Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For the Love of Shoes -- Sanita and Bead Inspiration

You may remember me saying that due to nasty surgery on one foot (thank you over-training for an athletic event), I can now only wear Birkenstocks or Danskos.  My favorite line of Birkenstocks is the Papillio line, because I can rock out wearing sandals like these:

(Photo via Tobias Mayer, my favorite Birkenstock store)

I went to the mall today and wandered past a store and these shoes stopped me in my tracks.  At first, I thought they were Danskos, but the folks told me that Sanita originally made shoes for Dansko, but that partnership ended in 2007.  ANYWAY.  I was stopped in my tracks by these shoes:
(All Sanita shoe photos from Zappos.com)

I bought them as fast as I could yank out my wallet.  They're the perfect artist shoes, don't you think?  The pattern is actually fabric, like tapestry, and there are several colors.  I thought about these....
and these....
but had to settle on just one.

For now.

So how does this translate to beads?

Well, look at those colors!  Don't you see a bunch of color palettes there?

The Papillio shoes could inspire this...

(Lampwork beads and bracelet made by me)

The first pair of Sanitas remind me of this set of beads by Endangered Creations....


The second pair of Sanitas remind me of these beads by JC Herrell:

And the last pair of shoes reminds me of these beads by Crazy Lady Glass...

So next time you're out shopping, look at patterns in an entirely new way.  You never know what will spark your imagination!

Lori Anderson makes jewelry for Lori Anderson Designs and also writes the blog An Artist's Year Off.  She has a huge shoe collection.


  1. I am drooling over all those colors!

    And now I want new shoes...

  2. Serious drooling goin on here! Love shoes and bracelet!!!!! Beads! OMG my poor poor keyboard!


  3. Cool beads and cool shoes! I've worn Berkies for years because they are wonderfully comfortable and because I own them in lots of fabulous designs and colors! I'm hooked.

  4. Oh my goodness, those shoes rock! They sooooo match the beads! Your bracelet totally rocks it. WOW! I think I may now have to go shopping!

  5. Oh my goodness, those shoes rock! They sooooo match the beads! Your bracelet totally rocks it. WOW! I think I may now have to go shopping!

  6. I love clogs, and those are adorable!

  7. Great shoes, cool beads! I am a quilter and have a HUGE stash of gorgeous fabrics. Sometimes I hit my stash for inspiration.


  8. Thanks for reminding us that inspiration is everywhere!

    BTW, hey are some freakin GREAT shoes!!

  9. Wow great shoes. But the beads are wowowowowowowowzzzaaaa

  10. Great shoes and beads. Hey, it is all accessories after all! I have sensitive feet too (sniff) and was just thinking I need a pair of Birkenstocks but now I think I better shop around some.

  11. Oh yes, these perfectly translate to beads ....and my feet :-) I love using textile inspired designs in my own work. Off to check out these lovelies!

  12. Fab shoes! And I PARTICULARLY love YOUR bracelet made with YOUR lampwork beads. Isn't it addicting? Gorgeous.

  13. Those shoe are totally artists shoe and a must-have on my list, now.

    Thank you for sharing-I am a total shoe freak mama!

  14. I'm going to have to re think my inspiration a little. Hahaha! I love your choice of shoes and your bracelet!

  15. I'm going to have to start re thinking my inspiration a little. Hahaha! I love your choice of shoes and your bracelet!

  16. Lori, those shoes are awesome! just like your jewelry! Hope you have had a great summer. It has gone by fast!

  17. Whoa, Mama! Those red ones are calling me!! Thanks....I think..... :-)

  18. Lori, I am so loving your lampwork!! What great shoes also but I just love that bracelet with your beads!!

  19. I was just looking at those shoes! They are really cute!

    Ok...my inspiration for color comes from the grafiti that I see on the trains...at least it makes getting stopped by the train more fun.
    Bead happy!

  20. Love the colors. I am a Dansko fan but now will have to seek out those amazing red/coral Sanita's. Love them. Perfect artist shoes! :)

  21. Just ordered my own pair! I got the orange, in the slide style! I LOVE EM! Thanks for cluing us all in on these perfectly beady shoes. I know Kelley bought some too today. we'll be rockin' em at bead fest and will be thinking of you!! xo

  22. Mine already arrived today and I just ordered them yesterday! I'm now seriously considering getting the orange/red -- I saw those in person but they didn't have my size. I LOOOOOVE the ones I got!

  23. I ordered the orange ones yesterday and they just got delivered this morning. They are COMFY with wonderful arch support (yay, cause I have high arches!) AAAANNNND make me two inches taller, which is wonderful for vertically challenged people like me :)

    Thank you for posting about these shoes!!!


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