Friday, February 12, 2010

My First Beads

I wonder -- has anyone seen any of "the greats" show their first beads? I know Corina Tettinger has, and the lovely Z-Beads recently did. But anyone else? I'd love to know and to see?

Want to see mine? I despair of every being anything other than a Spacer Queen, but head to Watch Me Create to see what I've done.


  1. Awesome beads, Lori!! You shouldn't be embarrassed by your first beads... you should be really REALLY proud! These are just the beginning of what's going to be an amazing ride... believe me, I know. :o) You've seen my work... did you know I've only been doing this for 3 years last month??? Keep playing & experimenting... you can't help but get better from here. I posted my first beads on my blog way back when I was just starting out.... ...I even have them posted in my 2007 gallery on my website... you can see my progression through the year I'm not embarrassed by them one bit... they're my very first... everyone has to start somewhere. Even the Masters! I just got the book "Masters: Glass Beads" & they don't quite show the first beads of these masters, but they do show early styles & it was so great to see how their styles have grown & matured over time. I'm anxious to be one of those Masters... but after reading & fondling this book, I realize that I'm on my way, but it takes time.

    I'll go repost my first beads for you in a new blog post, Lori... just for you.

  2. I thought they were rather nice.


  3. awesome first beads, they look the way you won the beads from my blog for last week, annouced on Thursday, send me your addy girl...and let me know if you have any questions about your new addiction...have fun...

  4. I'm certainly not a great but I have definitely showed my first beads over the years. I used to have them linked on my site up until my last 'redo'. I LOVE my first beads. They are so massively, massively HUGE and sloppy and I totally loved every single one of them right out of the gate. I keep them in a big jar on my working table. :)
    Here are the links of the very very first ones I did (the frog was the teacher's - not mine):

    That big ugly wall-eyed bee gets me *every* single time. *sniff*

  5. I still despair at getting any good at this but I have about three hours into this so I'm going to cut myself a little slack!

  6. Seriously, Lori... 3 hours? You're doing FABULOUS!!! Just need to be patient. I know the feeling, though...I want to grow up faster, too.

    I found a thread on LampworkEtc that came to mind after reading your post... "THEN & NOW"...check it out. It was started in 2006. My old THEN & NOW was posted about 7 months after I had begun... I just added an update...first post to that thread since 2007, LOL. Hopefully it'll spark some interest again & we'll see what others have done of the past few years.

  7. Every journey starts with a first step - no one is born a master of a skill. So, how about you ease up on yourself? Your beads look wonderful and you will learn and develop each time you turn on the torch. You go, Lori!

  8. Those are really pretty, and I don't know the first thing about making beads, but it they look amazing! Have a great Valentine's Day! Take care, Martha

  9. Lori I think they look great! They have a nice roundish shape. You will develop your skills as you go along!

  10. Lori, you only practiced for a few hours and made THOSE beads!!? They are GREAT! They are round and colorful! Just imagine after you do make 100 beads! It is very addictive, I sure wish I had a place to set up my HotHead again.

  11. Amazing beads! I have a nice drawer full of "first tries." It's always fun to go back and look at them. =)

    thanks for checking out my site! I stumbled upon yours, and it's such fun reading! =)

  12. Not a great artist like the ones you mentioned, but these early beginnings should help you feel better.

    Although I purposely didn't try to do round...I just wanted to waffle with glass. Took me six months before any were decent, although I got some in-between that were passable.

    I'm really quite impressed with your beads! And don't knock the "humble spacer"...those beads make some rockin' jewelry! (Take that white and red bracelet in the most recent post? Imagine that being all YOUR beads...)

  13. Lori...I am very impressed with your first attempts. Looks like they were made by a pro!

  14. Hi Lori,

    Your first beads look great actually. My first ones were laughable. I started in October of 2009 (just 4 months ago), and I was scared to death of the flame! I got over that in a hurry, but a healthy respect for safety remains.

    In fact, just a few weeks ago, my husband and I bought and installed (whew what a hassle) a vent system that moves up to 600 cubic feet per minute from right above my torch out through the roof of my garage studio. Along with the healthy air flow, though, comes the annoying noise of it. My husband put in a speed controller (God, I love this man!) last weekend, and now we fight over the right balance between air flow vs noise (kind of like the household heater thermostat wars). He put a video on youtube of his making a vent hood for the system. If you search on Making an Exhaust Hood for a Lampwork Studio you'll find it (and you'll get to see his arms in the video).

    My first beads: I put a picture of them on my blog

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