Sunday, May 08, 2011

What Being a Mother Means to Me

I never thought I would be a mother.
So I've had plenty of time to think about
what being a mother means to me.

It means loving my child since the minute I knew he was mine.

And embryonic Zack at about two or three DAYS old.

It means always saying "I love you" 
the first thing in the morning
and the last thing at night.

Zack at six months old.

It means making sure to know when he needs me ...

Zack at three months old.

... and to know when to let him go his own way.

Zack at six years old.

It's knowing when to teach and give structure....

Teaching Zack his letters and words, age three.

... and when to let him march to the beat of his own drum.

First day of preschool, age two and a half, when he refused to wear 
his name tag on the front of his shirt, but rather, on the back.

I love my son beyond distraction.
I write these words, and I mean them.
Yet they're hard to always know when I'm getting them right.

A wise woman once told me...
If you worry if you're being a good mom....


Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.


  1. Great words and pictures! Love the one with Zack with the badge on his back. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Happy Mothers Day, Lori!
    I don't think I'll ever be a Mum- by choice. But this post makes me feel kind of elated about the joy there is in motherhood and reminsd me of being a loved child, too. I borrow my man's kids every weekend, and it makes me feel good to love them and to be loved by them- like a universal thing, where little pieces just fall into place and form a bigger picture. I hear myself telling them stuff my Mum used to tell me, and I feel like a child just repeating some phrase they have picked up on telly or the radio. And, boy, I feel like a 5 year old wearing her Mums clothes at all times with them! I wonder if being a real Mum is anything like this- downright scary, yet an adventure you wouldn't wanna miss?

  3. Lori, Thank you for sharing these precious thought and moments. You two are adorable:)Happy Mother's Day - Dita

  4. Lori- a loving post composed by a loving Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

    My day has been with two of my grandkids...and they are grand. Of all accomplishments large and small, bearing and raising my two girls was the most worthwhile project of my life. Their gift to me at this point of our lives are my grandchildren. They do give life to my life.

  5. Happy Mother's Day Lori! You have made it possible for me and my Mom to do things together even though we live about an hour apart. She's a great mom and has tought me so much in her loving me.

    Emanda, daughter of Sandy

  6. I must be the oddball...I haven't every really worried if I was a good mom or not, I just did the best I could and that seemed to be just right. All I know is I look at my sons, I like the people they have turned out to be, and I can't imagine life without them.

    I love Zack's independence with the name tag. Who wants to be labeled, anyway???

  7. This is directed to Zack. Zack, I hope you realize what a wonderful Mom you have. She loves you very much. Make sure you hug her and tell her you love her today.

    From me: Happy Mother's Day, Lori!

  8. Awesome post Lori!

  9. Sweet boy... sweet mom. Happy Mother's Day!

  10. Lovely words and cute pictures. I love the one of him w/ his nametag on the back.

  11. Happy Mother's day! I hope you guys had fun :) Thank you, as always, for sharing your heart with us!

  12. Great post wonderful little wide eyed boy so courious and full of energy. You Children do not come with a book of instructions. Just do the best you can in every given situation. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU AND ALL YOUR FOLLOWERS Be Blessed

  13. Lori, Your posts always "speak" to me. Thank you for this one. I hope your Mother's Day was a wonderful one!

  14. Happy Mother's Day Mis Lori

  15. What a lovely post! Moms always seem to know when to be firm, loving, comforting, encouraging, honest, strong, and even when to let go. I love being a mom, and enjoy watching them become adults, though I sure miss the years of them being young.

    Have a wonderful week!!

  16. Love it that your son wanted to wear his badge on his back:-)

  17. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day... I love the picture of his name badge on his back... My daughter is great like that..always doing things a little different.
    He is adorable.
    Have a wonderful day!

  18. Lori, this is great! There's never been a doubt about your great MoM-ness! Zack's a lucky guy! Go here: and see what my daughter had to say. This was only her second year as a mom and she's so so good at it!

  19. P.S. That photoshop work on the cornfield w/ Zack is really awesome! It speaks volumes!

  20. This was beautiful. Zack is adorable. I love the black and white photos. He is a very special boy, to have a wonderful mommy. It is amazing to see children grow up.

  21. Zach is very lucky to have such a wonderful and loving mother in you. This tribute is very special.

  22. Beautiful post and what a precious little Zack!
    Happy Mothers Day!

  23. Being a mom seems to suit you well. Lucky Zack, lucky you.

  24. Happy mother's day. What a nice post. I did not write a post this year, but a letter for my baby. Who is not a baby anymore.
    Zack will love reading this one day.

  25. Lovely pictures Lori! hes so cute and didnt he even look like a Wise baby! Hes something! I miss my little kids! xx


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