Sunday, May 15, 2011

Antique Hunting in Pennsylvania

This weekend, Rick, Zack, and I headed to Pennsylvania to visit Zack's grandparents.  This time, Rick went with his dad to an Amish auction and Zack, his grandmother, and I went antique hunting.

We hit two places that were treasure-troves of beauty and history.  I love antique stores that specialize in "stuff" -- antique malls and places I can really explore, if you know what I mean.  I love visiting all the different stalls, wondering what each vendor's thought process was, and discovering who knows what.

Our first stop was Changing Hands Antiques in Carlisle, PA.  We were a little early, so I had a chance to snap some shots of the random awesomeness on their front porch....

A sled, blue chair, and box of table leg wheels.  
I swear my grandmother had a chair like that in her kitchen, just not in blue. 
(I rather like the blue, though!)

Then Zack found what may have been all the table legs that went with the wheels, and thus began the many, many, many, many, many repetitions of my asking pleading threatening,

"Don't TOUCH!"

Then I got back to snapping photos.....

A mason jar of rocks, and one in the near distance
filled with Christmas ornaments.

Tins and an old scale.

Inside, it was a gorgeous maze of finds, and I couldn't get far enough back to take proper photos of all the things I wanted to.  Here are just a few....

Lacey dresses.  There were SO many beautiful dresses in this place.

Gorgeous place-settings and rose glass.

And tucked amongst the beautifully styled vignettes were the random treasures, like this stack of optical lenses.


Next, we headed to a huge antique mall, also in Carlisle, PA, Bedford Street Antiques.

This is a cool building with a lot of history, and is where the first Molly Pitcher Dresses were made.  Most women of the time had their clothes made-to-order, but Molly Pitcher Dresses were made in several standard sizes for off-the-rack.

Here's one of the original Molly Pitcher Dresses trunks, I'm assuming for samples. It stood about as tall as I am.

This place was huge, and awesome, and I have to admit I forgot to snap photos, so I only have a couple.

Drawer pull on a chest.

Zack found this corner for me -- and I about cried it was so perfect.
I LOVE old kitchen tins and bins and boxes and what not.

But when I asked Zack, 
"Who would think of saving an old cottage cheese container?",
this was the face he gave me.



So meet me in forty years and we'll see what Zack saved that is now priceless.
Other than his facial expressions, of course.

And a final picture of Zack and his Grammy.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.


  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Lori, it looks like a wonderful weekend to me! I love the photos of all the "stuff" just wonderful! Especially the Molly Pitcher Dress trunk, it would of had to come home with me!

  2. Beautiful photos! Those tins are spectacular! Glad it was a good weekend.

  3. Two of my favorite things right here, antiques and my Zack in one breath!
    I too collected old tins and antique kitchen goodies. Now they are gone but not forgotten and always loved.

    I love going antiquing with someone who really appreciates the value of the gentleness of times gone by. Modern design can be beautiful but to me always lacks that patina that using something with care and loving to have them around gives to those things one collects. Matters little what they are. They touch a chord and become companions and memories at the same time, like the company of good friends. I will miss our B&B adventure this year but I will be there in spirit, I hope you know that. Barry is still talking about the little Japanese place where we ate lunch, and the last night dinner and we both wish we were there with you this time again.

  4. Looks like a fun time!

  5. Anonymous5:54 PM

    That is such a fun town to shop in...My daughter and I spent a week there while my husband worked a few years back! You found such beautiful stuff! Your son is adorable...glad you all had a wonderful weekend!
    take care!

  6. Fun fun fun...did you get the blue chair...I want one of those chairs soooo soon as I find one in the right color with the right price - it's mine...looks like it was a fun time...

  7. Totally awesome pictures!

  8. Wow! I went to college in Carlisle (Dickinson College) so I know how quaint and wonderful the town is. Did you go to the Molly Pitcher Inn for beers???? We used to!!! Sounds like so much fun, Lori!

  9. Oh Lori How I wish you could have gone thru my sister-in-Loves cellar. The family had been there on the ranch for over 100 years. She had jars that had been on the shelf for close to 75 years and tins and barrels of old dishes that had been packed away. It was a Treasure Trove. You would have been awe struck. Sadly she passed away this last September.
    Be Blessed

  10. How fun. My granmaw had a chair like that except it was fire engine red. The grandkids would fight over who got to sit in it.

