yeah, love this.

I have absolutely no idea why I like this, but I do.  I mean, orange is not my color.  But jellyfish are one of the coolest creations on this planet.  Rococcoco has a LOT of art I love, actually -- be sure to check their store out!

And last but not least, this amazing bezel component by Amanda Davie Elements.  Lots to love about this piece because I know how hard it is to create something like this.  I have the perfect design idea for it, too.  

Well, things will have to wait until after Bead and Button -- and don't forget, I'm going to be shopping for YOU GUYS, TOO!  I'll be having a huge giveaway, similar to but BETTER than the one I did for BeadFest.

So..... what have YOU been longing for on Etsy?

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. Lori, you're going to be fine on video! You have no problem with public speaking, so I just know it will all come together. Try not to worry about it in advance... start worrying the day before! (just kidding).
    Your Etsy finds are great... I need to stay off of Etsy these days - too many great finds and so hard to resist! Those ceramic flower pendants are so pretty & I love that orange jellyfish. Chandler got stung by one over the weekend, but luckily it wasn't too bad.

  2. A while ago, I saw a necklace with a sall glass vial with a cork stopper filled with dandelion... seeds? You know, the little umbrella thingies (my English sometimes lets me down, even after 5 years of living among the English!) and a stamped washer, saying "make a wish". There are quite a few of them out there now, but "back" then, it was pretty much the sweetest thing I'd ever seen.
    It was far too expensive to purchase as an impulse buy (for various very good reasons, not to say it was overpriced at all!), so I never got it, but I still have it pretty much stamped into my forehead.
    Oddly enough, I have EVERY SINGLE ITEM at hand I'd need to knock it off, but I'm so afraid to make a mockery of that little beauty that I so far haven't attempted to give it a go. There are some things that one better leaves to actual artists and artisans!

  3. I can't put a picture here so here's the link
    Its the happy sloth necklace. I just adore him and keep wanting one, need to save up I guess.

  4. Hi Lori...I'm afraid the list would be too long for me to post. lol

    I totally relate to what you're saying about being in front of the camera.

  5. those are great finds! it is more like what haven't i been lusting after on Etsy. SO full of awesome stuff!

  6. Lori, I saw this at Target this afternoon and totally thought of you. The letters are backwards cause I inadvertently took the pic upside down :o

  7. Dear Lori, I'm not at all happy to be reading this. My mum, like you, hates getting her photos taken. She has struggled with weight all her life and feels that a person of her size doesn't belong in photos or video footage. I've always tried to capture at least some pictures of her but every time she sees a camera she cringes and the photos end up looking terrible. Not because of her weight, but because of the expression on her face that says I'm not pretty therefor I am not worthy to be pictured. I can't tell you how sad that makes me feel. Not just because of my mum, but because of my children (the ones I will have one day). How will I ever be able to convey to them what an awesome person she is, if I don't have any pictures, no memory of her. And finally I'm sad because I've got a great mum who refuses to recognize this fact just because she's overweight. So I say smile proudly into the camera and let your inner beauty shine (that's the one that really matters)!

  8. I'm doing the interview too - just imagine you are talking to me, telling me all about your awesome book and I'll do the same. :)

  9. Lovely selection of fave's Lori - I can see the attraction of that Jelly Fish too. It's great to see what people are drawn to aside from beady goodies - this is my current fave:
    Fortunately I'm safe in the knowledge that I will never be tempted on this one...not unless I win the lottery and move to a much bigger house anyway.

  10. Oh honey I hear ya about pictures and being on camera, but you'll do great. You're a SuperStar!
    Enjoy B&B

  11. Hi Lori,thanks for the tips on the shops i love finding unique shops with any type of handcrafted components or beads, unique findings and i'm with you on the pic thing that's why i don't have a profile pic we probably shouldn't be so hard on ourselves i think you are beautiful inside and out!! and for the record (gnombs) not (knombs) i really don't get why they put letters that don't belong anyway i have really been enjoying the new blogs!
    take care ttfn L:)

  12. I understand how you're feeling about the video interview, because I did in fact hyperventilate two years ago when I did something similar. I promise that when those of us who know and love you see that video, we're going to be super excited to hear your voice and see your pink hair. We're not going to be criticizing your appearance in any way.

  13. Be Proud! I know that's hard to do sometimes-but you have worked your tail off, and you deserve to be spotlighted! Congratulations--and think of all the other people you are inspiring every day! You will do great-wear something you love, and feel comfortable will help! Rescue Remedy and Lavender if you get really nervous! much love-amanda

  14. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Let your heart shine through you. It's your passion for jewelry and charismatic personality... that's what we want to see and hear. Please, don't think of the experience as a test. Just chill and you'll be fine.

  15. I LOVE browsing through etsy.

    I am the same way with photos of myself lately. I am still I am glad I had them taken at Disney so the kids have photos of me, too.

  16. I've been longing for some wonderful paintings of poppies. My problem is deciding which to buy. That's all I need to get to complete my room. I also have been eyeing up photos(doors, windows) of houses in Italy. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because I really want to go there?

  17. Lori, the girl who has traveled the world, worked in the corporate world, runs a business ~ you will do FINE with the interview! Just think that you're talking to your blogger friends.

    I will be there and hope to get a chance to meet you. Can't believe only a week away to shop!!

  18. I am so sorry to hear that you do not like to have your photo taken. You are beautiful person pink hair and all. smiles and a beautiful soul. YOU Look that vedio camera in the face and say to YOU "I am the best" and that thought will translate to the audiance.
    You have so much to share so
    "YOU go girl"
    Be Blessed

  19. I would love to go shopping at B&B with you some day. You'll be great on video... :)

  20. Have fun shopping and getting inspired with even more ideas.

    About that interview . . . Just put on your smile and think of all of us . . . we know you are rockin the beauty both nside and out. Be yourself. After all, that's what we keep coming back for . . . YOU . . . and you thought it was just the beads.

  21. heartsy has a voucher for those prints! check out my facebook page for the link. Amy Freeland


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