Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beading in the Rain

I went to Zack's Book Fair on Monday and had a thoroughly good time. I mean, it's books. What's not to love?

Rick's oldest and oldest's girlfriend and spent the weekend with us, so when I got home, I was surprised to see that they hadn't already left. I was also surprised to see the furniture all moved around. "Oh, they're vacuuming really well for me!" I thought.

Then something about the stricken look in Jessica's eyes told me, "Wait. Somethin' ain't right."

"Is something wrong?" I asked?
"Um, yeah," Ryan said, and pointed up.

Not just drops. Or drips. But water POURING out of the ceiling. And not just in one place. Several. Many. As in more than one.

This is a good time to remind you that my husband works an hour away. And that our contractors are in Alabama this week. And that the plumber couldn't get there until 10 minutes after Rick got home. And that we couldn't get to the water shut-off valve because it's literally all the way under the house, or up to the elbow in the ground down the street.

It's also a good time to say we have excellent neighbors, and our friend George rescued us by turning off the water pipe with a wrench, keeping us all calm, and waiting with us until Rick arrived. Ryan, Jessica, and I just sat and watched the ceiling and poked holes as necessary so the ceiling wouldn't kerchunk down on our heads and I kept going for buckets and bowls as a new leak would spring.

So what caused it?

The world's worst contractor. The. Worst. He reverse threaded a pipe, never strapped it, and the pipe fell off. So while someone was in the shower, all the water went through the floor.

And it all started over my bead table.

Now this is what I see when I look up while making pretty things.

Not quite sure how that will inspire me.


  1. Yikes, that sucks!

    Maybe if you squint reeeeeaaally hard for a minute then blink super fast 20 times that pipe might take on an air of steampunk? Let me know how that works out. :P

  2. OMG, how freakin awful. The view of the ceiling over your beading area is pretty special though. Maybe you should think of it as inner city post modern deconstructed loft. Or maybe should just say a few cuss words about the contractor. Me, I'm saying some cuss words for you.

  3. Oh my goodness, first website woes now plumbing fiascos, what next Lori. I really feel for you, water damage is not nice at all, not at all, hope you didn't loose anything important.

    But I must admit to having a little giggle when I read "Not quite sure how that will inspire me".

    Chin up, it can only get better.

  4. Oh girl!!! I feel for you!!! I hope nothing got completely ruined! And, in answer to your to let it inspire you?? I have a suggestion...think 20-21 in Kerry B's Totally Twisted...those little wired up beads. They'd probably help you get out some frustration, too!!

  5. Dudette total bummer! Been there done that, except ours was the worst roofer. Hope everything works out fast.

  6. That. Sucks.

    I hope you guys didn't have too much damage, and that you can get it fixed soon! Ugh, what a pain in the butt!

    And when you're working at your bead table, just don't look up. ;)

  7. What a mess for you! I vote for thinking you're in a artsy loft somewhere.

  8. Oh what a bummer!! :( Sorry about that terrible no good contractor!

  9. Good gads well hang in there Lori!!

  10. you poor thing, that must have been devistating, watching it happenning and feeling helpless.

    I am sure you will enjoy when you do get back to work on your beautiful beading!


  11. OMG - water can be so damaging. And it will take some time until everything is fixed again. I'm with LeAnn - saying cuss words. Loudly.

  12. That really sucks (i had this happen over my bed in an apartment while I was away on business...not good...since it was a new bed w/an antique family made wood quilt on it). UP side? Soft, pretty color combo (white, tan, pale yellow) and then throw in a really bright color.
    Bead Happy (and dry)!

  13. Looks like insporation to make angry beads, to me. Angry beads can be very therapeutic. Poke, stab, mash; abuse a bead. :)

  14. It's always something :-(

  15. But wait a minute - did you lose beads? Did water gush down onto your table and sweep away beautiful works-in-progress? Maybe your beading table is neat and cleaned up after you work so that nothing was in peril (if yes, let that be a lesson to me!). Hope it all gets right again, soon. Been there, too. Defective pipe, just as the renovation was finishing, just as the end was in sight . . .set us back about a month :(. Take care.

  16. Oh Lori, thats dreadful I hate leaks having had the kitchen and living room flooded three times I really feel for you.
    Perhaps you could look up and see inspirational modern art where your ceiling used to be. Hope you get it fixed soon.

  17. Sooo sorry about your soggy/now missing ceiling and the lousy contractor. Now that's what I call a D-I-S-T-R-A-C-T-I-O-N!!! Hope you can get back to 'normal' soon!

  18. Ugh, what a pain! I hope it's all over soon. I think you should hang a poster over the hole. Something truly "Keep Calm, Carry On"

  19. Sorry about the disaster! Hopefully it will cheer you up a bit when you think
    "At least I don't make makeup- because water pouring on that would have been 10x worse!"

    :) ::hugs::


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