Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bead Soup Giveaway!

Have you had fun blog hopping?  With 210 blogs to check out, I hope you continue to hop throughout the week -- everyone has worked so VERY hard and deserves to be seen!  So bookmark yesterday's page and when you have time, please go look and comment.  They'll really appreciate it.

If you happened upon this post, you already know about the Pint of Bead Soup giveaway.  If not, I'll repeat it all again, and then let you go on blog hopping.  THIS is the post where you leave your one comment with the three blogs you visited (although I certainly hope you visited more.

Here are views of the jar:


Hessonite garnet
dyed mangesite
tourmalinated quartz
Picasso jasper focal (close up above)
a bit of tourmaline pebble chips
red coral branches 
coconut wood
white wood
bronze cultured pearl strand
FenG handmade lampwork focal (close up above)
vintage lucite
blue cultured pearls
purple Czech glass
pink cultured pearls
white frosted glass rounds
painted filigree
old-fashioned-style Czech glass
purple pressed glass diamonds
pink pressed glass teardrops
purple pressed glass teardrops
gunmetal chain

I am VERY sorry, but due to the weight and some countries import restrictions on wood, I can't ship this internationally. 

Other than that, Bead Soup Party participants can play as well as non-partiers.

Friday, March 5th

Thank you for participating, and I hope to see you this summer.....

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and wrote the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.



    and so many other wonderful reveals:) Great party...will be back:) Thanks for all your hard work!!

  2. Well- I am burry eyed, and tired, but up and ready to keep hopping;)
    Here are three I visted and left comments (out of the 65 I visted yesterday) I am determined to get to them all!!!
    Erin Siegel Jewelry, Credit River Art glass, for my sweet daughter....just to name a few. I tried to comment on all 65, but blogger at times was not cooperating. thanks again Lori. Its been a blast!

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Lovely can of beads there :)
    I always love to blog hopping as blogs are inspiring.

  4. WOW what a party, I just finished going to the last blog. I hit all 210 of them (that is including mine, but some people unfortunately had health issues and were unable to finish the project. I wish all of them the best. Then there were a couple of blog that they just didn't participate. I had a couple of blog that I was unable to leave a comment, technical issues I guess. Everyone did a great job. You said to list 3 blogs that we went too, like I said I hit them all so I'm just randomly putting #'s with no particular reason 22, 160 and 210. Thanks Lori I had a good time.

  5. Please enter me for the great beads!
    I commented on Staci Louise Originals, Mary Harding and Marcie Abney's blogs!

  6. ...among the blogs I visited today #67 Tracy Bell, #16 Deci Worland, and #156 Nicole Keller.

    Lori, thanks so much for putting this whole thing together. Once again I've had a blast!

  7. It has been really rewarding to 'meet' so many talented artisth through BSP blog hopping. I have briefly visited every one, but... at some point I was out of words, I'm sorry! I will revisit many, many blogs; every piece of jewelry has many interesting details!

    Thank you. Lori, so much for organizing this Party for us!!

  8. I loved visiting all these blogs and seeing everyone's great designs!!
    I commented on Lorelei's Blog, Sue Beads, and The Rabbit Muse, and visited many others!

  9. Woooooooooooo Hoooooooooo I got to 174 blogs yesterday - I am hoping to get to the rest today. I did have trouble also with a few in the middle that would not allow comments : (. I am determined to get to everyone today! My first visits were to
    *Crafty Hope - my lovely partner
    *Silver Rose Designs
    *For My Sweet Daughter

    Really everyone ROCKED this challenge - especially the bead embroiderers! Such amazing talent everywhere.

    Thanks for all your hard work Lori!

  10. Here are just 3 I visited yesterday. Count me in for the giveaway!!

    207. Pam Krinski, Ewa Beads
    208. Melissa Meman, Melissa Meman, Art, Life, Love
    209. Dana Jones, Dana's Jewelry

  11. Lori,
    I have only just begun to look at all the bead soup. Oh.My.Goodness.
    I am only up to 40 and it will take me awhile. I worked a full day yesterday and settled in a bagan the journey. I would love to win this bead jar as today is my birthday and I would be over the moon with excitement. You asked for 3 blogs and it is hard to do but I will start with blogs 1, 4, and 40.
    Now back to the hopping.
    Everyones creations are spectacular. Thanks for sponsoring this.

  12. I am still working on answering emails and going through the Bead Soup list but here are several I have been to:
    Jennifer Cameron, Glass Addictions
    Niky Sayers, Silver Nik Nats
    Deci Worland, Gem Trails
    The soup was awesome Lori and you have outdone yourself putting this on for all of us! Thank you so much.

  13. Lori, I just want you to know that I think you are amazing! And thank-you for putting together such a wonderful way for those of us who love what we do to share with others that love what they do. I was overwhelmed with all the lovely creative designs that emerged from a bead soup mixture. My visits included yours of course, Jennifer pride, Kitty Durmaj, and Alice Craddick. I visited many more and will continue until I've made it through all 210. Thanks again soooooooo much! CJB

  14. I'm still working my way through the blogs, I am at 104.......and blurry eyed...Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work, we all really do appriciate it!as for the three I chose randomly, Mary Harding jewelery, Genea beads, and Sea Shore Glass....thanks again!

