Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Zack!

Today my little boy turned seven. Seven. I can hardly believe it! How did we get from this....

To this?I remember the first few months, when I was up every two hours, bleary eyed and frantic that this child would NEVER sleep without my holding him, terrified that I'd drop him, worried that the world would harm him.

I'm still a chronic worrier, but I keep that inside, away from him. I figure if Rick and I love him and play with him and teach him and (yes) discipline him when necessary, he'll have the tools to deal with the world.

One of the things I've been having trouble with is the number "seven". Up to age six, I've been able to think of Zack as a little boy, my baby. But seven evokes a totally different thing -- a kid who's starting to break away, do his own thing, moving away from the herd.

Then I realized, Zack and I have a bond that is pretty darned strong, and I think he's always going to have a bit of silly little kid in him. Case in point -- Friday, we went to Barnes and Noble and wandered into the children's section. We both adore Mo Willems' "Pigeon" series and we always like to check and see if a new one has come out. What do we see? The actual Pigeon!!!

Both of us shrieked in delight, I snatched it from the top shelf, and Zack clutched it to his chest.

"Can we get it?" he asked.

"Oh you KNOW we're getting it," I said.

On the way home, we came up with silly things for the Pigeon not to do (and if you've read any of the books, like "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" and "Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late", you'll understand where we were coming from. These included things from "Don't let the pigeon drink coffee" to "Don't let the pigeon do the taxes."

I realized, neither Zack, nor I, will ever truly grow up.

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  1. Happy Birthday Zack!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Zack!

    May you always do silly things together.

  3. He is so precious! I take it he is your only child. My one and only is a boy also and just went back to college today. He is still my precious baby to me!

  4. Awwww, happy birthday to Zack!

  5. you guys will always have a special bond and the silliness that comes with it... my baby is 11! and i cannot believe it... how did the little boy, go to big boy, go to tween? my older son's bday was yesterday - he turned 14... they do grow and change... but things only get better and better!! and would you feel better knowing that my daughter who will be 18 wants to create her own muppet for her birthday?! :0)

  6. Cute photos...
    Happy Birthday to Jack!

    Sounds as though you have a wonderful bond with him...I'm sure that will always stay with you both!!!

    Enjoy every minute and every goes by so quickly!!!


  7. Happy birthday, Zack!

  8. Never grow old Zack! Happy Birthday.


  9. A Very Happy Birthday Zack! Every happiness young man and proud mama.
    Warmest regards,

  10. Happy Birthday, Zack! Have a great time being silly with your Mom!

  11. How wonderful! Never do. Happy birthday Zack!

  12. I hope Zack had a wonderful 7th birthday today! As a Mom of a 7 year old too...I know it will be a fun year (and he'll always be your baby!). I'll have to check out the Mo series...that pigeon is pretty cute! Btw, Zack's newborn picture is adorable...I can see him how he today back in that little baby face.

  13. I love it - the hair and the pigeon. And happy birthday Zack. My girl turned 4 month today and I already can't believe how time flies. Nicki

  14. Happy Birthday Zack! What a fun story...and the pidgeon looks perfect with the Kerry Bogert artwork right behind it!
    A beautiful baby and a handsome young man!

  15. Anonymous12:04 PM

    who says you have to grow up, it's fun being silly ;)
    happy b'day to zack!

  16. That's an awesome story! I don't think I'll ever grow up either...and neither will my hubby, so I'm in good company!

  17. Seven is a magical age. For me it was the year we knew Danny could swim really fast and I had to let him go to some grown up meets. And I remember as clear as yesterday how independent he seemed. As long as Bob and I were always sitting in the exact same seats in the stands a few feet away.

    A very happy hear to Zack!

  18. What a fun birthday to find pigeon!

    "A hot dog doesn't go" "Yes it does, it GOES into my mouth"
    I love the pigeon series too!
    Happy birthday Zack!

  20. Happy B-Day to your son! What a sweet post! I used to have my daughter in bookstores weekly when she was a little girl. I could fill a library by the time she grew up-- but totally worth the time and money spent! Continue to have fun together!

  21. Happy Birthday, Zack! I hope you and your mom never grow up.

  22. What a wonderful post! It brings back memories of my kids and all the silly things we did together. My oldest will be graduating college, my youngest a freshman in high school! We still have our silly times but there's nothing like those early years! Enjoy them, they are to be cherished. I hope Zack had a wonderful birthday!
    Tell him I actually had a pet pigeon(his name was Babes) and brought him to college with me!LOL! I'll have to check out the book you wrote about.
    P.S Thanks for commenting on my Blog today:-)

  23. Aw, that post struck chords with my heart. I wish my son was 7 again! How lucky is Zak to have a mum like you! :)

  24. OH, what a great pigeon story! Seven is a fun age. Happy birthday Zack...and his mommy!

  25. What a great post:) My husband and I are like that with our four year old...we are just as excited to go to the toy store as he is and we made a trip to our local candy shop this evening to get some gummy jets and candy legos.I expect that even when we're old and he's middle aged we'll still have that youthful side to us:)

    Happy seventh Zack and may your mother/son bond grow stronger with each year!


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