Friday, April 01, 2011

Where Chaos Reigns

Whew!  At last!  Hallelujah!  Woo hoo!

I feel like a huge mountain of stress is off my shoulders.  No more craft shows until October!  Time to rest!  Relax!  Kick back!

Oh.  Wait.

Forgot about taxes.

Yeaaaaaah.  Conveniently forgot about that.  Good thing my accountant always files an extension!  But seriously, I've got to get all that together this weekend.  Which means lots of computer time. 

Let's take another look at that mess, shall we?  Maybe another angle will make it look more palatable?  More pleasing?  Less scary?

Ah.  Well.  OK then.  Moving right along!

Perhaps the rest of my office is better -- I could distract myself with something else instead of ... taxes... um. . . wait.

Aw nuts.  Well, this is what the rest of the office looks like right after a show -- the van ends up unloaded haphazardly into my office.  And there's more in the hall.  Which I don't feel like putting away right now.  So let ... me ... wander ... into the beading room and see what I can play with.....

Now you've got to be KIDDING.  This, too?!?  Cripes.  Well, yes, this WOULD be what a bead table looks like after a show.  In one chair is my "show tool box" full of things that need to be resized for customers.  On top, well, I guess I can't make any excuses there.  It always looks like that. 

But in all seriousness, I'm really looking forward to doing some different things between now and October.  I still have to make jewelry as often as possible, since I have a web site to maintain, but I will also be focusing more on getting my book finished, finally learning how to use my new SLR camera (Right now?  I can turn it on.  That's all.  Seriously.), and exploring the roads.  When I say "exploring the roads", I mean checking out the side roads and byways where I live, looking for antiques and vintage bits and bobs, snapping pictures, and hopefully gaining more stories to tell you.

Stories like how I found this car on a nature hike with Kindergartners....

Or the history behind this sinking church....

Or what was behind these old barn doors.

(Yep, I did take all those photos!)

So stay tuned -- life is going to get interesting around here!

(PS -- A new Cup of Bead Soup starts tomorrow, with Genea Beads!)

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.


  1. Well, I feel right at home! ;-) I am done with taxes so maybe now I should re-organize my home and studio too. I Love your picts, thanks for sharing so much to us all!!

  2. I seem to do better in chaos. I can't wait to see the stories behind those gorgeous photos!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Okay, Lori. I didn't just finished up a huge show and my house looks like that too! Truth be told, my studio hasn't been the same since I ransacked it for the Bead Soup Blog Party back in FEBRUARY!:-) I did just vacuum and that is good for the soul.
    You'n me can figure out these digital SLRs together! Now that our class officially ended this week - yea, the one we never took! Nothing like learning from doing though!

  4. Ahhh...Calgon take me away...if only for a day. Love this post and its title. Your photos are fantastic. With your pink power hair you can do it all...just a little at a time. Happy weekend my dear...

  5. When I was a kid my grandfather used to take me for walks- berry picking, just up the hill, wherever... but one of the things he did was take me to old overgrown grave yards. I have no idea of why. However, I am now smiling. I still love old graveyards. Those kindergartners will one day look back and smile and remember the great walks they took when they were kids.

    Remember those sweet thoughts when you are working on your taxes and organizing the chaos that is the result of too much to do and to little time.

  6. Wow Lori, those photos are fabulous! I love love love pics of old rusty cars and barns falling down so I am lusting after your pics! Good luck with your new camera and I can't wait to see what you do in the next few months.

  7. LOL, i enjoyed this post, all the chaos makes me feel at home! enjoy your time off!

  8. Uhhh yeah, looks like were about on the same page, except that my show season is just getting ready to start.
    While meandering those roads, maybe you can truck on down the road and we'll do lunch. You going to BeadFest next weekend?

  9. Time to relax and enjoy a summer of discovery! Take a deep breath and smell the roses.

  10. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Sounds great! Let me know if you find any great antique stores. I'll stop by them on my way to OC!

  11. Woo hoo! Let the cat do the taxes. :) Enjoy the show break! Awesome photos ~ :)

  12. Hey, look at it like this, I love the color of your walls! LOL Who doesn't have a mess like this every once in a while ... some have it more than others ... I'm speaking of personal experience. What kind of camera did you get? I might be shopping for one.

  13. Gorgeous photos, girl, and YES, taxes suck!

  14. speaking of taxes how do you do inventory that one has got me stuck. everything else is done or at least down on paper but inventory, do I have to count everything and put a value on it??? My studio is always a mess.

  15. A messy desk is a happpy desk? Yes? Same here. I always am dealing with piles of stuff, and I get to tired of piles that Im gonna put away! I love the white chairs and pretty! Im so glad you have no shows for a good while; this is a good thing for you. Less stress and deadlines good for the soul. The church what a shame it looks beautiful and going to ruins. Wonderful pictures Lori.

