Saturday, November 07, 2009

Watch Me Create -- Working With Dark Colors

I have a new blog article on Watch Me Create that you can read by clicking here. It's about how to create with dark borosilicate glass beads. Boro glass beads are some of my favorites, but they also can look one way on the computer screen and quite another when they end up out of the package and on my work bench. My article talks about how I work with such beads. In my house, no bead goes unloved!

The blue bracelet above sold out at a craft show within a week of my making it and never appeared on, but you can now buy the "Pearl Garden Princess" bracelet below by clicking here. (If you get a blank page when you click, then someone beat you to it.)

I hope you enjoy my article at Watch Me Create, and be sure to visit all the other contributors' offerings there as well!

Lori Anderson designs and writes from her studio in Easton, MD.


  1. That toggle is spectacular!

  2. So beautiful! Reminds me of my Grandmothers Maryland Rose silverware.

  3. Lori
    I enjoyed your captured the feeling I think a lot of us have with some of our challenging bead sets!! :-)

  4. Oh, the pearl garden is so gorgeous!!

  5. I love the line "in my house no bead goes unloved"
    you are so talented...

  6. Jelveh, unless a bead is damaged, it really does get used! I have a huge bowl of zipper pulls (and soon, key chains!) where I use up leftover beads from a strand. They're a great way to give those beads a loving home!


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