Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

I love the holidays. I love exhibiting at craft shows, because the energy is almost electric -- people buzzing about and buying handmade (yay for artisans!). I love cold weather, and I love decorating the Christmas tree with my son. It's always a fun tree. I mean, what else would you expect from someone who makes jewelry like this?

When Zack was three, he decided we had to have a white Christmas tree. I have no idea why, and he never could say why -- he just wanted one. We drove all over several towns looking for one that didn't cost a mint, finally finding one. We then went aisle to aisle picking out colorful ornaments, as my traditional ornaments wouldn't do. I have lots of ornaments I've collected over the years; blown glass, annual White House ornaments, white bisque snowflakes, and a few antiques. None of these would do for Zack.

This year I asked Zack which color tree he wanted to put up and he emphatically and rapidly stated, "WHITE." White it is, then. We sorted through ornaments, took a trip to Target, and ended up with this.

(Sorry about the lousy photo, but you wouldn't believe how many times I tried to get a decent shot. Or maybe you would. But it looks a lot (a LOT) better than this picture signifies.)

The garland is made of pop-beads that Zack and I put together. We even used the bracelet and ring blanks and hooked those on the branches. A bunch of sequins exploding out of the top -- this was a point of contention between Zack and I, as he didn't like it and I did. I won.

We added huge snowflakes.....

and an ornament that Zack bought me at his school's Little Shoppers event. I was really touched by that, and I'm not going to put it away at the end of Christmas, but find a place for it in my office.

Speaking of ornaments and not putting them away, I have another photo to show you (also a bad one, also difficult as heck to get a decent shot of)....

This is hung over my computer desk. It's a big vintage-inspired iron wall hanging, and hanging from pink satin ribbon is a collection of Swarovski crystal snowflakes, given to me by my husband, one for every year that I've been making jewelry. Each year I get one, and they're just too pretty to relegate to the ornament box at the end of the season.

Lastly, I'll leave you with a tradition that I started when I married Rick. Each year, he, his boys, and Zack get to open one present on Christmas Eve, and that present is an ornament for the tree. My thought was that when Zack is ready to start his own home, he'll have a box of ornaments to start his own tree. I got a late start with Rick's sons, but I hope it's a tradition they'll carry on with their own families.

If you have a blog with a photo of your tree, or care to share a holiday tradition, please make a comment below!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I love that tree, truly I do. It's just so fun and festive. And I adore the tree topper.

  2. I love that Zach gets to choose the tree color!

    For many years during my childhood, we had an aluminum tree. I begged for a real one.

    Now I wish I still had the aluminum one!

  3. Very pretty! I agree with Zack, I like white Christmas trees too. :)

  4. Lori
    What a wonderful post! You and Zack have been busy with that cool white tree!! I love that he picked out an ornament for you - I noticed the color too! :-) We do the same with the kids - buy an ornament for them each year. Also, Randy and I give an ornament to each other every year. Let's see...traditions.... we get a live tree every year and save a piece from the trunk when it is trimmed. I try to make some sort of handprint craft for the season...did a handprint reindeer ornament with my son's 2nd grade class today. Then of course there's the baking...could go on and on! :-)
    will write ya soon.

  5. First off I love, love, love the tree. Your Zack is great. Now for the holiday tradition I want to share. We give at Christmas but only from what we have. Books, CDs, and so on. Things we have enjoyed the year through is passed on to our love ones. The money we save is given to our favourite charity which I hated as a kid but love now I'm older.
    You take care.

  6. What a special tree...I love the fact Zack knows what he likes, and you are happy go along with him!!!

    The giving of ornaments on Christmas Eve is a lovely tradition!!!

    PS...your colorful necklace is wonderful!

  7. What a fun tree Lori..Love it! I'm having to start new traditions this year as Santa was revealed last Christmas. The one thing we do here is bake cookies every Christmas eve, purchase a new ornament every year and read the Grinch on the 24th together. This year, presents will be hidden and a clue attached to each leading to the next one. I love the excitement of Christmas and this is what I came up with instead of Santa, LOL. Wishing you and they family a beautiful holiday!

  8. Oh Lori...I love it all! My grandma had a huge silver tinsel tree when I was growing up, and while I can't get into the spirit of a fake tree trying to look real, a fake tree that glories in it's fakeness? It warms my soul. I wish I'd thought to make a garland out of pop-beads! My daughter LOVES stringing them together. I think I know what we'll be doing next year....

    Your talent and creativity really shine through, but you've still let it be a family tree, and not just a 'designer' one. I love that.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. We open one gift each on christmas Eve, too. When we were kids my mom aimed us at the pj's...

    I started buying an ornament for my husband (now of 25 years( each year to commemorate the year together. From a vacation or event or something symbolic. When my kids were born I started the saem for them. I figured out after a few years to put their initials and the year on the bottom of each ornament. When they move into their own homes, I will send them all their ornaments.

    This year my son will get Santa with a beer mug as he has developed in interest in homebrewing beer. His twin sister will get Santa as a pastry chef as she loves to bake and has spent a lot of time perfecting her skills, the 16 year old is getting Santa driving a car because that is her accomplishment this year. I found a pretty little silver frame engraved for our 25th anniversary and have put a tiny wedding photo in it for my husband's ornament.

    Anyway - that's what we do. LOVE the tree and we have similar taste in color and style, I think!

    Happy Holidays!


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