  15. In the first day I visited 59 blogs. Needless to say, I didn't get much else done. I left a comment on all that I visited if available to do so. I really have enjoyed this. Looking forward to seeing the rest. Here is a random three, Amber Dawn 147 (My Partner), Susan Kennedy 168, Julie Nordine 175, Lyn Foley 181. I started at the back of the pack. Wonderful pint full of beads.

  16. Wow, what a party. I am on soup overload. I made it through 57 blogs yesterday. I think I would have been through more if I were home, but working on my daughter's laptop slows me down a bit. I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every blog. It is so interesting to look at a stash and picture how it would go together, and then WOW, someone else comes up with a showstopper. Gets your creative juices going.

    I can't remember all my favorites, but I did visit.
    #22 Janna Harttgen
    #61 Mary Harding
    #1 Lori Anderson

    Thanks again for a fun party. You rock!

  17. Oh I visited and read so many wonderful blogs and reveals. I loved them all (about 155 covered yesterday) these are ones that stood out for not only a great reveal but writing as well.
    What a party! I still intend to finish the hop but this chair is hurting my tushy so I may take a little more time today!

    Hugs Always!

  18. I visited Lorelei (cause I always do):

    And because of pure awesome blog name;

    But I visited many more and will probably spend most of my day today visiting the rest!

    Thanks for great eye-candy in competition and I could always use those lovelies, so *crosses fingers*

  19. Ok, hopefully I don't post twice...

    I just spent time listing the awesome blogs I found but that seems to be gone. If I do post twice, please ignore this comment. Thanks!

  20. This has been a blast - I have visited everyone who has commented on my blog, PLUS every time I hop on the computer I visit several more! I have yet to see anything I haven't LOVED! Here are a few that I visited today:

  21. I am so glad I found this bead happening last week! I spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday rambling through a garden of beady delights. I made of point of starting with #210 and working my way forward.
    I left comments at:
    Kab’s creative concepts.
    Malin de Koning
    Sticklizard designs

    Something about their work and what they did with it drew me in and made me want to tell them so.
    Thank you for dreaming this up - planning is a lot of work - but you should feel amply rewarded today. As are we all.

  22. alicesbeadsandbaubles10:05 AM

    Lori, wow what a lot of talented artists. I enjoyed looking at how everyone turned a pile of beads into beautiful art! 3 of the blogs I visited yesterday are: Cindy Lavin of Beading arts, Margot Potter of The impatient Crafter, and my partner: Dana Jones of Dan's Jewelry & etc.
    Thanks for all the hard work and the chance to win more soup.


    Are just a few posts that I commented on yesterday. I was surprised to see so many artists and blogs that I hadn't seen before! Thank you for pulling this party together, it was great fun to be a spectator!

  24. what a wonderful set of artists! I got to 120 blogs yesterday.

    some of my favorite include:

    and of course my partner:

    thank you for arranging all f this!!

  25. all I can say. The talent out there is something else! There were so many wonderful designs, it was hard to pick my favorite. Took me all day and became a follower a quite a few.

    Here are just a few that I visited: (loved what she did with the polymer clay pieces she received) (Loved the bird pendant and the design of necklace) (Loved the copper work and design of necklace)

    Way to go everyone! What FUN...plan to add one more to your bead soup on the next one!

  26. It has been a lot of fun blog hopping. I still have more to see but plan to visit them all. I left comments on, 19. MJM Jewelry Designs, 118. Art with Moxie and 123. Sea Shore Glass.

    Thank you Lori!

  27. Well, i was crazy-busy yesterday, so I am having to do most of my partying today, but three of the notable blogs I visited yesterday were:
    Studio Marcy (Marcy Lamberson) - of COURSE!
    WondrousStrange Designs(Dorcas Midkiff)
    Gem Trails (Deci Worland)
    What fun this is and I have been exposed to some fantastic artists!

  28. this hath much suketh? LOL!! Not hopping for the prize; just had to comment on your post........I thought only I talked that way:--)

  29. I got as far as #103 (Jamberrysong's Creations), and had to stop and THANK YOU for organizing and giving everyone the opportunity to participate in this great soup contest! SOOO many wonderful creations - sooo much creative talent! I also enjoyed Lorelei's Inside the Studio blog, as well as Jane Capps Mama's Got to Doodle. I would LOVE to participate in the next one - where do I find out about that!?! Now on to the next half of the soup mix!
    Sheryl Stephens
    Cool Moon Creations

  30. Such a great party! Visited several blogs yesterday, not sure of the exact count because I'm skipping around. The first three I visited today were: Balanced Crafts (Rachel Walsh), Sissy&Jacks (Stacy Hartis), and Park Avenue (Stacey Stamper).

