Friday, November 13, 2009

BeadFest and Step by Step Wire Magazine

I got my issue of Step by Step Wire magazine today and was excited to see the catalog of classes for BeadFest. BeadFest is a huge extravaganza of classes, beads, and jewelry, and for the first time, I'm going to go.

BeadFest is only a couple of hours away from me, yet I've never gone. Usually I'm either exhibiting at a show or preparing for a show. I'm taking a lot more time off next year to explore new techniques and to give my body a rest, so April 9th, I'm off to King of Prussia, PA!

I've chosen to take a class that will cover metalworking techniques -- texturing, riveting, and stamping. It was incredibly hard to choose just one class, and I may break down and take two, but that will mean less time to shop (and heaven knows I need more beads. And wire. And tools. )

Another thing I'm excited about is finally getting to meet some of my online friends. Two of them, Kerry Bogert and Cassie Donlen, will be teaching, and others will be coming to take classes and shop. Honestly, meeting my friends will be the best part.

If you've always wanted to make jewelry, consider coming to BeadFest. Check out the web site at With 150 booths to shop from and 80 classes, you can't go wrong!

Also in this issue is a necklace I made. It's on page 38 in the Gallery. One of my awesome customers already owns this funky, whimsical necklace, and I have a similar one that is a bit more over the top!
If you plan on going to the King of Prussia BeadFest, let me know -- I'd love to meet you!

Lori Anderson designs jewelry in her studio in Easton, MD. She's also an avid reader who wishes there were 36 hours in the day. You can see her work at


  1. Wish I were closer, I'd meet you there. I'm sorry I haven't gotten my nubs to you yet. They are top priority for me on Monday!

  2. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Hey Lori, I immediately recognized your necklace in Step by Step Wire this afternoon:)
    I am looking for to attending Bead Fest Wire...not sure what I plan to take, but it will be either a riveting/metalworking class or a fusing class. I may take a few classes since I am going to be up there for a few days...Glad you are joining us!

  3. Lori
    I hope to be one of those friends meeting you at BeadFest!
    Congrats on being featured in the SBS Wire gallery...your necklace is really pretty. :-)

  4. I’m reminded each time I visit your blog how a passion well expressed can inspire. Thanks for sharing, all the very best and a lovely weekend.

  5. Cindy and Jeannette, absolutely! I registered by fax with the form in the SBSWire magazine -- the Saturday class called "Riveted Pendant" with Tracy Stanley!

  6. Hey Lori! I hope to be at BeadFest Wire this year taking a class or two. Riveting possibly. Hope to see you there!

    Congratulations on your publication. I haven't seen this issue yet so I'll have to run out and get it ASAP. Your necklace is gorgeous and super funky. Love it!

  7. HI Lori, I went for the first time last year and truly had a wonderful time. If I'm planning to go again this year, I'll definitely let you know. Guess I'll need to be booking a hotel soon.


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