Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here's what I've been reading.....

It's been a while since I've done a book post, so in between all the Bead Soup, here's a quick run-down of what I've read in the past couple of weeks:

"World Without End" is the sequel to "The Pillars of the Earth", and while at first WWE seemed very similar to POTE, I didn't care -- I loved it. I pretty much love anything from the days of 12th century England.

"A Man in Full" is a book that's sat on my book shelf for years. Seriously, it's been there for a long time, languishing. I think I got it as the round-out-the-order book from a book club. I finally got around to reading it, and was pleasantly surprised. Impossible to sum it up succinctly for you, but it had a lot to do with Atlanta, race relations, real estate development, politics, prison life, oh, and quail hunting. How's THAT for a mish-mash?

"The Day the Falls Stood Still" was a bargain book I picked up on a whim at the book store, and I'm glad I did. Set in 1915, it's about Niagra Falls, forbidden love (due to people's "station in social life") and the way Niagra Fall and the hydroelectric plants were making changes on the way of life at the time. I never thought I'd be interested in a book that had hydroelectric plants in it, but trust me, it doesn't read like a mechanical engineering text book.

So now, I'm reading "The Passage". I'm finding that I'm having to suspend all belief while reading it, much like I do when reading Stephen King. The FBI, mysterious viruses, the world gone crazy -- yeah, perfect for the gal who used to cease everything when "The X-Files" came on!

Books. I can't live without them.


  1. there is nothing like a good book.....I have been having a romance with books since I first learned to read, it better than any movie!

  2. I devour books! I'm with you, I love the Middle Ages, the earlier the better -- I especially love the architecture. WWE and POTE were favorites!


  3. I do pay attention when you post your reading 'reviews' I love books and I haven't read any of these. So I think I'll be off to shop Amazon or half.com. Thanks.

  4. oh, i read 'world without end' ... loved them both as well... my daughter said there is going to be a tv series of 'pillars'...

  5. loved WWE!!!!! you know my alll time favorite book was Pillars. omg. favorite!!!! did you read The Help? i can't remember if you told me you did or not. lol it's my 2nd fave. (:

  6. Hi Lisa, it sounds like you are a bibliophile like myself. A fun Saturdday for me as a child and even later as an adult was a whole day spent at the library. I remember as a kid my father dropping me off on Saturday morning. They had no story hour then or anything like it, there was barely anyone even there, and I would sit in the childrens section and read for hours, then pick out the book I wanted to take home with me for the week. Books were my friends, teachers and flights of fancy, still are.

    Stop by my blog later and see my Swap reveal and enter my giveaway (one part is a mystery novel about beaders! :) )

    Have you read any Andy Andrews books, he's a new author (to me) I've recently discovered at a bargin house of books and I am trying now to get my hands on as many of his stories as I can. I belong to swaptree too, ever heard of it?


  7. Anonymous11:44 AM

    I'm an avid reader so I love reading your suggestions. I haven't read any of these, but I do have ..Pillars, just haven't gotten around to it.

    I too was a big X-Files fan!

  8. Thanks for reminding me that there is a sequel to Pillars. I had forgotten about that. I loved the first one though it was EXHAUSTING to read. So so so so much happens! lol

  9. I finished The Passage this weekend. I loved it!

  10. I read both of the Ken Follett books, loved them both.


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