Monday, November 09, 2009

Being an Entrepreneur -- The Working From Home Edition

If you've ever wondered what it's like being an entrepreneur, well, let me tell you. It's a lot more than shambling down the stairs in your pajamas with a cup of coffee and an endless day of joyful creating.

If only.

Yesterday my plan was to spend all day tackling my To-Do list, which consisted mainly of updating my web site in preparation for the holiday rush. I also wanted to make some jewelry for my last show of the season, the ALS Artisan Boutique in Annapolis, MD (November 22nd, please come!)

However, the day ran like this:

1) Oversleep. I have an excuse. I was up until 6am the night before working.

2) Due to oversleeping, missed my window of good light for photographing new jewelry.

3) Make coffee. Leave coffee on the counter when the dryer dings. Forget I made coffee.

4) Sit down at computer. Remember I have to stick postcard stamps on a 10" stack of cards.

5) Remember coffee. It's cold. Make it again.

6) Run upstairs to put on real clothes as Zack has been invited to go play kick ball. Watch and remember why I hated grade school gym

7) Where the hell is that danged coffee.

8) Sit down to computer. Have three orders waiting to be packed. Stop everything to pull orders, wrap, pack, print postage. Yell to whomever will listen to turn the television DOWN.

9) Say a Very Bad Word. It involves lack of coffee.

10) Open computer programs to work on web site. Notice that it is now 7:30pm.

11) Upload exactly two (2) pieces of jewelry before it's time to read to Zack.

12) Finally drink my coffee. It's 9pm.

13) Everyone goes to bed, and thanks to coffee, I am up until 4am making jewelry.

Woody Allen was right. "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."

When Lori isn't searching for a Venti Starbucks Mocha, she's (trying) to create jewelry in her Easton, MD studio. You can see her work at


  1. HAHA! I know the feeling!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Lori! That's terrible, but funny still. So true, working at home is not all fun and games. It's working long and tired hours. Bless your heart! I hope the show goes well for you!

  3. *snort*

    I hope that Monday was a bit more productive for you. :-)

  4. Yeah. Working from home is still WORKING. You still work hard, you just shuffle the stress sideways or upsidedown. Still a humorous post (with a lesson)...loved the coffee bit...

  5. Ha, Jen. Today?

    1) Drop child off at School.
    2) Run to Walmart.
    3) Run to Staples.
    4) Run home to finish stitch markers for a consignment project in St. Michaels.
    5) Deliver stitch markers only to forget three of the packets.
    6) While in St. Michaels, treat myself to a sweater.
    7) FORGET said sweater in another store. I hope they will have it tomorrow waiting for me.
    8) Don't make a scrap of jewelry.
    9) Put out email fires at dinnertime.
    10) Add three things to the web site by 8pm.

    Rinse and repeat.

  6. Oh dear. Is there a light at the end of your tunnel that isn't a train?

  7. LOL Jenn! It's either a train, or a child coming at me with a particularly noisy toy.

  8. We, evidently, live the same life....except somedays I say many more profanities that you do-HA!

  9. Bundles of Blossoms -- well, it WAS the weekend and I had the six year old present -- weekdays ARE a tad different at times! ;->

  10. Oh man, this cracked me up!! Sounds like my life!!

  11. I love your list!!!! So true, so true!

  12. Your hours are like a teenagers -- staying up all night!

    I hope you get your coffee a little earlier today!

  13. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Your post was very humorous-so much fun to read, but right on target too!


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