Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lapidary Journal Article -- Making It on Etsy

In August of 2009, I, along with several other jewelry artists, was featured in the Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine. The article was about how to make it on Etsy, a web site that holds thousands of small shops run by individual crafters and artists. Vintage finds and crafting supplies are also sold there, and I spend quite a lot of time there perusing the goodies.

You can read a snippet of the article, written by Cathleen McCarthy, by clicking here. I'm thrilled that fellow artist and friend Sherry Truitt is also mentioned in Cathleen's article because Sherry's "Twilight" inspired jewelry recently was featured in People magazine. It's incredible to see someone you know be recognized this way! Click here and visit Sherry's store to see more of her "Twilight" jewelry. (PS: I have her Lego necklace and the older boys have her spirit level cuff links!)

And I want I want I WANT this pendant with a map of Korea, city of Songtan, specifically, since that's where Rick and I met, but will wait until the Christmas rush is over before I order it. How COOL that you can get custom maps!

In the magazine article, I was featured as an artist for whom Etsy didn't work. I had already established a website and a customer base that (at the time I opened my Etsy store) was four years old. My existing customers didn't like going from one web site to another to view jewelry, and since I make 95% one-of-a-kind things, if they wanted to see it all, they had to. My own web site and craft shows also kept me so incredibly busy that I didn't have time to work on or promote my Etsy store, so while I made sales, it just wasn't worth the effort, so I closed shop and focused on buying -- and believe me, I buy a lot.

Etsy and other similar sites are a good way to start out if you don't want to invest a lot of time and cash into a stand-alone web site. You can start your store quickly, build a web presence, and begin to grow. But watch out -- you'll also start peeking into other stores and buying the beauty you see around you.

Buy handmade, folks.

Lori Anderson designs jewelry for a living but originally studied towards becoming a doctor. She loves her current job! You can see her work at


  1. Thanks for sharing Lori.

  2. interesting perspective on etsy, and I do agree, you have a better venue! thanks for coming by, missed you...

  3. Everything looks different! And your new icon or whatever it's called is sooo pretty! ´
    You know about the midnight sun, don't you? In summer it doesn't get dark at all and then winter comes and takes it all back.
    Off to try to get some sleep,
    from one insomniac to the other - goodnight :)

  4. I'm dealing with the whole frustration of Etsy right now. Even though I have a website, no one knows it's there so I was hoping Etsy might get my name out there a little. But it really hasn't. I'd hope to sell at shows in the Spring. We'll see how it goes. Thanks for your take on Etsy.

  5. I'm a big fan of Etsy, so I support the artists whenever I can.

  6. Buy handmade is right! Thanks for the article, Lori!


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