Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pass Me the Ice Bag, Please

Yes, I know, two posts in one day, but it's that sort of day. And you've heard the adage, "take two, they're small", right?

Today I got a catalog in the mail, and serendipitously, it fell open to this page, and now, I. MUST. HAVE.

Considering I had to call the neurologist yet again to tell him that the nerve block he did had worn off, this gift looks better than diamonds dipped in chocolate. (If you didn't read the update on my Facebook, I got about 16 shots in my temples and face a couple weeks ago to help one of my headaches). I have a gel eye mask, but its coolness lasts about 3 minutes.

In case you get wicked killer headaches or knee aches or pain-in-the-whatnot aches, you can find this at RSH catalog (specifically, this page).


(When Lori doesn't have a headache (and even when she does!) she makes some pretty awesome jewelry. You can see it at www.lorianderson.net.)


  1. Oh honey that is not good, I so wish they'd get lost...the headaches that is!

    I the ice bags look kinda cute though.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your awful headaches but this ice bag is way cute.

  3. Oh, goodness. I think the ice bags are great, but wish you didn't have the headache.

  4. wishing your headaches go away...i had a bad one a week ago and I was not in a good place just for a few hours, I can not imagine how you are putting up with yours... sending lots of good energy your way...cute ice bag...

  5. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Lori, I am so sorry you suffer from these headaches. I can't image how you go about your days feeling this way. I hope someday soon they find a the miracle drug to cure these headaches once and for all..or at least to relieve the pain immediately.

  6. oh dear Lori, I do wish those headaches would stop for you :(


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