Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cup of Bead Soup -- Starfish Necklace with Jane Perala

Jane Perala's beads are sublime.  I've used them quite frequently and was thrilled when she wanted to take part in the Cup of Bead Soup project.  Her beads are nice and large, just like I like them.  I do love a chunky bead!

If you recall, this is one of the sets Jane sent to me:

The problem I have with Jane's beads is it's hard to mess up with them.  I mean, string them and add a clasp and you're pretty much done, right?  So the challenge is REALLY tough -- to do something that adds a bit of creativity yet doesn't take away from the beauty of the beads.

Every single time I've made something with Jane's seashore-inspired beads, they sell.  For instance, this bracelet sold as soon as I posted it on the blog:

And as you can see, I didn't do a thing to it.  I linked them, added a fish, a toggle, and magic was made.  Oh yes, a glass charm and a pretty toggle and sterling wire.  And I decided what order to put them in, and they came from two different sets.  But still, hardly innovative.  

So I had a challenge on my hands. 

I still don't feel I really rose to this challenge in the way I wish I could. I've been a mess this month with illness and deadlines and .... well.  I feel I have to apologize for this one.  The BEAUTY is Jane's beads, hands down, and I hope you visit her store, particularly here and here and even here to get started on your own creations. 

But without further ado, here's my necklace, made with Jane's beads, moonstone, Swarovski crystal, and Thai silver -- "Casting Out a Net of Moonlit Dreams".

The surprise part of this necklace is how I captured the starfish in multiple strands of delicate sterling chain, creating an ersatz net of sorts. The focal bead perches atop, because I wanted that blue up front and center to just blow your mind -- but in a soft way.

Of course these photos were taken in the middle of rainy days, so you get the thoughts of going out at dawn with a net to capture these sea creatures, look at them closely to marvel at them, and then let them down gently back into their natural habitats.

I used bits of moonstone, which glows in the light, and the tiny bits of Swarovski crystal really is the exact color of one of the blues in the beads.

Now -- please keep reading.  This is important.

Jane has been going through some incredibly, unfathomably difficult times this month, particularly this week.  Her elderly mother is in hospice and will be passing away within days.  My heart hurts for her.  Therefore, I am selling this necklace at $120 and will be sending the money to Jane, who has expressed her wish to donate it to a charity.

I have a show this weekend, so if the necklace doesn't sell here on the blog my Thursday night, I'll be taking it with me.  If it hasn't sold at the show, I'll be listing it on my web site and the same stipulations apply.

The pendant measures 2.25"   from the bottom of the focal bead to the bottom of the starfish.  The beaded portion measures 12" and the necklace measures 22"  (without the pendant) but can be customized upon request.  The upper chain is a double length on each side.   Workmanship is guaranteed.

If you're interested, please email me privately at lori at lorianderson dot net.  SOLD

Please think of Jane in the coming days.

You can visit Jane Perala's store and blog at:

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.


  1. Lori, I swear if I had the money, I'd buy the necklace straight away. And do you know what? I'd rip it out of my heart to sell it on to raise more money.
    I cannot imagine what Jane is going through- just attempting to emphasize with her hurts so much I have to shut it down.
    My thoughts are with her and her Mum. I hope they find peace on this final ledge of the journey.

  2. I totally know you would, and the thought will make her feel good!

  3. Beautiful necklace Lori -- really nice work.

  4. That is a beautiful thing to do. No, two beautiful things. (Make the necklace and donate the proceeds.)

  5. Oh Lori, the way you used the chain is just stunning! I too, wish I had the funds to purchase and raise more money for her cause. I lost my dad last year, thankfully after only a short stay in the hospital, cause men really don't deal with retirement homes. We had a bad scare with my mom last month, a fall and bruised brain. I know her feelings and emotional roller coaster, and I will keep her in my prayers. Blessings, Shirley

  6. A beautiful necklace and a touching tribute. My father ended his battle with cancer in the care of Hospice in Annapolis. I can only hope those working in the Hospice where Jane's mother is located are as thoughtful, caring, and passionate about helping people and their families as those we encountered.
    My thoughts are with Jane and her mom.

  7. her beads (and ur design) are so beautiful.

    someday I will have $$ again and can enjoy some of this eye candy in person.

  8. Beautiful necklace and a beautiful thought for Jane and her mother. Just like you.
    Deb x

  9. Such a great necklace!
    I like very much the beads by Jane.

  10. Hi Lori, i really like your creativity hanging the pendant, i wish i was able to purchace the necklace it is pretty and i would love to help out ttfn L:)

  11. Wonderful combination of deSign & taLent. [very *U*nique} Your KinDness was appreCiated I'm sure. Thoughts & prayers are with Y'aLL ♥

  12. My heart goes out to Jane. I just met her recently through blogging, and adore her, and her beads! My best friend in the whole world just lost her father this week, and I have been walking through that with her. Losing a parent is just awful. It closes a chapter in our lives, a BIG one, a memory filled one. That person who has always been there to make you smile, or give you advice is gone. SOOOOOooo sad! praying for her as she walks through this.
    Thanks Lori for you kind heart and willingness to help. Your so sweet. I really hope things get better for you too.

  13. So happy this beautiful necklace sold, Lori.

    The story touched me and I've been missing my mom.


  14. Jane's lampwork beads are gorgeous! I love both pieces you created with them.

    I'm so sorry that Jane is going through this frightening time. My prayers are with her and her family.

    Take care, and I hope you are feeling better!!!!

  15. Lori you are so warm,caring and generous, everything a devoted friend is made of. Having just come back from helping my Mom after surgery I am painfully aware that we are reaching that point in our lives when things can change very quickly. My Mom has always been my best friend and I can't even begin to think about losing her. I feel for anyone going through that and my prayers will be sent up for Jane and her Mom.

  16. Such a really beautiful necklace!! Im so sorry for Jane having to go thru this and my heart goes out to her. Im so glad this beautiful pc sold Lori...its gorgeous!

  17. I love what you did to donate to Jane! *hugs*

  18. You have a talent Lori for color/placement/detail...while it doesn't feel/seem like much to you it is a work of art for the person who purchased it!!! Feel good about that! :0)

    Jane's beads are amazing...I love the chunky ones...I'm a water person so the blues catch my eye but her primary colors are delicious!!!

    What a wonderful thing to do made a beautiful necklace, which sold, and are now donating the money back to the artist who made the wonderful is that???

    My heart goes out to Jane...she will be in my thoughts!
    Enjoy your day...

  19. Lori, your creation with Jane's beads is just gorgeous. I've admired her beads, especially the ocean-inspired beads over the last year or so. It is heartbreaking to hear what she is going through right now, my thoughts are with her and her Mom.

  20. Oh my, what a beautiful necklace and what a generoues gesture!

  21. Lori the necklace is awesome. I too wish I had the money but I will have her in my prayers.

  22. Beautiful, Lori. That is just gorgeous work.

  23. First of all, that is such a beautiful necklace - it just makes me think of summer even though more snow is in the forecast ;(
    My deep sympathy goes out to your friend, and you're doing such a sweet gesture when nothing else can be done....
    Big Hugs.

  24. beautiful!!! the beads are the necklace..oh my!!

  25. Jane will be in my prayers! I know how difficult it is to go though that situation. Such beautiful beads and gorgeous necklace.


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