Monday, October 26, 2009

Clothes Shopping -- The New Frontier

I mentioned recently that I've dug into the deep recesses of my closet for the two or three pairs of "skinny" jeans that I'd doggedly held onto. Trouble is, that's ALL I have in the way of smaller clothes. Shirts are still the same size, for instance, and as a friend kindly put it, it looks like I'm wearing a box now. No wonder nobody can tell anything is changing under there.

So today, after a trip for a new migraine medicine (big sigh, and sad shaking of head. Ow. But slow shaking of head.) I then ran a few errands in Annapolis, which included a stop at Barnes and Noble. If there' s a B&N within 45 miles, I'm there. I just love, love, love my books.

On the way out of the store, I passed a clothing boutique that I've always longed to enter -- South Moon Under. I've only ever admired the window displays because I never felt I was "cool enough", or, well, let's face it -- thin enough -- to walk in. In a world where a Size 00 exits, shopping has drastically changed.

But what the heck, I thought. I owe it to myself to walk in. Yeah, I can do it. Sure, I'm not 20, but I'm not dead, and I make cool jewelry, so back off, man, if you roll their eyes at me! (This said STRICTLY in my head before I'd crossed the doorway. I'm way meeker than that in situations like this).

The girl was pleasant and told me about the sale on the jeans and I started looking around. And then I heard, "Is that Lori Anderson?"

Oh Happy Day! One of my favorite people, and a remarkable woman who is key to organizing one of the most successful art and craft shows in the Annapolis area, The ALS Artisan Boutique (a fundraiser for Lou Gehrigs Disease) happened to be working in the store that day.

All of a sudden I had the world's best personal shopper. I ended up walking out with some lovely things, including this very cool drapey jacket that is so comfortable....

(photo credit South Moon Under)

A departure from my normal Eddie Bauer t-shirt, eh?

Another thing I very unexpectedly fell in love with was a funky pair of shoes. Now if you read my post about Dustjacket Attic and my love for all things shoes before my feet were gnawed on by orthopedic surgeons, you'll not be surprised that these caught my eye from across the room...

(photo credit Victoria's Secret)

I got the black pair, which unfortunately didn't photograph as well to show you all the cute ruffles, so I had to show you the gray/taupe version. As much as I love all things historically romantic, it's not too surprising that I love these.

What IS surprising is that I can walk in the bad boys. These will have to be worn only for Looking Pretty and Making a Statement. Not for play dates or grocery shopping. Unless I commandeer one of those electric carts or something.

Now, had I known that they were available online in purple.....

(photo credit

Well. Let's just say if my feet were in 20-year old shape and I didn't have to wear Birkenstocks and Danskos as a rule, these would probably be hanging out in my closet, too.

So even though I normally wear these most of the time:

(photo credit

and these...(photo credit

and absolutely will be wearing them 99% of the time -- it's nice to be branching out. Just like I plan to branch out in my jewelry next year, it sometimes takes meeting that right person at the right time to nudge you in the proper direction.

So what will you be wearing this fall? Where should I be shopping online?

Lori Anderson creates jewelry, which can be seen at


  1. If I wear anything new this fall, it will be from Coldwater Creek... consistent sizing and good colors that match previous purchases.

    I love the shoes. My chubby feet are ENVIOUS!!!!

  2. Those purple shoes are beautiful!

  3. WAY TO GO Lori, so proud of you. The shoes are fantastic, and the jacket looks great. Next time will be a breeze ... move outa my way girls :o


  4. Oh Lori! I love the jacket and the shoes. I never knew you could get birk'e in funky colors! I too have feet ravaged by years of abuse. I annot wear much, but birks YES! Also congrats on the skinny new you? What has been your secret? Did I miss that post?

  5. Debra, the secret? Eat less, move more, and get told by a doctor that you might lose your eyesight if you don't lose some weight! o-O

  6. How wonderful! I loved joining you on your shopping spree and the shoes! Wow! I can only look. :(

  7. Oh, your new shoes are to die for! And I love that drapey jacket, too! I'm nowhere near my skinny jeans but I'm going to buy myself some new clothes, too, and soon (maybe even today!)

  8. Ooooh, lovely shoes! And the fact that you ran into that woman must have been a sign! ;D

    I'm in big shoe trouble since there's already snow an hour from where I live and I don't have any winter shoes. I can't buy any shoes I want due to an old injury and the shoes I've worn and worn out every winter for several years are nowhere to be found. I'm young, I want fun shoes, everyone should have fun shoes. Or warm shoes. Any shoes. It's just that they tend to really really hurt me :-(

  9. Good for you! You need and deserve to adorn that new physique! I love both the drapey jacket and the ruffled shoes! NY & Co. has had some great sales this fall. Both times I've been, I've only spent about $50 and have come home with about 6 new items each time! You should check them out!

  10. Now those VS shoes are something! When I was younger(and weighed much less) I think I could walk in 3-4 inches high heels don't remember having problems...but of late Birks are the only thing that I can walk in? Hmmm.....

  11. Woohoo! New clothes. And hot new shoes you can wear! I loved your post on the "skinny side of the closet". I even carted a few items all the way over here to HK with my limited space. I've finally gotten rid of everything. Except for 2 pairs of shorts. Sigh...a girl can keep wishing... but, congratulations on major accomplishments and getting to go shopping and getting recognized! That's so very, very exciting!


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