Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cup of Bead Soup -- Beading With Floridity

I finished my creations with the beads sent to me by Barbara Bechtel of Floridity, and I'm really pleased because as I'd hoped, I was able to stretch my wings and try some new techniques.

I sold the "For the Love of Owls" bracelet I made last session right off the blog, so I decided to make a "similar but different" bracelet.  This time I had an owl but no hearts, so I used melon Swarovski pearls, vintage cream-colored flowers, and lampwork beads I made myself.  This one is simply called "Green Owl".

Next, I used the smaller pendant from the Whisper Collection, along with the matching accent beads.  I chose to make an asymmetric design, and pulled out some very cool chain I've been hoarding.  I liked how the leaves mimicked the pendant's designs, and the linear spacing between the leaves didn't overwhelm the small pendant.  I also pulled out a copper washer, hammered it and patinated it, and then made my own hook-and-eye clasp.  I don't work a lot with manipulating metal, so this was a relatively new thing for me.  

I call this piece "Whispering Leaves".

My next piece is a bracelet using a link from the Whisper Collection.  Once again, I tried for an asymmetric look, but not TOO far out because I wanted to keep the focus on the "Love" connector.  All of the lampwork glass beads are my own and I also used clusters of Czech glass, bleached wood, one of the Whisper beads from Floridity, and an Anahaw seed.

I made the clasp myself by taking a copper washer for the ring, hammering and patinating it, and bending a heavy-gauge piece of wire for the bar.  This style is not my norm, nor is making my own toggle something I usually do.

I call this piece "On the Wings of Love".

Lastly, my largest piece.  I used a large Whisper Collection pendant and a bunch of my own lampwork glass beads.  Bleached wood just seems to ask to be in all these creations, so I didn't fight it.  

What makes this piece unique is I framed the pendant in a copper ring that I found at Michaels, of all places.  It was an impulse buy I made ages and ages ago for no good reason other than it was interesting.  It was a perfect fit.  The beads and slices of wood are on the large side, so to keep the weight of the necklace down, I added a double strand of copper chain to each side of the necklace.  I made a hook-and-eye clasp out of patinated copper and away we go!

I call this piece "Nature Lover".

So there you have it!  My month of Cup of Bead Soup with Floridity!  I only have two pieces left over -- a large pendant that I have big plans for but need to spend some time waiting for just the right accent beads to make themselves known to me...

...and a purple bird that I'm saving to make a river rock necklace for myself.  

A huge thank you to Barbara Bechtel for being my first ever Featured Artist of the Month for Cup of Bead Soup, and I hope you'll all visit her at the following sites:

Jewelry and Beads:
Vintage and Paper Goods:

Lori Anderson creates jewelry for Lori Anderson Designs and writes the blog An Artist's Year Off as well as contributing to the blog Art Bead Scene.  She used to live in Italy and has the waist line to prove it.


  1. GREAT pieces! Really wonderful!

  2. I just love Barb's beads. And I have to laugh because some of the ones you just used are things I just bought from her and am waiting for delivery on. I love what you did with them. And those melon Swarovski pearls? LOVE those - especially with the beadcaps on them. Oh, and putting that pendant inside the copper ring was genius! Really, really yummy stuff here.

  3. LOVE love love the Whispering Leaves!
    Very pretty.

  4. You have done wonders with the beads. Unique style-beautiful! Love whispering leaves and the green owl.

  5. Those really are some gorgeous piece. You did such a great job capturing not only the style, but also the spirit of the beads. Great job.

  6. On The Wings Of Love is to die for! I absolutely love it!

  7. Wow, you have been busy, Lori! I absolutely LOVE and would wear each and every one of these pieces...they are all stunning!

    My favourite would have to be 'Whispering Leaves' though - that leaf chain is so gorgeous and unique. I don't blame you for hoarding it! LOL

    Well done on pushing yourself to do something new (manipulating metal)'ve done a brilliant job! :-D

  8. BeautifuL!!!! I love the green owl - the colors are just so dang pretty together!!! Love it! All the pieces are so wonderful!

  9. your work is beautiful! love every piece!

  10. Whispering leaves is absolutely gorgeous! I just love it wow splendid!

  11. you have a real talent at putting jewelry together! i love what you did with Barbara's beads! i know she must be very honored.

  12. You've really outdone yourself Lori! The wood works so great with my whisper beads and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wire loop around the focal. The leafy chain one is spectacular as well. I must save some of those tiny spacers for myself....

    I also need to pick up some of those melon swarovski pearls. The color in those is incredible.

    I will be adding lots more Whisper collection in my shop tomorrow for any who are interested!

  13. You have been a busy girl! Great pieces!

  14. Wonderful pieces, Lori!

  15. Great jewellery, Lori!

    The owl is sweet and I also love that leafy chain you used.

    Your lampwork beads are looking great!

    Laura x

  16. Each piece is absolutely beautiful!! :) Great job!

  17. Great job, Lori! I really like all the pieces but my favs are Nature Lover and Whispering leaves. I would wear both of those!
    Keep up the great work....and trying out new things.
    Bead Happy!

  18. Absolutely gorgeous, Lori! I love each and every one.... :-)

  19. These are so fabulous! I love love love the bracelet! Great job on the clasp:)

  20. these are all so gorgeous, Lori! I have to go check out more of Barbara's beads! I have never used Swar pearls before, but those melon ones are yummy :) and how cool to be able to use your own lampwork beads!

  21. Your cup run-nth over. These are full of beauty and surprise.

  22. Beautiful pieces Lori, and your color palette always amazes me!

  23. THE BEST SOUP I HAVE HAD IN AGES!!!!!!! OMG you are a gift!!!


  24. Love it all! I especially like all the metal work you did in these sets. Way to branch out ;)

  25. Wow, Lori you've certainly been busy. Your work is beautiful. I love the owl bracelet so much-it caught my attention immediately!

    You should be so proud:)

    Have a great weekend.

  26. Really wonderful. I love that first bracelet with the owl.

  27. GREAT combination from two wonderful artists. I've loved Barbara's whisper pieces since I first laid eyes on them. And Lori, what you designed around them is stunning. I love your balance even in the asymmetrical pieces. Very beautiful!

    Have a wonderful week!

  28. Oh Lori! I just love what you have done here! I hope that this inspires a whole wave of collaborative spirit in the community! What a great gift that you gave Barbara to trust her to make you something wonderful. And what a wonderful challenge you gave yourself. I am so excited by this! I love the Whispering Leaves for the color and the asymmetry and the Nature Lover for the focal. I have used that copper piece but never thought of framing the pendant in that way. Really just stellar designs dear!
    Enjoy the day!

  29. Lori, you sense of juxtaposition, symmetry, assymetry are just spot on. Wonderful color mixes as well.


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