Saturday, October 10, 2009

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

I just received the Kreative Blogger award/meme from Dustjacket Attic, and I'm supposed to share seven things with you that you don't already know about me, and then honor seven other bloggers with the award. I know that some of my readers don't like to get these memes and it would be hard for me to pick just who to give it to (I read a lot of awesome blogs!) so I'll hope that a lot of you will snag the award and give me something cool to read about you next time I visit your little spot in cyberspace.

So here are the seven things you may not have known about me:

1) While enlisted in the Air Force, I considered applying to the Air Force Academy, but decided against it because I realized I loved my job as a linguist, and didn't want to be an officer WATCHING people do their jobs as a linguist.

2) I can't stand mushrooms.

3) I was the Color Guard Captain in my high school marching band. That meant I flipped a flag around in fancy formations. Geeky, I guess, but I sure did love it.

(photo by Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise)

4) I've broken a leg three times and an arm twice. I broke my first leg when I was nine months old and another leg while in Basic Training. The third one was a few years ago, and I put Swarovski crystals all over it.

5) I lived in South America for three months on a missionary base when I was 11. It was literally out in the middle of the rain forest of Columbia, and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

6) I learned to read when I was three. And now, to me heaven is a huge library.

7) I've never drunk grape juice since Kindergarten after an, um, unfortunate incident with it. Ditto orange juice.

And I'm going to put in a #8 that you may not know, but need to know...

8) I appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to read my blog, and you have no idea how happy it makes me when you post a comment. It warms my heart and makes my day.

Thank you.


  1. Lori, you've had such an interesting life!

  2. So, you might have lived here in Colorado then -- the AFA is very near where we live and I enjoy visiting it (especially the football games!) That kitty photo is unbelievably precious! I had a tiny ginger tabby just like her, named Murphy Brown. But she never broke a leg. She did break her tail once! Ouch! Sorry to hear about all your broken bones! How many languages do you speak?

  3. #5 sounds so cool Lori! *smiles*

    I hope you are having a great weekend. I'm checking my list over and over again. We sail to Mexico tomorrow on the artful voyage with Tim Holtz. Did I tell you I'm excited? Or maybe the question should be, how many times have I told you? *smiles*

  4. I love learning more about my blog buddies. This was fun. You go, Lori!

  5. Oh wow Lori, great list, so interesting. Not great about all the breakages girl!!

  6. I knew several of these, but that comes from having known you for decades.

    Do you know that I was thinking recently that I miss color guard and wish that I stuck with it after high school. I have no idea how I would have done so, as UVA didn't offer that option...

    You know, people would be very interested in the story of how you got airlifted out of the jungle when you were a kid.

  7. I had no idea you were in the Air Force! My father in law was as well. He also didn't go to the academy and worked in personnel.

    I'm really curious about the grape juice/orange juice incident but I'll leave it alone =)

  8. Hi Lori, I remember the leg cast with the Swarovski crystals lol! Is that adorable kitten yours!

  9. Hi Lori, long time no see. Congrats on your Blog award! Amazing life memories you have there. Happiness to you.

  10. My mother cannot even be in the same room as grape juice, or anything that smells even remotely grapey. I don't know what her unfortunate incident was but there had to be one.

    I broke my leg at 3, I thought I was young. I was skiing.

  11. Thanks for your kind comments Lori, I really loved making those bears they were very special to me.

  12. thanks for the insight into things about you...who knew?


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