    Crossing my fingers for that great jar of beads! :)

  31. Cheryl W.10:55 AM

    Thank you Lori for creating the Bead Soup Blog Party. I spent several hours yesteday and today visiting some of the participant's blogs such as #202 - Kerry Bogert - Kabs Creative Concepts; #40 - Lorelei Eurto - Inside the Crafter Studio and #59 - Lisa Liddy - Joolz by Lisa. I have really enjoyed my travels and the many different designs. Can't wait till the next party!

  32. I have looked at over 200! I'm boggled! Got up at 3:30, better take a nap...but:

    and Lori, thanks for your kind words about my beaded agate!

  33. I've hit a couple of blogs that won't let me comment too... the comment page will not load! I have a US shipping address even though I live in Canada so please enter me in your draw for that lovely bottle of beads... at the moment I'm fully stuffed with Bead SOup so I'm off to make more beads!

  34. When I started the wonderful journey of looking through the various blogs, I was very good about writing down where I'd been. Pretty soon, though, I was too busy picking my jaw up off the floor and hurrying on to the next collection of eye candy to keep up the written list. Fabulous fun - thanks for coordinating it! Among the early places I visited were ExPost Facto Jewelry, Gem Trails, Singing Woods, Tropical Blonde, and One-Eared Pig. Forget the laundry, forget the cleaning, I'm spending today looking at more Bead Soup!

  35. Oops forgot to list three blogs...

    Karen Williams : Baublicious (Seattle WA)
    Heather Pyle : MY Muse : Chocoholic
    Los Vegas (NV)
    Maneki : Wild Roses & Blackberries Sweden


  36. I still have many more to look at, and I will! Amongst those I have visited: Rebecca Anderson's Songbeads; Cheryl Roe's BeadRoe; and Niky Sayers' Silver Nik Nats.

    I am so glad I took your advice to print out a list. It's been most helpful. I am having so much fun seeing what everyone's done!

  37. So much beautiful jewelry! I have visited many of the blogs and I am planning to visit them all. Three of the first ones I visited are:

    Now I am off to continue blog hoping...

  38. So far, I've visited just 5 and left comments but I really hope to get through another 20 or so today. :) This is almost as much fun as touching the beads and I feel like I could do this. Yes, I could! The blogs I've visited are:
    1. Lori Anderson, Pretty Things
    2. Kitty Durmaj, Perles and Life
    3. Michelle Heim, Life In the Bead Lane
    4. YOU ARE HERE! Lisa Petrillo, Lucid Moon Studio
    5. Anitra Gordy, Leelu Creations

    All beautiful!

  39. Lori - I haven't done as much hopping as I would like but have made it through about 40 of the 210. I will definitely be working on the list all week!!
    Three of the ones I visited were:
    1. My Partner - Patty Gasparino at My Life Under the Bus (#32)
    2. Claire Maunsell at The Next Bend (#200)
    3. Kristen Latimer at MJM Jewelry Designs (#19)

    Well, back to the hopping. I'm hoping to knock out quite a few more today if possible. Thanks Lori!!

  40. What fun! It's taken two days and a few breaks and children asking mommy "why are you checking off that list?" but wow, so much inspiration! I have comments on
    140 lisa godfrey bead happy
    64 elizabeth auld beads for busy gals
    202 kerry bogert kabs creative concepts
    10 cindy wimmers sweet bead studio and a few more.
    ***fyi to some bloggers, some of us don't have an open id or google acct so unless your Name/url is enabled I couldn't comment even though I wanted to. Unless someone knows how to get around it!

    Fabulous soup, I guess I need to get a blog up to be ready to participate in August!

  41. Hi again Miss Lori, i'm just floored by your generousity,taking on soup party,answering e-mails so promply,& your givaways i must meet you someday it's my big dream to go to one of those huge bead shows i read about in the mags so mayb one day i will. Anyway i was like a little bunny yest. hop hop hopping around nibbling on all of the wonderful eye candy oh my so many wonderful creations i made 3/4 of the way through but here are 3 again Lori for all your hard work from all the comments & blogs i have visited you are a very valued friend & admired by many people well ttfn i'm hopping along. :)

  42. I'm pretty sure you can't keep me away from Bead Soup 4! Thanks again

  43. I try to visit all of the blogs. I think I've visitied over 120 so far. To name a few - of course my wonderful partner Erin, Nicki, Janna, Mary, Shelby, LeAnn, Brigitta, Malin, Andrew and, and, and...I have to say I feel a little bit drunk from all that eye-candy, but tgis what a good party is all about, isn't it;-)?

  44. Anonymous12:12 PM

    What a great ride this has been -- I've visited many blogs and left a long trail of comments behind me ... thanks again for all your hard work putting us together. Three that I particularly enjoyed were:

    My Life Under a Bus
    Andrew Thornton
    Suburban Girl Studio

  45. At the time of this comment, I have seen and commented on 81 bead soup creations. All wonderful! 47 of you have visited and commented on my soup, thank you. Last night I went to bed bleary eyed and not at all bushy tailed, so tired that I did not even dream of beads. Now to name only three of the blogs I visited... Earthenwood Studio Chronicles, my partner Ellie's Bijoux, and Gem Trails. Now back to more blog hop.. hop.. hopping! Thank you, Lori, for this special weekend.

