Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where We Create

I have a new post on Watch Me Create. This one is about WHERE we create, and how it influences WHAT we create and how we feel when we do it. In this particular post, you can explore my office, which is where I do all my computer work, PhotoShopping, photography, invoicing, packing, writing, and planning. I don't actually make any jewelry here, but since so much of my business relies on these things, I thought you might like to explore the inner sanctum.

Click here to read the article.

If you'd like to learn more about the particulars of the collection in my bookcase, you can click here and read in more detail about just what each item is.

So, what do YOU collect?

(Lori Anderson creates one-of-a-kind jewelry in her studio in Easton, MD. She will be writing about her adventures exploring new media in art starting January 1st at


  1. What do I collect? Too many things. Bees, cats, food-shaped things, Barbies...the list is endless!

  2. Great post on Watch Me Create...I do have to say your bookcase is very neat and tidy...mine is definitly not!!! My whole studio area is a organized disaster...I have to be honest!!!


  3. Merry Christmas Lori!

    I collect (and alter) dress forms, letters, numbers, bird cages and vintage suitcases. I sure hope I'm not collecting anything else! LOL Oh yes I am . . . I collect art supplies so when I retire and may not be able to afford to buy them as often . . . *smiles*

  4. My husband would say animals. Really I don't collect anything right now as I don't have any space to put it. Even my collection of teapots are still in the box from when we moved here four years ago.

  5. Lori, love your bookcase and your office space is so beautiful. I collect so many things and do NOT have them showcased in such a flattering way!....hopefully one day!


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