Friday, July 16, 2010

In Which I am Overwhelmed

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the number of comments, emails, and e-cards that I received about my loss of Buddy. I've tried to email and comment back to let you know how much I appreciated it, but if I missed you, it was totally my fault, so I'll say it now -- thank you from the bottom of my heart.

After a few days hiding in bed, reading, crying, cuddling Max, and talking to my husband, I pulled myself out of it enough to take Zack to the mall yesterday to buy a new Lego set (but then promptly went back to bed. I guess I wasn't QUITE ready).

The thing that IS almost ready is my new web site. I'm really excited about showing you the NEW Lori Anderson Designs, and I hope you'll love it. It's been designed by a fabulous company, Quirky Bird, and since January we've been working on design boards, all the gizmos that go on behind the scenes, a killer front page, and now, it's up to me to put in all the products (so the new web site won't launch for a couple of weeks -- at least, that's the plan). And what products I'm entering! Not only transferring over unsold items, but putting in NEW and EXCITING items the likes of which you've not seen!

I'm also going to have some new items for the Awareness section, including these Breast Cancer Awareness stitch markers for those knitters out there. Wouldn't these make a great gift?

Anyway. Thank you again for all your support and for sharing your stories. They won't be forgotten.

Love, Lori


  1. oh im sorry for Buddy. I just read this post and found out that Buddy is gone. This similar thing happens to me when i lost my Milo, a cute squirrel, i've been with for at least 3 months. This happened maybe 8 years ago but i still wonder where he is now.

    Happy to hear you bring good news as well, Lori! Hugs for you from Indonesia!

  2. You are very welcome and it does take time! I'm going to check out new site now!


  3. Those are some beautifil red flowers dripping in silver. The lampworks Mmmm! Lori I hope you will cheer up soon. Feel better tommorows are gifts and healing is in its Wings..

  4. You are so welcome!! Take your time - don´t rush. Grief take time and that´s normal. Good to see your jewelry. Hugs. Lone

  5. Sending some more hugs!

  6. I'm so sorry about Buddy. (We too lost our kitty this month, too.) I hope that as each day goes on you are able to hurt less and have happy memories more. Your earrings are gorgeous and I cannot wait to check out your new website. (I'm so happy your blogging "family" is sending so many well wishes, too. Better to be overwhelmed with an outpouring of love, methinks!)

  7. LOve your jewelry!!!! Very pretty.
    I am sorry to hear about your cat, Buddy. I know how that is to lose a truly "wonderful" cat. We still talk about our beloved Hobo. Now we have little Robin. Love those kitty cats!!!!!!

  8. Hey Lori,
    I can't wait to see the new website! Quirky Bird creates some beautiful looking sites.

  9. Lori, can't wait to see that gorgeous website go live! :-) Your new pieces are really pretty - love those pearl dangles on the first bracelet...and I agree with Janet - those red floral earrings are beautiful too!

  10. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Really sorry to hear about your cat Buddy. I hope you're gradually feeling better.

    Lovely jewellery btw, hope this helps your recovery.

  11. Can't see too many pics of kittens! Took my kitty to the vet last week and they had 2 adorable little sister kittens.. Ahhhhhh Of course I do not adopt kittens, I only adopt adult cats because it's easier to find homes for kittens. They also had a huge male cat which is really what is missing in my life. Bam Bam was a huge male and now I just have 2 regular sized girls. But I am resisting. It's enough to have 2 that won't even live on the same floor of the house.

    I lost Bam Bam in the spring and I still well up when I think of him. Like right now.

    But it does get easier.

    Gorgeous jewelry of course!

  12. I know how hard it can be to take the time to grieve because life refuses to stand still, but try and do just that, take your time when you can.

    I look forward to seeing the launching of your new site, the upcoming product are looking fab.


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