  46. Well, I started with yours, of course, and moved on down the list. Here are three:
    I actually woke up thinking about Mary Harding's piece this morning. Joy!
    I made it through almost half of them yesterday. Today and tomorrow I should conquer the world! So amazing to see such great stuff all in one day. I'll be trying to finish the list today but it may take me until tomorrow b/c I actually have stuff I'm supposed to do. I just hate it when life gets in the way of fun! Thanks, Lori, for all you've done. I sure hope I win your giveaway. That would be icing on the cake, for sure!
    Hugs to you!!!

  47. Let's see, I visited Sig Wynne-Evans' Beaded Bear's Nonsense, Shannon Chomanczuk's For my Sweet Daughter, Francy Inman's 8 Second Studio... just to name three. Still have lots to go.

  48. Oh, I think that jar would be fantastic ingredients for the next soup party!
    Everyone who participated did a great job.
    Some of my favs were: sweet bead studio, diane cook, treasures found...and, of course, yours!

    Thanks Lori for the blog fun.

  49. Wow! Love the Blog party, plan on visiting all 210 blogs listed. I was only able to visit 56 yesterday:

    Treasures Found, The Impatient Crafter, La Bella Joya, and so many more. Off now to visit a lot more today!

  50. Lori--I'm leaving my blog post up for this next week so people can find it easier. I can't tell you how many blogs I visited yesterday. So today, I'm starting from those who commented on my blog and then branching out!

    I would love to name my favorites, but that would be longer than a list of three. So many talented ladies and so many beautiful jewelry pieces!

    Here it goes:
    ME of BeetreebyME
    Cheryl Roe of BeadRoe
    Janet McDonald of Singing Woods
    Suzette Bentley, Ellie's Bijoux

    *I know that's four and not three but I couldn't make up my mind on the last three!*

  51. I have been jumping around and have visited more than 80 blogs +/- and I have been having a great time leaving comments on most of them. Blogger and firefox like to act up from time to time. So far my fav's are your button necklace, Tracy Bell's piece at Copper, Glass and Recycled Trash, Kerry's pieces at Kab's Creative Concepts, Marie Noel did an amazing job, loved the spring theme at my life under the bus. Okay I am stopping now before I name them all!
    Shannon C

  52. Anonymous1:02 PM

    I can't remember every one I commented on but it was many. I think I visited almost of the blogs and did another ten this morning. Everyone is sooo talented. So many were really very different in style. I loved it.

  53. Blog hopping was my reward as breaks from some seriously needed studio cleaning/organizing. Still is today. But I've been around to quite a few and have been so inspired by what I've seen. I've even developed a little bit of a strategy for hopping!

    Here's a few I've been to, Erin Siegel, Round Rabbit, Mary Harding, Emanda J, .... and lots more.

    Thank you so much for organizing this. It's been great fun!

  54. This is so much fun! I am working my way through the list. 1-100 down, started from the bottom and working my way up today. :)

    Libby Leu, Gem Trails, Copper Diem

    Thank you Lori.

  55. Lori, first let me say thank you for a wonderful hop party and all the work you did with computer crashes and so many participants. I have made my way through a third of the list and still going. I loved your blog, Lorelie Eurto's, Chile Cats, Andrew Thornton, Alices Beads and Baubles, Cindy Lavin, Sig Wynne-Evans, For my Sweet Daughter just to name a few. I enjoyed the last Bead Soup but this one even surpassed that. Thank you so much for all that you do and can't wait until August - See you then .

  56. I'm halfway through...working by 10s from the top down and then also the bottom up!

    3 of the ones I've been to:
    #18, Sticklizard Designs
    #191, MustHaves (my partner)
    #178, En La Lumiere

    Thanks again, Lori, for coordinating this.

  57. I had so much fun blog hopping yesterday and will continue on my journey today. I commented on each one I visited, unless there were technical issues which prevented me from doing so. To name a few, I visited my Soup partner, Elisabeth Auld of Beads For Busy Gals and also Lorelei's Blog and The Rabbit Muse.
    Thank for organizing this and for the great giveaway!

    By the way, I really wish everyone would enable Name/URL because sometimes I couldn't comment even though I wanted to.

  58. What a jar full of "pretty things!" I'm in! So far I've gone to Perles and Life, Pretty Shiny Things, The Impatient Crafter (Margot Potter), Vintage Susie and Wings and Jess's Vintaj Blog. I'm still hopping! So much fun we're going to do a similar thing in my weekly studio group for March. Thanks!

  59. I visited Suddenly Last Summer, Copperdiem, Kristi Bowmen Designs and others and am still checking them out, such great work.

  60. That was a LOT of soup and now I'm stuffed! I visited about 60 blogs yesterday and am hoping to make a good dent today too. To name three, I visited Beads and Bread (my partner), Treasures Found: Inspiration is Everywhere, and Sweet Bead Studio. What a great party and I'll be back again this summer!

