Friday, December 04, 2009

Seven More Things You Didn't Know About Me

I received this Kreativ Blogger award from fellow blogger Simone of "The Romantic Query Letter and the Happy-Ever-After."
Simone is a historical romance writer and I'm honored that she reads my blog!

I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself and choose seven blogs upon which to bestow this award, but as always with these sorts of things, I can't choose -- I read far too many excellent blogs. If you could see my Google Reader, you'd be amazed at how many blogs I like to read and comment on!

I'm recovering from more headache shots (not shots of the fun kind, like a Kahlua Mudslide or a Jell-O Shot, but the cripes-that-stings kind) so my list of seven things will be short and sweet and without pictures. Sorry guys, but I'll make it up to you later!

Seven Things About Lori Anderson:

1) I learned to type when I was eight years old and now type about 90 words a minute.

2) I prefer winter to summer but you'll never catch me on a ski slope.

3) I wish I'd never cut off my long hair years ago (that just popped into my head for no good reason -- very boring thing to know about me!)

4) I plan to try my hand at writing a book next year.

5) I've typed and erased a lot of things while writing this list!

6) I'm scared of the dark and still believe there are monsters under the bed. Well, the monster thing I pretty much have a grip on, but the dark thing? Nope. Night lights all over the house.

7) At the age of 11, I took a taxi from a missionary base in the Amazon jungle over the Andes to reach Bogota. Very very very very very steep cliffs. And if there was a mud slide that covered the road, they'd just dig a tunnel, build a small shrine to light candles for the souls of those killed, and carry on.

I hope that was interesting enough -- I had a hard time with this one for some reason!


  1. First off - congratulations on the award.
    I can't wait to find out about the book you want to start writing - or more like - I can't wait to read it!

  2. That was great Lori even though you didn't feel up to it.
    I saw an dated typewriter in an old curiosity shop only yesterday and thought about buying it for the keys but feel bad about wrecking it.

    We have various points in common but not many could top that Andes adventure! :)

  3. Cleo, I have an old typewriter, and it sits beside my computer tower -- new and old together is kind of interesting! You can see it here...

  4. Very interesting. And your hair will grow.

  5. I love reading you blog Lori and I'm very envious of your ability to type 90 words a minute for I never bother learning how and still use the two finger method.
    You have a lovely weekend,

  6. Great little tidbits about you! Don't worry, I'm still afraid of the dark too.


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