  16. Yeah. Um. Taxes. Need doing here too. And there is the garden... um.
    Your photos are great and I can't wait to hear the stories that go with them.
    Have a great weekend, despite the taxes.

  17. The first three pics induced a mild panic attack. My sympathies! But I know everything will soon be back in perfect order.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing more pictures from your neighbourhood. The one's you've shown us really wet my appetite.

  18. Hi Lori, omgthose pics are great, and don't feel so bad about the mess we've all been there why is it cats love to stick there head into bags that pic cracked me right up my crazy cat does that all the time and one time wrapped the handle of the plastic bag around her whole self some how and when i caught her she had the silliest look on her face like total embarrassment & help me please!! glad you get to take it easy for a bit (well somewhat!)take care ttfn L:)

  19. Lori, That is scarey>:) I love your blog You always make me smile.Congrats on riding out the tide (so many shows) Be Blessed Sandy

  20. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Taxes are never fun! Except when you get money back, that is...
    I love your photos, I'm sure you'll get the hang of that camera sooner than later - and I'm excited to see more of your photos. It's always so visually inspiring to visit your blog!!!

  21. I envy you. My show season is just starting in may and goes until november......during which time my studio will certainly be in chaos. Enjoy these months off!!! I cannot wait to read about all your adventures. I really want to hear about the sinking church.....the picture is beautiful!

  22. lol...your office/studio looks just like mine! I've tried neat but chaos is what I always end up with, so I don't worry anymore about it! It drives other people crazy though... :0)

    Your show season just ended and my markets/show season is just beginning and runs until the first week in December...enjoy the time without deadlines Lori!

    Love your photos...keep em coming!
    Enjoy your Saturday.

  23. I'm also in the SLR learning curve right now, can't wait to see how you progress! Congratulations on having a little downtime to practice with it :)

  24. Yah - my crafty room is equally a mess! Maybe worse... Good luck with your taxes! oh - and those photos? Gorgeous!

  25. Great photos-I can relate as my office, gargage and pool table in the front hall are littered with all the stuff I carted into the truck, downtown, to my spot outside the front of the studio from the back parking lot and then well reverse all that and then out of the truck back into the house last night. By then I was too sore and tired to put anything away.

    Your photos are wonderful; I love the sinking church, the crashed car is a little scary. Love old barn wood and my husband and I watch Pickers and wish we lived somewhere else where old was in- Las Vegas is seriously lacking in that kind of treasure hunting.

    Got my taxes done last week and told my husband he should kiss my _ because I saved him so much money with my business losses.- a double edged sword. Anyhow, good luck- I am going to upgrade my Mac and go buy the newest Quickbooks to keep me more organized for next year. Making my own spreadsheets on Numbers just didn't cut it. Wish I could say I have a few months off from craft fairs but alas I committed myself until June and then another in August and then who knows-the Holidays will be swallowing me up until 2012 but I do love what I do and it is fun to see the people you are selling to, have conversations , see the look on their face when they fall in love with something on my table. It makes it worth all that lugging and organizing.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  26. My desk and work space are messier than yours, and I don't even have a craft show as an excuse. (I laughed when I saw that so many of the other comments said the same thing!)

  27. Hey Lori, love your "after the show blown out studio" shots but that very top one just made me LOL! and you certainly have my attention with all the other great images.

    Take a breather and have a wonderful weekend ... Susan

  28. Lori, I've seen a bunch of photos of your studio and always been salivating with jealousy because it always looks so perfect and gorgeous! I'm so happy to know you're not 100% perfect like I always imagined!

  29. Great Photos and the office looks like my office!!!Yeah I'm not alone... even if for you it is only like that after a show...hey thanks for stopping... I so appreciate your comments. Totally builds my confidence in the jewelry making department. Have a Great Day!

  30. Great post! Great photos!!

    Thanks for sharing what your craft space looks like. Makes me feel a little less guilty about all the stuff I can't seem to get done.

    Too many toys - too little time ;-)

  31. Hi Lori, I was wondering how you were coming along with the new camera! I look forward to seeing and hearing about your progress, there sure is a lot to learn with this one! One day i'm happy with my pix next day i'm not, got a lot to figure out still! have fun

  32. My bff, Sally Anderson told me to come and see your blog, and I'm happy I did. It looks like you really enjoy life and have a lot of fun creating your own experiences. Your photos are great.

  33. My bff, Sally Anderson told me to come and see your blog, and I'm happy I did. It looks like you really enjoy life and have a lot of fun creating your own experiences. Your photos are great.


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