  61. This is so fun! I used a random number generator to give me 5 to start with, so I wouldn't be tempted to only check out names I know! ;)


    I love how some of the bloggers let us in to their thought process! So inspiring! :)

  62. Lori, this is so much fun! I can't say thank you enough for organizing this whole thing...and I can't imagine the work that has been involved! Anyway, I've been to about 80 blogs at this point, and have commented on all of those, I think. For the three, I've visited Savon Feutre, MyLifeUndertheBus, and CraftyHope. Good luck everyone and have fun!

  63. Lori,
    Thank you so much for including me in this amazing creative event. I didn't get to visit many blogs yesterday, so today is my big "blog hopping" day! Of the ones I have visited, these three are among my favorites: Fredbeansnook, Everyday Gypsy and Stefanies Sammelsurium. Please enter me in your generous bead giveaway!

  64. I am having so much fun!
    I've only made it a little over half way through and I have seen some of the most awesome designs.
    Three of the many:

    #19 MJM Jewelry Designs
    #40 Inside the Studio
    #64 Beads for Busy Gals

    Need to take a break to shower and water plants ☺

  65. what a wonderful jar of fantastic goodies!..and what a fun bog hop!
    so far i've visited... treasures found balanced crafts everyday gypsy pretty shiny things

    will be visiting more this evening...after dinner

  66. What a wonderful mix! Yummy!
    I have been winding my way through all of the bead soup folks, about a 3rd of the way so far, but my favorites are:
    Spirited Earth
    Chile Cats
    Perle and Life (Kitty and I are beading buddies)
    I'm very inspired by what everyone is making and hope to particpate this summer.

  67. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Awesome giveaway! You rock! Between yesterday and today I visited 115 blogs. Hopefully, I will get to the rest during the week.
    My 3 blogs are Vintaj, Regina's Writings, and Lorelei.

    Have a great week!


    Those are just the latest. My goal is to hit them all.

  69. Hi Lori,
    Whew, I just finished visiting all the blogs! Sooo much to read and look at. I commented on the following yesterday"
    143. Creative Artyfacts
    144. Beaded Bears nonsense
    (they just happen to be two in a row that I liked :-)) and
    195. The Blue Between
    Thank you!

  70. So many blogs to visit! Right now Im on about 100. Some Blogs Ive visited so far are:
    Marcy Lamberson, Studio Marcy
    Patricia Gasparino, My Life Under the Bus
    Angela Blasingame, Hopemore
    Barbara Lewis, Painting With Fire
    OOops thats 4!
    Great Giveaway Lori! Some really wonderful jewlllery in the SOUP. I admire others too that had a time working with seemingly hard beads.

  71. Lori, I have been blog hopping- made it from # 51 to #80 today with a few short cuts to last time favorites, Juls beads, Mary Harding, EB Bead and Metal works, and I made a comment on EVERY SINGLE ONE. I know how thrilling it was for me last year to have so much traffic on my fairly new blog, I couldn't bear to leave anyone out. I now feel like I am hog blopping, too full of soup and my eyes are burnt out. Going to take a little break but thanks again for hosting this event. I am sure it turned out to be more work than you ever expected but SO WORTH IT for all of us. THANK YOU!! You are the BESTEST!!!!

  72. So many wonderful blogs....

    Brenda is Captain of our O.C.E.A.N. etsy team and her partner was Andrew Thornton

    Amanda had wonderful beads to work with and she combined everything so well

    I love the tone of Cherrie's piece....warm and it just flows like leaves falling from trees during fall

    Well, I know you didn't ask for a lot of rhetoric but it's hard not to appreciate some wonderful pieces.

  73. wow!! I finally finished!! I've gone through all blogs and only have a few bookmarked to revisit for missing posts or illness. I had a wonderful time visiting all the creativity out there..Thanks again Lori. Okay, so who wouldn't want to see what goodies you have in those jars? i've deleted visited blogs from the word document I was working from but here goes three that come to mind: 1. Designs by Loretta, 2. Staci Louise and 3. pretty things of coure! Have a great weekend and hope your head is feeling better!

  74. I visited Treasures Found, Lorelei Eurto, and My Life Under the Bus. And yours, of course! And others too.
    I plan to visit EVERYONE this week. I can only have so much soup in one sitting!! Thanks for a chance to win my very own jar of bead soup!!

  75. Wow, I visited so many...
    I'm still going to visiting tomorrow!

  76. This is so cool! I want to participate next time. Here's 3 of the blogs:
    EB Beads + Metal Works
    Barbara Lewis Jewelry of Distinction
    Amy Freeland Copper Diem

    I tried to pick blogs that included metal since that is the direction I'm heading in with my jewelry.

    Plan to visit more over the next few weeks! You folks who've visited all 210 are amazing. Can you share your secrets for screen time management?

  77. I commented on your beautiful pieces, Jess Italia Lincoln's pieces, Rose Noble's necklace & several others. I can't wait to look at everyone's designs!

  78. I’m trying to visit all of them, but I want to make sure I comment for prizes too I’ve been hoping to post my 3 favorites but there’s too many I like. So I’m just posting 3 out of the ones I visited today (Sunday).

  79. I made it to about 65 and left comments on all, not always long comments. I plan on going to all over the next couple of days and leaving more comments.

