Thursday, December 10, 2009

Designing With Lucite Beads From The Beadin' Path -- Part Two (and a give-away)

Welcome back! Monday I showed you two designs I made with lucite beads I received from A Beadin' Path, and I'm back to show you the rest of my designs (AND to give away some beads, but that's at the end, so enjoy the eye candy first, m'k?)

My personal favorite design of all that I've made is "Secret Garden". For this necklace, I used a focal that has been languishing in my bead box for quite some time. I normally don't work with yellow. Yellow looks awful on me. The yellow in this focal also wasn't bright yellow or pastel yellow, either -- it's a yellow that's hard to define, and I was just flat out at a loss.

Enter the yellow posies and olive green leaves from A Beadin' Path.

They couldn't be more perfect if they tried! Paired with Swarovski's newest color, Indian Pink, I felt like I'd finally found everything to give this polymer clay focal its just reward. I dabbed a tiny bit of glue to the leaves to keep them just so, wired them snugly with sterling to keep them from twisting out of position, and connected it all to a necklace chain that had been accidentally chopped in two. The beaded length and the chain length now fit perfectly together.

Of course, I had to make earrings to match.

Items used:

Yellow flowers, LUC3913YL
Olive leaves, LUC4588GR

Next I switched to earrings. I love using lucite in earrings because it's so lightweight, and with various finishes, sizes, and colors, there's a lot of options out there!

These earrings were made with bright red translucent lucite beads cradled in sterling silver. I went for a flamenco dress look and feel by adding a trio of black Czech glass flowers accented with Swarovski crystal as a "skirt" to the lucite bead.

Items used:

Red beads, LUC4725RD

Now I want to show you how one bead can look two very different ways.

For this first pair of earrings, I used bead LUC4934OR a vintage matte clementine orange bead. I wanted to create a vintage look, and capped the bead with copper filigree, dangled it from a brass oval, and hung them from brass ear wires. "Catalina" is elegant and old-world.

Now I took the same clementine orange bead and dug into my vintage lucite stash and found these ultra-cool beads that resemble handmade marbled Italian paper. I linked them together with a twisted wire ring between, and the look is entirely different -- modern and unique.

I had an absolute blast working with all the beads that The Beadin' Path sent to me and I'm looking forward to the next installment! Thank you!

Now the moment you've been waiting for! I had some beads left over and wanted to share the extras. A lucky winner will receive the beads below PLUS some goodies not seen here -- nothing quite as much fun as a surprise!

To enter, you get a point for each of the following -- make a comment in THIS BLOG ENTRY when you have done any or all of these:

1) Follow my blog
2) Follow The Beadin' Path on Facebook (click here)
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4) Tweet about the contest
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SIX, count them SIX ways to win! And trust me, those who have been in on my bead shares KNOW that I send out great goodie boxes, so you don't want to miss out on this!

Contest ends midnight EST Saturday December 12th.

Good luck!

Disclosure: The beads listed were kindly provided free-of-charge by The author of this blog has not received any payment from above-mentioned company. The post above represents only personal opinion of the blog author.


  1. Super cool pieces! Well, I'm already a stalker I mean follower of yours, I tweeted about the giveaway, and I'm now following the Beadin Path on Twitter. So that gives me 3 chances I do believe.

  2. Just found your blog...great work!

  3. It's official. I've done #1, #2, and #3.

  4. It's all beautiful--looks like you received some wonderful beads to play with!
    What a fun giveaway too...I signed up to follow your blog some time ago--that's because there's always something pretty happening here:)

  5. Love your work. I follow you on Facebook and just bookmarked Beadn' Path on Facebook. I follow your blog, you have such great designs, I hate to miss any of your displays.

  6. Hey Lori
    These new pieces are absolutely are the lucite designing Queen!!! I've never worked with Lucite, would you beleive! ...something new to try.... I just joined the Beadin' Path Fan Page and I'm already a follower. :-) Thanks for the fun give away!

  7. I already follow you...and love it. I'm going to blog about it on my site and I'm going to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. So I think that is four chances...they are gorgeous.

  8. I love those, they're so cute. The yellow floral is especially great. My daughter is one of the only people I know who looks good in yellow so it's great to see your design.

  9. These are really great. The yellow floral set especially. I look terrible in yellow too, but my daughter actually looks good in it so it's great to see something in those colors.

  10. Really pretty jewelry! I could make some really nice things with those beads!! Now I'm a follower of your blog & also a twitter follower. :)

  11. Oh, this could lead to a new obsession! I'm already a follower of your blog!

  12. Your work is fabulous! So many pretties. I'm following...what a great giveaway.

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