Monday, February 07, 2011

Find Your Silly -- The Etsy Finds Edition

Sometimes things may seem all twisted up....

Ronsick Originals
and certainly no day at the beach.

Art With Heart

So it's time to make your own silliness.  Make yourself smile, and chances are, you'll make someone else smile, too!

Out of smile ideas?


Wear a silly hat...

Andralynn Creative Design

Wear a mustache to work...

Quirk & Happenstance

Have a doughnut (or three!).

Deer Sweet Images

Sometimes it's not about being silly.  Sometimes it's just the simple things that will bring a smile to your face.

Sleepy Robot 13

Regardless, find your cheer in one thing in your day, one tiny thing, and make that your BIG thing for the day.  Some days there will be lots of tiny things to savor and sift through and marvel over.  Some days it might take a lot to find that one thing.  But look for it in every corner, behind every bit of laundry that needs to be folded.  There's something.  

And I'd love to hear what your silly is.

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.


  1. LOVE the funny hat!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to look for something good!!
    My daily silly is ALWAYS one of my cats. I have a couple of characters that never fail to make me smile on a daily basis!

  3. That robot makes me smile. I'm all about the silly! Check my blog today for some total silliness :)

    A million years ago at work, I wore a toucan nose while sitting at my desk for about 15 minutes until my office mate noticed. We cried laughing so hard.

    Life is way too stressful to take every minute of every day too seriously :D

  4. Anonymous5:06 PM

    love the donut!

  5. I had a medical appointment today that lasted over 2 hours and was filled with testings of theories, exams, questions, and head-scratching. I had to find the silly to endure....found it in noticing that my doctor was wearing cowboy boots with his white coat and tie! :-)

  6. Here's what I like to do:
    1. go to my favourite fabric store and, much to the amazement of the staff, pick out the most frilly, girly fabric I can find. The amasement of the staff is due to the fact that I loudly announce that the fabric is indeed meant for me and not my daughter/niece etc. That's part of the fun!
    2. go to my favourite beads store and do pretty much the same. Think beads in the shape of pandas and kitties and acrylic beads that look like gummy bears.
    3. go to H&M, the children's department. Head straight to the acessories section and pick some hello kitty hair clips. On days when I feel especially silly I might even put them on, immediately after purchasing them.
    And nobody can't say I don't nurture my inner child ;-)

  7. Absolutely LOVES the simple things--like a cup of fresh perculated coffee in your favorite cup!

  8. My silly is wrestling with my dogs :)

  9. My silly is singing and dancing to classic rock music. The fam thinks I'm bonkers but deep down they know that is what keeps me sane! And I would like a dozen of those donuts.

  10. loVe the policemen in their "sticky situation" - hahahaha!

  11. My "silly thing" always involves the kids. Like when my 2 year old recently said to me when I put him to bed, "Tuck me in. Go for it!". Now where did he learn that??! :-)
    Love those Art with Heart lampwork shells, btw!

  12. MY silly is my kids! Easy as pie....just tonight as I was in my studio (room with a curtain that ajoins thier hallway) I was listening to them all play (all 3) and laughing to myself. There was a princess birthday party going on (ssshhhhh, it was a surprise) and a star wars lego battle raging in the next room. Non-stop sound effect.....I feel blessed to have silly anytime I need:)

  13. My silly is Pixie when she wants her ears rubbed. She jumps up on the couch and puts her head on the top of the couch so that when I walk by I have to rub her ears.

  14. oh my, I think I've had the silly hat on all day. That makes me smile.

  15. The sprinkles on the doughnut made me laugh.

  16. Awesome twisted bead.

    Hope you are feeling much better.


  17. Great choices...that first bead is positively Seussian! I do usually "have a silly" each day- if nothing else my pupper will do something I can crack up about :) TOday it was working with a 3 year old who busted herself up...full on teary eyed and red cheeked from the laughter...

  18. Thanks for posting! Just what I needed as I was heading down teh tumps `;~)

  19. what an interesting twisted bead and can't stand how much I love the typewriter!

    Keeping good thoughts for you!

  20. actually Im not sure the silly does it for my hardest time when I was not able to walk It was actually the creative process making jewelry that saved me....(and the love from my children..and friends..) (( as my husband left me during this terrible time- Mr niceguy)) cheer up I poke around in my beads....or clay..

  21. Your blog is great.
    I`m fallen in love with the freezing penguin.<3


  22. Your 'Weirds and wonderfuls' are really cute. I think I'm gonna grab myself a cup of coffe...Just looking at that little robot you can almost smell it! ^_^ Virginie

  23. What cute pictures to match your blog message!
    Thanks for making me smile!

  24. Wow, great
    greetings karin

  25. This brought a smile to the morning - thanks Lori and I hope you have a good day. hugs!

  26. Oh, my, YES! My silly is 15 months old and lives 1500 miles away. She's an amazing and adorable girl, and we "have breakfast" with her & her mom as often as possible via Skype. She brings books to the computer to show us or for us to read to her. She even tries to give us hugs which really kills me (picture 15 month old hugging the computer). But she's so funny and cute and smart that I'm entranced by her. On days when we can't skype I have a slew of videos of her being her funny cute adorable self. They make me laugh, smile. They bring me joy, too.

  27. Love this post. It made me smile.
    I guess we all need to find out silly more often :)

  28. My cats make me smile, too. Nothing like furry paws with pink soles to brighten my day!
    And The Man usually puts a smile on my face. Hell, he wears my stay- ups and an elf- costume to make me LOL, if needs be!
    Reading beautiful, inspiring blogs helps, too, to put things into perspective and turn big bugbears into small, unimportant side issues.

  29. These are such cute selections! That robot is absolutely fantastic.

    My silly thing, besides my family's bizarre sense of humour, is my little dog. He's a goofball with a tilted head and ears that move independently of each other. When he sleeps he sprawls out and his bottom lip sticks out and he's just the most adorable creature.


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