    Randomly listing some I viisted #1 of course 159, 114, my partner Mary Ellen.

    Thank you so much for all you did/do to bring all of these creative souls together:-)

  80. 204 - Julbeads
    1 - Pretty Things
    136 - Rosa & Josie
    I will check out all of them but here are the first 3.
    This is such a good idea!

  81. I already posted but I could not leave a comment on one blog that I visited, so wanted to include that I also read and commented on Copper, Glass and Recycled Trash. The creativity everyone has shown is truly marvelous!

  82. Here are three of the amazing blogs I visited: - Really incredible piece of art and what a sense of humor! - My bead soup partner who I learned so much from through the delicious mix she sent me. - The first one I visited and she blew me away with that video and really beautiful creations.
    I've enjoyed every blog I've visited and I still have many more to go. I'm all over the map. This could take all week! But that's OK - I'm savouring it.

  83. I have only made it through the first 169, but I will finish soon.

    I added the following participants to my RSS feed: AKA Stories of the Secret Garden

    I already follow many others- so I visited them twice, once through my RSS feed and a second time because of the bead soup link.

    This was fun and inspiring.

    Actually I have been visiting several blogs every couple of hours. It has been a blast.
    I have gone to Mary Harding, Lisa Boucher, Marie Cramp with Sky Jewels.....
    Just to name a few!!!!

  85. I have been lurking and hopping on so many cool bead soup reveals...too awesome for words!

    You did a beautiful job coordinating this huge feat and I look forward to joining the August party...and enter me for that jar o' happiness!

  86. Lori, picking just 3 is so darn hard... don't make me do it. LOL Seriously, all the blogs I've hit up (and kudos to you for getting to them all already because for me it's an all you can eat buffet that will last me all week) I am amazed at all the talent.

    I really loved the creativity of:
    1. Erin Prais-Hintz - Treasures Found
    2. A new blog I found through Bead soup is: Kristin Latimer - MJM Jewelry Designs
    3. A dear friend I have followed for a long time Juli Cannon Juls Beads...

    Thanks for hosting... all the soups will feed me this whole week!

  87. I cannot believe the talent shown in the blogs I've visited so far. I've gotten through 40 of them so far, because I've been tied up half the day yesterday and today. Finally had to go to bed at midnight last night, because I just couldn't see straight anymore. But they've been fantastic.
    Your's was fantastic. More:

    Cindy Wimmer-Sweet Bead Studio
    Cathryn Brooks-Williams-Chile Cats
    Holly Westfall-Silver Rose Designs.
    Am leaving my comment to get into the giveaway, but off to keep blog hopping now. I'm in awe.

  88. Hey rock!

    I've had a blast so are my favorites up to now:
    62. Stacy Curry's Star Hitched Wagon
    107. Shelby at Sundown beads
    172. Dorcas with Wondrous Strange Designs


  89. I visited the first 32 blogs, then my eyes started to bug out! I'm saving the rest for a rainy day that I am stuck inside and need inspiration! What a great idea, thanks for all the hard work!

  90. I visited the first 32 blogs, then my eyes started to bug out! I'm saving the rest for a rainy day that I am stuck inside and need inspiration! What a great idea, thanks for all the hard work!

  91. All I can say is OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhh la la!! you are all incredibly talented people! Thank you for sharing...

  92. What an inspirational & fun blog hop this is! 3 of the many blogs I've visted so far are Tari's Pearl & Pebble, Cindy's Sweet Bead Studio & Melissa's Sea of Glass. I'm off to continue my hoppin'!

  93. I'mm still visiting but thought I better leave my three before its tomorrow!

    #24. Rebecca Anderson, Songbeads
    #134. Stephanie LaRosa, Confessions of a Bead Hoarder
    #206. Krista French, French Elegant Jewelry

    I'm so overstimulated I won't sleep...

  94. I love how many beautiful items you made, each different and each stunning! I visited Julie Nordine, Marcy Lamberson, and Libby Leuchtman, leaving congrats and comments at each blog. I would love to win the bead soup and promise to show you what I make with it. I'm looking forward to the next one and have August 1 etched into my brain!

  95. Linda Landig Contemporary Artisen Jewelry (my partner), Jen Judd Rocks (long time bead bud), Sweet Bead Studio, La Bella Joya, Sandi Volpe, so many great ones! I am about 60% through visiting them all :-) THANKS SO SO MUCH!

  96. Wow, I'm still hopping. Only about 50 left to go. I've visited blogs from Sandys Coloring Box,
    Releases by Rufydorf, and Studio Marcy. All wonderful and truly inspirational. Thanks again for all of your work. I don't know how you did it.

  97. Hi there! I am so excited by these contests. I am brand new to jewelry making and had no idea there was such a fun network of blogs!

  98. I've only gotten to hit a few, since I was out of town all wknd. I've left comments for Blue Between, Baubilicious, and Jenn Judd Rocks. Looking forward to leaving a lot more! Thanks for all you do!

