Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earthenwood Studio Design Team -- A Key and an Egg

Today I'm bringing you two creations made with beads sent to me by Melanie of Earthenwood Studio.  Earthenwood Studio is actually one of the first art bead shops I purchased from as a beginning beader, so I'm extra-touched to be included on this design team!

Melanie recently created a new, exciting shop called Earthen Oxide.  I immediately started crushing on these pendants because they combine two of my favorite things -- found objects (in particular, keys) and sparkly resin.  I love resin but can you believe, I haven't messed with it yet?  

My first purchase at Earthen Oxide -- sooo much to love about this piece!

ANYWAY!  One of the pieces I received was a gorgeous PURPLE key.  I mean, please.  PURPLE.  How did she know?  Could it have been any more perfect?  I think not.

Usually I like to get all funky and stuff, but this time, I kept it really simple.  I added a tiny touch of orange (to add that touch of the off-beat) and an Arte Metal butterfly from Vintaj.

Like it?  I added a little bit of orange at the clasp, too.  The chain is gun metal, from Ornamentea.

Sometimes simple says it best.

Which leads me to the next piece, which incorporates a handmade ceramic egg in a crackle finish from Melanie.

For some reason, this little egg totally stumped me.  And I have no idea why.  I totally blanked and didn't even think about birds, or twigs, or trees, or anything from nature.  Looking at that picture now, as I write this, I'm suddenly hit with a dozen ideas.  But on game day?  (Shakes head dolefully.)  Bad day for the home team.

So I went back to simple.  I had a plain aqua ceramic tablet pendant that has been floating around my bead cabinet for a while.  I pulled that out, and then one drawer down, found a patterned ring from Tierracast.  And that was that.

The egg now has a backdrop, a frame if you will.  I tested it out, and it hangs nicely.  Sweet and simple but unusual, thanks to that cool crackle finish of the egg.

I always worry when I make simpler jewelry.  I worry that I'm not doing justice to the beads I'm working with.  But really, I 've never pigeon-holed myself into any type of genre -- one look at my web site and you can see I make a lot of different styles with a lot of different beads.  I want my shop to be like a boutique -- something for virtually anyone, and excitement at every turn.

And speaking of shopping, 
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Thanks again to Melanie of Earthenwood Studio for including me in her Design Team!  The other members are:

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.  She is also the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.  


  1. Lovely pieces:) Sometimes simple is just better. Both designs make the focals stand out so nicely, congrats!

  2. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Beautiful! I love, love, love those eggs! Have a great holiday!

  3. I needed to take a minute to comment on the cool factor of that purple key!!! I LOVE what you did with it!!!!

  4. Both pieces are lovely. That purple key is out of this world!

    Most of my pieces are of a simple design. I find when I make more complicated pieces the customers worry about what outfit it would go with, would hang right or be too heavy, would have a place to wear it.

  5. I would have NEVER thought to pair together that purple with an orange. Ingenious! It looks Fab!

  6. Like them?!! I LOVE them both, especially the purple key! The simplistic design worked really well with these. And I know what you mean about worrying about going too simple. So much of my jewelry is one of my own focals strung on just a simple chain or cord with sometimes a few other beads linked in there. I think maybe all my passion goes into making the focal and I have nothing left when it comes to making it wearable.

    But this is not simple - you have created a showcase and really made those gorgeous focals pop!

  7. These pieces are "Simply Beautiful"! Sometimes simple is the very best way to go. Like wearing a simple black dress or slacks and top. Lori a Very Happy Easter to you and yours...

  8. Beautiful pieces Lori, love the purple key too especially paired with it's complimentary color. Happy Easter!

  9. I was just a Melanie's shop this morning and confess that I was eyeing those same crackled ceramic "eggs". They are lovely. I think how you used it is unique and very attractive ... some times less is truly more. A real artist knows when even one more brush stroke is one too many. :)

    I've visited other blogs that have participated in your well orchestrated "Bead Soup Blog Party" and have marveled at their creativity and beautiful designs. I have also visited your inspiring blog before however I think this might be the first time that I've actually left a comment. Perhaps someday I'll get up enough confidence to join in the Bead Soup but I'm often intimidated by the outstanding amount of talent and creative designs that the participants come up with. They are so incredible !

  10. WOW! These are really pretty! I love that purple & the orange makes the perfect accent! That butterfly is so cute too!

  11. Hi Lori, nice to see you back to your ol self and i love what you did simple is always the best way to go with such unique components that shine on there own & that's how i keep my collection too a little bit of everything, i mean it would be boring to make the same style of jewelry day after day. I hope you and your family have a safe & Happy Easter Weekend ttfn L:0 xoxo

  12. I like them both, but I love the purple and orange together, such a great combo.
    The egg with aqua is very versatile I would think and looks like it would hang so well.

  13. They turned out great! No danger of "simple" not doing justice...the focals are set off beautifully :)

  14. These are so pretty. I love that purple key ;)
    Happy Easter!

  15. Love the both. The aqua tab paired with the egg is elegant and inspired. Simple is often not so.

  16. Oh I have a red key with a heart that I just LOVE!!! Of course the eggs are fabtabulous! Lovely!

    Have a Happy Easter Lori I am glad you are up and about!!!

  17. OMG what a great key...I love the simplicity of the necklaces.

    Hope you have a great Easter.

  18. I love the egg set against the new life. Hope you have a Happy Easter and healthy spring!

  19. I love how you pulled out those subtle orange tones! The key necklace is perfection! sometimes simple is best!

    and honesty, I wouldn't have done the eggs as eggs either. they are beautiful as beads alone! Well done lori!!!!!
    Happy easter!

  20. Lovely work! I really like her key pieces :) and I love what you did with them!

  21. Loved everything you created!

    xox jean

  22. Anonymous2:00 AM

    You make such beautiful pieces...


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