Saturday, February 19, 2011

Studio Saturdays with Lori at Art Bead Scene

All right guys - if you've been a reader of my blog, you've seen parts of my studio.  But THIS Saturday, I did a whiz-bang-smashup Studio Saturday blog for Art Bead Scene.  Not only do you see my office, but you'll get to see my bead table, my bead storage, and my lampwork studio.  So click here to get there.

But wait!  There's more!  (As they say on late night television.)

YOU, yes YOU, can win a fabulous bird pendant from none other than Nan Emmett of Spirit Rattles JUST by leaving a comment!  And Nan rocks.  She does.  Out loud.

Can I just say that most of what I've made with Nan's work has sold?  And that that hasn't sold only hasn't sold because I haven't shown it!  

So what are you WAITING for!  Click here, and comment away!

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.


  1. That is one beauteous birdie! Would love to win, thanks for the chance!

  2. Oh Lori, what a beautiful working space! I'm a bit envious, I must admit.
    It must be so amazing to create in this space where you are constantly surrounded by precious things.

  3. I'll be off to ABS to see your studio. I love that button!

  4. I love Nan's beads-in fact I guess you could say I hoard them!

  5. Your work space is so pretty and peaceful! And I'd love to have that little birdie for my own. :)

  6. Nan's work really is wonderful!! And now I am off to see more of your creative space - sigh!

  7. What a charming birdie :-D
    I'd love it to fly to me ;-)

    A very interesting post on Art Bead Scene; you have a space to envy for, peaceful indeed, filled with beauty.

  8. Anonymous4:44 AM

    Thanks for showing us around at you creative space. This is a great space to inspire you. Happy beading, stringing and twisting

  9. Lori,

    Great spaces, I love working in the kitchen too, plus studio in transition is a bit messy:-)

    Love the pendant, hope you are feeling great!!!

  10. I have a matching typewriter--don't you just love it????!!!!!

  11. What a beautiful space! I'm jealous. I have to share my space with a 5 year old, and a 7 year old. Which means I absolutely do NOT leave anything out. ever.
    Beautiful birdie, too!

  12. Love your colors. If you get a chance, come over to my blog on Mondays and you'll get glimpses of my studio as well. Mine's bright, bright, BRIGHT. Well, there's only one window so I wanted lots of color. I'm still "working on it" (is it ever done?) and on "Studio Mondays" I reveal a little more each week. Today the post is about music!


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