  99. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Here are my favorites after viewing all of them:)

    Jenn Judd Rocks

    I have really enjoyed this and received the blog address from a friend as I don't have time to get on the internet at home with 4 little darlings and a highschool teaching job. Anyway, can't wait for the next one. The ideas were so inspiring and I can't wait to tackle some of them in my spare time!

  100. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Here are my favorites after viewing all of them:)

    Jenn Judd Rocks

    I have really enjoyed this and received the blog address from a friend as I don't have time to get on the internet at home with 4 little darlings and a highschool teaching job. Anyway, can't wait for the next one. The ideas were so inspiring and I can't wait to tackle some of them in my spare time!

    such a kewl design.. awesome bead!
    I love colorful works, and boy this one counts!
    crazy fish bead!

    I'm still trying to grind through all the entries.. almost 200 of them wow!! even if I don't win (please let me win) just seeing all the eye candy and creativity is worth it!

  102. Visited: Spirit Rattles, For My Sweet Daughter, Skye Jewels, Sea of Glass, Vintaj, and may more with many more to continue to visit over the course of the week. I had a hard time commenting on many of them due to either operator error or my mac not being compatible. But I had a good time looking at all the creativity and art that was created.

  103. Visited Vintaj, For My Sweet Daughter, Skye Jewels, Spirit Rattles, Sea of Glass and En La Luminaire just to name a few. I had a hard time leaving comments and began to get frustrated. It was probably due to operator error but I really enjoyed seeing all the creativity and art. I will continue to check out more of the blogs this week.

  104. What a great bead soup party!! It is a bit daunting to see them all in one day. So I'm breaking them up and I'm jumping around.

    I love them are some I've commented on.

    Beads for Busy Gals
    Pretty Shiny Things
    Tapping Flamingo
    Jen Judd Rocks

  105. It took me most of the day Saturday but I think I visited all the blogs. Didn't post on every one but I saw lots of great things all over the place. To list a few...
    Genea Beads
    Wondrous Strange Designs
    Gr8findings (our Bead Soup Partner)

    Thank you again Lori! This has been great and am looking forward to the next one.

  106. Still trying to make my way though the list (and trying to comment on them)...but thought I should chime in here now in case it takes me longer than March 5th to finish! oh, and i'm already waiting to sign up for BS II, you are one brave woman to take this on again, I applaud you ~

    three of the many I've visited:
    My LIfe under the bus
    beads by breul
    wild roses and blackberries

  107. Oh Sweet Heart!!!!
    I am finally out of the snow & down at my Dad's so I can finally go Bead Souping!!! I was devastated that we had no power or cable or internet from the blizzard...thank goodness Diane Cook was able to post it for me!!
    Well enough about my on to look at Bead Soup & I am going to see so many more than 3!!! ;)
    I LOVE my picture with your new Bead Soup Badge...Yippeeeeee.

    Crazy, cold & starved for computer time,

  108. Have loved every minute spent looking at all the creativity from just a small assortment of beads!! Didn't participate this time, but hopefully will brave it next go round! Here are three of the 63 I've visited so far, Lucid Moon Studios, Sweet Bead Studio, and One-eared Pig. Each and every one of the ones that contributed have been such an inspiration to me! Have a great week, and I will continue to make my way through the entire party!

  109. I've been to 64 total! But just looking at the page next to me right now the first crossed off one's I see are Glass Addictions, La Bella Joya, Fire Pheonix Creations :) And yours of course :P I love everything you've done for us! Thank you!

  110. This was such a joy to follow!! The creativity is amazing!! i personally am just getting ...started and am extremely excited to join next bead soup in August!!
    I think I got through about 75% of the blogs and saw great inspiring pieces. I really liked Regina s Writings. Something I would be proud to wear!! So my style. Margot Potter is and the impatient crafter was one I was anxious to see finished. Loved what was send to her and loved her finished items. Lastly Do Be De Bead Do (great name by the way, very clever) I liked her completed peices as well. just noticed that the three I selected each worked with red which is a color I don't wear or work with often, hmm?
    In conclusion, I will hopefully get through the remaining blogs tonight. thank you for sharing. Please, check out my new blog: jennifer's jewels and junk on blogger. any support for a blossoming new beader would be greatly apperciated!! and crossing my fingers for the win of a great selection of soup.

  111. hi, may i join if i have a US address? i follow some blogs that joined the party so i visited them first:
    such beautiful pieces!

  112. Lori - such a great job with all the coordinating you did to put this party on -- My tummy's full of soup & eye-candy! Such beautiful work from everyone. I think my faves were...Your button necklace (for the "stick-with-it-ness" it took for all of those briolette wraps), Erin Prais-Hintz for the wonderful versatility of her piece, Nancy Schindler for taking a smaller pendant and building it up to coordinate with the larger beads in her piece and Erin Siegel & Lorelei Eurto - they always include a special pop of color in their pieces that remind me surprises are a GOOD thing!
    I think I hear that gorgeous jar of beads calling my name!!

  113. Whew, I'm only about 10% finished visiting yet, but 3 I have been to are #8 (BeadRoe), #11 (Blooming Ideas), and #20 (Chile Cats). I can't wait to get to everyone else!

