Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thank You For Sharing

I want to thank all of you who shared your thoughts in response to my post on what it means to be an artist. I've had a few conversations with friends about it, read your very insightful posts, and come to the conclusion that I need to continue what I'm doing -- making what feels right for me.

I also need to give myself the chance to breathe and to grow, and I'm even more convinced that taking time off next year is the right thing to do. Going from twenty shows to five shows and one fundraiser is a huge change -- and as I write this, I just tore up an application to a show that, while very lucrative for me in the past, would just defeat the entire purpose of what I'm trying to do. It's scary, losing that income, but it's necessary.

One person asked if I wanted to feel less "like a factory", and I do.

I make a lot of jewelry, and I like to do that, and since I have insomnia, I get a lot done while Zack's at school and while he's asleep. But the more time-intensive jewelry I'd like to make requires I not make as many pieces, and that wouldn't be possible with as many shows and the amount of travel I've been maintaining these past four or five years.

So I'm just going to go with the flow. I bought a lovely daily planner, and I'm going to keep a loose to-do list. I don't want to get to rigid, but I don't want to find myself in December 2010 with nothing to show for my year. I'm going to write, explore, goof it up, succeed, and breathe.

Thanks, blogger friends, for being there for me.

Lori Anderson is a full-time jewelry designer who sells her work at www.lorianderson.net. She'll be exploring new avenues in her blog An Artists Year Off beginning January 1st.


  1. my work is time intensive too. i've tried to work faster or makes things that are faster and not cost as much - but i prefer my unique, labor intensive pieces!

  2. Good for you! You will find your balance in 2010. I think that "balance" is becoming the theme for a lot of people with regard to new year's goals. I wish you luck and look forward to following your new blog! Here's to having something to show for 2010!


  3. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comments.
    Hope you are feeling well.
    So I'm not the only one striving for balance. May we all find it...what works for us as individuals.
    Terri G

  4. lisa at lo and behold6:08 PM

    I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday, but I wanted to say that it seems to me you are taking a "year on" rather than a "year off." A year off being a driven artistic business person, yes, but a year ON being an artist. From when I first learned bead crochet three years ago through my recent flameworking class, I have been constantly asking myself how much I want to be in art and how much in business and how to combine either/both with a part time paying day job. This recent post on my blog is where I found my focus (I think, at least it's the clearest I've come). I am setting my "curriculum" for next year and will be writing about it soon. I've been following your blog for a while and I hope we can be in closer community over the next year as I think we are on a similar journey. Best, best wishes, lisa

  5. I'm very excited for your journey of exploration. I think some of my best work comes from the "failures" or "not-so-goods". I learn and study these and try to improve or duplicate the process...only in a higher quality fashion. It sounds like there are a few of us who are on a similar journey of exploration...either by choice or by circumstances. I think it will be a fun year!

  6. sounds like an insightful, well thought plan. I am sure you make it happen. Keep us posted on your journey...


  7. Lori
    You have received such wonderful feedback...I think I will learn so much through your experience next year as well. :-)


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