Sunday, December 06, 2009

Last Sale of the Season

It's 2am. And I am so tired but not sleepy (does that make a lick of sense?). BUT! BUT! No headache! Let's just keep it that way, hmm? I looked at after-the-surgery brain shunt pictures and I don't want to lose half my hair and get 15 staples. (Shudder with me now.... brrrr gack.)

I ran my email newsletter this evening and am posting the info here, too. My last sale of the season is free shipping until the end of the year. No matter what you buy, no matter how many times you visit, from now until December 31st (when you should be out celebrating the ringing in of 2010), you pay nada zilch zero in standard shipping.

Here are just a few things to tempt you.... now head over to and see what else I've made!



  1. Lori - your webpage is absolutely stunning. So many pieces, all different and each alluringly special. You're a very talented lady.

    Sending you good vibrations for lots of sales - and to banish that pesky headache.

  2. That first purple bracelet is beautiful!

  3. Lori, Amazing work!

  4. yummy always...whats with the pictures of the surgery thing? I hope the headaches go away away and away never to be seen again...

  5. Hi Jelveh! The surgery photos -- I was on the pseudo-tumor support group I belong to, and someone had posted their shunt after-surgery photos. I was shocked at how invasive the surgery is, although I don't know why I was surprised. I am trying to keep away from that particular surgery if I can and hope the headaches can be fixed in another way. Positive thinking all the way!


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