  114. Wow!! So much talent and creativity out there. It was really mind boggling. It was fun to see people who I had never seen before as well as somoe of the people I read. I would like to have left a comment on everyone's blog but I would still be there! 3 of the ones I left comments on:
    Sweet Bead - Cindy Wimmer
    Jen Judd Rocks - Jen Judd
    Judith B Designs - Judy Glende

  115. WOW! What wonderful pieces! I am very new to making jewelry and am always looking for inspiration and mentors. Luckly found your site. I have only begun to visit the listed blogs. But my favs so far are:
    Treasures-found - Erin Prais-Hints
    Wonderousstrangedesigns - Dorcas Midkiff
    Beautifullybrokenme - Molly Alexander

    I will watch for the next soup party and hopefully can join in the fun.

  116. #84 Dana James (my partner)
    #32 My Life Under the Bus
    #180 Beautifully Broken Me

    I'm just starting my hopping, but I look forward to getting to them all this week.

  117. So far I have visited 83 of the blogs, and I'm working my way til the end! I loved all of them, but I'll give an honorable mention to Judith B, Lorelei, and Mary Harding! What a great giveaway this is, by the way!

  118. Yum, what a great pint-sized giveaway!!! I've been hopping all weekend... here are just 3 of the inspiring blogs that I visited:

    17. Erin Prais-Hintz, Treasures Found
    45. Nan Emmett, Spirit Rattles
    136. Diane Cook, Rosa & Josies

    Thanks again for organizing this fabulous bead soup once again!

  119. Thanks, Lori for being such a wonderful person in general and fabulous hostess in particular! All your hard work and sacrifice is greatly appreciated. You're my hero ;)

  120. swopemelmel4:53 PM

    Wow I sure hope no one in the office checks the history !! LOL (I only did a few at work i'll do more at home.) So far I have gone to Lorelei's blog, Treasures Found, Life Under the Bus, Lucid Moon, Erin Siegel and of course Pretty Things. Everyone is so amazing !!!! swopemelmel

  121. Laura5:25 PM

    Wow, so many beautiful blogs to visit, so little time in the day to stop there too long.

    Some of my favorites... -

    sondaggi [at] cox [.]net

  122. I am hopping from first to last so i don"t miss anything - so far I have visted Lorlei Eutro, Amanda Davie and Cindy Wimmer.

    I live in Canada but my lovely sister-in-law in the US often acts as my "bead mule" whne she comes to visit. This jar would be worth waiting for.

  123. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting and "following" me. So nice of you! It's been fun!

  124. Thank you, Lori, for this amazing fun!!! I'm still hopping, about 50 blogs left.
    I will definitely be back for more soup in August! ;))

  125. I hope I'm not too late! I've visited 80 blogs give or take a few in plus direction. Here are three of my favs:

    52. Melanie Brooks, Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
    78. Jana Trupovniece, Stories of the Secret Garden
    173. Melissa Rediger, Sea of Glass

    Hopefully I'll do another 80 today give or take!

  126. Whew! I finally made it through all 210 blogs that participated. I am just in awe of all the creativity. I'm planning on keeping the date in mind for the next Bead Soup, but I don't think I can do anyone's beads justice as the ones this time around have. What a wonderful party. Thanks for posting it.

  127. ok I have to comment. Of course I would love to win but I want to note three blogs I loved in this hop (so far.. and there are so many awesome ones so it is hard to pick only three)

  128. Lori, this was such an awesome bead soup party! Lots of amazing creations were made.
    Jen Judd Rock
    Stories They Tell
    Beautifully Broken Me

  129. I am having lots of fun visiting all the blogs. I have looked at Perles and Life, Lucid Moon Studio, Life in the Bead Lane, just to name three. I am marking my calendar to participate next time.

  130. Ooops - a sweet little bird told me the simple truth...that my e-mail wasn't turned on. :o)
    It would be too sad to miss out on that jar of goodies!

  131. Enjoying the blog hopping and still trying to finish the list!

    Libby Leuchtman - Libby Leu
    Kristen Latimer MJM Jewelry Designs
    Kate Gardenghi - Tropical Blonde

  132. Oooo...I'd love to get my grubs on these beads! I've visiting so many blogs my eyes ache! I've found some really fabulous new blogs, Thank you! Still hopping!

  133. Ok I went to 15 of the sites left notes at several of them. There are the ones I rememeber leaving notes at

    Sivler ROse The Ravished Heart Sand and Sea Designs I think I left something at Island Girl and Raven something too.. :)

    It would be fun to win and jump start. I think I have it all figured out that I can join the next one!! :)

  134. Hi. I'm new here and im not sure if this is still going on but I would like to enter. I was looking around to find some ideas on wire wrapping jewelry designs and I ended up at the bead soup blog page here:

    Here are the three blogs i visited.

    I have to say I'm in LOVE with the "podlette" bracelet you created for the Bead Soup.

  135. I'm still visiting! Some of the blogs I visited are Cindy Wimmer, Erin Prais-Hintz, and Lorelei Eurto and many, many more. What fun I've had Lori, can't wait to the next one.