Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Partners With Fire Enamel Bead Jewelry Challenge

Today is the unveiling of a challenge put on by Barbara Lewis of Painting With Fire fame!  Barbara wanted to encourage newbies and experienced torch enamelers alike to make some enamel beads, send them to a partner, then create a piece of jewelry with them -- similar to the Bead Soup Blog Party idea.  I am very very very new to enameling so I cringed as I sent off beads to my poor partner, but was hugely pleased (and humbled) by the beads I received from Sarah Alford.

Aren't these amazing!  I fell in love with the pendant, too -- nothing like I've ever seen before.  And these are my colors, for certain!

Since the colors and style of the beads reminded me of vintage things (in particular vintage metal porch chairs with the filigree backs -- remember those?), I decided to raid my vintage lucite drawer.  What to choose, what to choose......

Ah.  Let's clash-ity crash-ity the color a wee bit.

The cast of characters:

* The lucite beads are 8mm peach moonglow from the '50s.  Because they're moonglow lucite, they unfortunately liked the glow of the sun and look a bit more orange in the photo than they really are. 

*  A gorgeous lampwork bead by Jelveh Designs
*  Four pretty little Thai Hill Tribe flower charms

* Two floral pewter beads by Tierracast
* And to finish it off, a Thai Hill Tribe flower clasp to mirror the flowers in the necklace.

Everything is wired together with 20ga sterling silver and 16ga sterling silver rings.  

I also had some bead caps left over and made a couple of pairs of earrings.....

Both pairs of earrings were made with vintage lucite beads and the enameled bead caps.

There are a lot of skill levels on the Painting With Fire Ning , and if you're interested in torch enameling, that's the place to be!  Tips, tricks, and lots of show-and-tell sessions make it a great community.  Just click the link above to join!

Thanks, Barbara, for a great challenge!

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site, Lori Anderson Designs, and writes the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She's also a contributor to Art Bead Scene.


  1. Love the beads and especially the pendant you received!!! The necklace you created is GORGEOUS! I am going to have to head over and see what other people created. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh My Gosh that is YUMMY!

  3. Wow! Lori, this is awesome! I can only imagine what it looks like in person, having seen the piece you wore to the workshop! Gorgeous.

  4. Everything here is really gorgeous...really pretty! That last pair of earrings are my fav!

  5. Oh my these are beautiful pieces Lori. All the elements you used are stunning. And I bet the enamel beads you sent were just as gorgeous as the ones you received.

  6. I love those colors! I have stayed away from the torch enamelling, trying to keep the hobbies to a minimum. :)

  7. you are amazing.! your jewelry are piece of art!!!! i adore your blog.

  8. you are amazing.! your jewelry are piece of art!!!! i adore your blog.

  9. Oh!!! fun!!!!! beautiful!!! pretty colors!!!

  10. Lori, you outdid yourself! And you thought you were stumped for ideas?? Yes, the enameled beads you received are gorgeous...I love that focal too! The earrings are sweet - especially the cones ones!

  11. I love your new creations, especially the pop of orange! Thank you so much for coordinating the PWF bead swap!

  12. Beautiful work Lori! I love the color combination and the gorgeous Hill Tribe Silver charm combination!
    Just beautiful....

  13. WOW, I love all the beads you received and you did a beautiful job putting it all together. I agree that pendant (and everything else) is wonderful!

  14. Anonymous10:02 PM


    I love colors.

  15. You did a great job! Congratulations!

  16. Wow! That pendant is gorgeous, and what a beautiful necklace and earrings. I love how you combined so many different bead styles to achieve such a fresh design. The earrings are precious!

  17. Such beautiful colours, they look good enough to eat.

  18. OMG What an awesome blog. The examples of how we could use those lovely emamel beads . and the photos are to die for you certainly have an eye I am speachless.
    Be Blessed.

  19. The beads you received are magnificent & your creations, genius!!! You are such a huge talent my friend!!

  20. I love every single one of these! The silver flowers really work! Those really are gorgeous yummy :)

  21. Anonymous7:10 AM

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