Monday, December 06, 2010

The Kid Knows Best

This cute picture of Zack from several years ago (taken by Jen Fariello)
is a good reminder to just chill out and relax and not get too wound up with shopping and decorating and the stress that sometimes comes with the season.  My favorite relaxation?  A bath, a book, and a nap.  

What's yours?

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  1. I'm with you, shower, book, nap, especially the nap part.

  2. what an adorable picture of Zack!
    I also love a bath, clean sheets and a brand new magazine...


  3. That's such a cute picture.

    Curling up with a book and a blanket works for me.

  4. Reading is good for me before bed but I really like to get stuck into knitting or crochet with a glass of red wine and a good CD playing for ultimate relaxation kick.

  5. Well said! Relaxing in the living room with my family can take all stress away!

  6. Beading, reading, and perhaps a bit of Bailey's.

  7. beading is my favorite way to relax! oh and deep tissue massage, ahhhh. i need to make an appt. soon.

  8. Adorable.
    I would say the luxury to read a book in front of the fire place from start to finish with a nice glass of malbec.
    Enjoy the day!

  9. Anonymous3:55 PM


    just here to first of all say....HOW CUTE IS THIS POST????!!! I love that Chillax....!!!!

    second, in answer to your camera dilemma...

    I had an was great...but if ya wanna know what I'm using now...It's a samsung regular pocket digital camera! and I love it.

    I'm the type of person that knows my way around an SLR with my eyes closed...but loves to take photos all the time...while I'm out and about..and I like having something that fits easily into my purse, you know!

    it's not so much the camera as it is the vision and clarity and focus and cropping!

    sorry I can't really point you in any specific direction..but I truly feel honoured that you would ask me...that's very complimentary!
    you made my day!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  10. Super cute and very adorable reminder to just sit back and chillax. For me it is music! I love all types and it really takes me away to another place with no stress. Happy Holly Jolly...

  11. Wonderful picture.

    I'm getting off the computer and gonna join my hubby in front of the TV. My favorite series is coming on ;-)

  12. Adorable picture!
    I love to take a walk out in the cold, first, then enjoy a cup of tea while the water is pouring in, then a bath, a good book or magazine, chocolate coated strawberries, prosecco, my favourite music (in a perfect world, Leonard Cohen would come in, give me a massage and sing just for me...) and a nap.
    And what also works for me, when I don't have the time for a bath and a nap: mashed potatoes with lots of butter. It's also the best receipt I know against heartsickness...

  13. I'd have to say relaxing into a good book is top for me. Or just flopping down with nothing to do (but it's been so long since THAT'S happened I forget how that feels!).

    I just came to the realization that my house probably won't be fully decorated this year -- too much to do! -- and you know what? I'm totally fine with that.

  14. First of all that pic of Zack is absolutely darling-Aaaaahhhh!!

    Charlie knows that I love to be driven around. Actually, we call it taking a cruise. I know, I was so born in the wrong era....I should have been the sterotypical 50's homemaker, right? Maybe I'm just an old soul trapped in a young woman-Hmmmm. who knows.

    It's a standing joke in our house that I am Miss Daisy and he is Hoke.
    (From the movie Driving Miss Daisy)

    So when It's time for this mama to chill out and relax Chas always says, "Is it time to Drive Miss Daisy?"

    I just love to ride around in our little village/surrounding area.

    You asked, Lori-HAHAHAHA!

    P.S. I am going to comment on the prior post on this one, but Boooooooooo to that Anonymous coward that said all that. How cowardly. Shame shame shame on them! Your quite deservingly accomplished.

  15. What a cute picture! And the sentiment is right on the money ;) For me, I'm happy with a book and a bed.


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