  11. I sure hope you drove the van ... can't imagine much would fit into the bug!

  12. The best treasure of the day is the memory you, Zack, and his Grammy will all carry with you of the time you shared. What a lovely adventure!

  13. Great photos, thanks for sharing your day. I love that blue chair.

  14. favorite thing to do! I just love the picture of Zack & his grammy...priceless!

  15. What a great weekend! Zack and his Grammy look precious! I'm sure he'll save that photo.

  16. I KNOW my grandmother had a chair just like that, but in red and black! I would actually love to have one, why don't they make them anymore???

    And my 9 year old son, he also saves everything..........but he is getting better with age and encouragement. He used to make sculptures and toys from recycled everything!!!! But, after awhile, it fills every nook and cranny and we have to make room for new stuff;) LOL! gotta love his creativity (and he saves stuff because he is so sentimental)

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Drooling at everything here! Looks like a great weekend!

  18. Oooooooh - squeal! So much gorgeous stuff!!!! Thanks for sharing - wouldn't it be neat if we could just beam to the next flea market/antique mall and browse together...

  19. LOL look at that face! What a wonderful shot Lori! Frame that picture!!!
    Wow dosent that just want to make you embrace all that stuff? Those lacy dresses arent they beautiful. Ohh you have a wonderful time!

  20. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Hi Lori!
    I'm so glad you posted something on my blog, because now I can follow yours. I love your jewelry, and I absolutely love the photos in this post. I look forward to what you post in the future. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog.

  21. What a wonderful weekend. I like that Zack gets exposed to such treasures. How did you stop yourself from not buying everything you saw? I'm teaching a class in Duluth next week and downtown Duluth is chock full of antique shops. I can't wait.

  22. What a fab weekend!
    You and Cindy and Kerry always find such great treasure troves.

  23. Anonymous6:59 AM

    I will have to check that store out, looks like the type of antiques I like, not horribly expensive!

  24. Looks like a lovely day! Beautiful photos. Put a smile on my face this morning.
    Thank you, Lori.

  25. Wonderful! So did you actually buy any of the things. That chair is my favourite. And Zach in the time-warp-mode ... ;-)

  26. My grandmother had that chair in black. So when it came time to set up my own house, I was at a yard sale and found the same chair in green for $20. I snatched it right up. I love that chair :-)

  27. Lori, what a great trip! I've got that blue chair! Mine is white and tan to match my kitchen, and I use it alot. It looks like the item in front of the jar of rocks is a telephone pole insulator. I have one that has been crackled, turned upside down with a curtain ring on the bottom, and it makes a wonderful candle holder. I would have been in heaven there. And definitely needed a van to drive home. Maybe Zack will start his own American Pickers company!

  28. When I first glimpsed at the sled I saw it in wood color and red paint. Then I looked again and saw it as it really is today. Awww... memories!

  29. Lori, oh how I wish I were antiquing in PA - the BEST place to look for antiques!
    I've seen those old cottage cheese containers as well and was surprised that someone thought to save them after all these years. But, like Zack, I save everything too! :-)

  30. Did you take any treasures home with you?? Wish I could have come with, looks like fun!

  31. Wow, this looks like a place I could spend hours in! I love browsing old containers and such. The blue chair is so neat with the steps. I bet Zack had a good time! ~Val

  32. incredible place, Lori. That is the kind of place you can explore. Your son is so cute! It was fun to see him in action!
    You took some beautiful shots and we got to go along!

  33. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I loved looking at all the pictures you made, such lovelyness!

  34. So much fun! And Zack is so cute!

  35. OMG Lori, I have that chair in the first picture. Mine was originally red but my mom spray painted it brown! PS Zack is a cutie!

  36. I love that look on Zach's face. My son used to save all the packaging for his toys. He's probably mad that I made him throw the stuff out...the toys would be worth more if he still had the packaging!

    I've got that chair, in yellow!

  37. Very fun. Did you really bring nothing home? Not even one little tin?

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