Saturday, April 03, 2010

Shop Review -- JooJooLand

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I think I make some pretty jewelry, but I have to admit buying a lot of other people's jewelry because, well -- there are SO. MANY. beautiful things and talented artists out there.

One of my favorite shops right now is JooJooLand on Etsy.  Afsaneh Tajvidi makes her whimsical creations out of polymer clay, and they are just to die for.  Right now I'm wanting (badly) these strawberry earrings.....

Click here to see them (and buy them!)

She also makes fun little sculptures and other treats.  I have a set of her acorn magnets.  Zack loves them.  And take a look at these Darlings for Your Terrarium (or Zen Garden?)...

Click here to buy them and love them!

I hope you'll take a look at her store -- click here to visit JooJooLand.   (And say hello to those strawberry earrings I really love!)

Lori Anderson designs jewelry for and also writes for the blog  She lives in Easton, MD.


  1. Love those strawberry earrings and so many pretty things in her shop!

  2. Lori, Those earrings are darling. I look at them and I see them in enamel! Congratulations on starting to master your torch! I knew you could do it!

  3. Oh my goodness are those sweet! Enjoy those Lori!

  4. Lots of cute things in the store. Thank you for the directions to JooJooLand.

  5. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Don't blame you for wanting those exquisite little strawberry earrings...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing...will have to check her shop.

  6. Ohh yes she is something else! I did a blog about her months ago and posted that she was doing a Give-a Way! I would of loved the crab guys she gave away! I saw some cloud earrings to die for in her page!

  7. Love those strawberries.
    Wishing you a Happy Easter, Lori!

  8. Back in the days when I sold my crafts, I did lots of buying of other people's wares. Even today I appreciate more the items hand made by craftsmen here than things mass produced.

  9. Dearest Lori!

    Thanks a lot for featuring my work in your lovely blog!

    Big hugs and kisses! :)

    Happy Easter!
    Afi xo

  10. verry beautiful earring.
    i visit joojoo in etsy...beautiful jewelry she have!


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