Saturday, September 05, 2009

Help Two Children -- Buy Soap

One of my friends just told me some tragic news -- a mom friend of hers was killed in a car crash. Her two children, aged 1 and 2, were with her but were unharmed. Unharmed in body, but they've lost their mother before they even got to know her.

Things like this always give me pause. I look at my family and think, "what if". I thank my lucky stars every night already for the love my husband and child already give me, but horrible things like Emily's death make me say an extra prayer -- one for her and her family, and one for myself, that I never take for granted what I have.

My friend has an Etsy shop and is donating 40% of her sales towards a $2,000 US treasury bond for the children. So if you are in the need of handmade soap, her shop is

And hug your family today!



  1. that's so very sweet of your friend to help out. i'll have to check it out...

  2. Oh that is so utterly heartbreaking, I hope the children have a loving family to surround them with.

    That is a lovely idea of your friend to try and help out.

  3. What a tragedy! I try to remember everyday just how lucky I am...
    I wanted to thank you for your comment (Thank you!!) and while I perused your blog, I came across the post about Nick Bantock - I love the Griffin and Sabine books!!

  4. God, what a terrible tragedy! So very sad!
    I want to thank you so much for your visit and wonderful comment! So glad you like it! Yes, it will be for sale on Etsy next week.
    I LOVE your jewelry, simply gorgeous!
    Hugs, Sanda xx

  5. You're a good person to help get the word out about this. The passing of a loved one is hard on everyone. My heart and prayers go out to them.

  6. How tragic. Thought's and prayers are with the family during this time. How wonderful of you to help. If you don't mind, I'd like to help spread the word.

  7. Very tragic news. My heart hurts for the family especially those 2 little ones. It does give one can happen to anyone of us ..unforseen accidents can befall us all.

  8. I read about the two children on Dee's blog. How horrible! And, even when they are babies, the loss still is great for them. I hope and pray they have loving family around them. I had to buy some soap. Wish I could buy more.


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