Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Earrings in Step by Step Wire Magazine

I have been a fan of Step by Step Wire magazine since it's beginning. I love using wire in my jewelry, and plan to use a lot more of it in my designs next year (all part of my plan since I'm going to be doing a lot fewer craft shows). Right now, my wire work has been limited to doing fun things for earrings and maybe for a few bracelet components, leaving the few really intricate pieces I find time for to be sold at a gallery I work with.

I was tickled that the fall edition of Step by Step Wire included my tutorial for these earrings I named "Tribal Curves". They started, oddly enough, when I goofed up making a pair of ear wires. I accidentally made the bottom loop too large and had to make it look right, and decided to wrap some hair-thin wire around it. Voila -- "Tribal Curves" was born.

The earrings are currently for sale at my web site, www.lorianderson.net, and you can buy them by clicking here.

(If you click and there's nothing there, then someone beat you to the punch -- but feel free to email me, and I can make you your very own pair.)


  1. CONGRATS to you! Sometimes the most glorious things come out of mistakes. Isn't life wunderful?


  2. very pretty..love the wire work..would have never seen the ear wires shape if you hadn't mentioned it, LOL...congratulations on the article.

  3. WOW! I had a lot of catching up to do and just went through all of your posts that I have missed. What beautiful jewelry you have been creating. I especially loved the blue drop earrings with the little silver flower on top! Gorgeous!

  4. Oh they sure have a tribal look to them. Very cool.

  5. Oh, you're such a star! How exciting!

  6. What pretty earrings, and a big congrats on seeing them featured in the magazine!!

  7. Those are really unusual. And I love that you admit they came from a mistake. I can see where they would have been earwires but I wouldn't have if you hadn't pointed it out.

  8. Oh, how exciting to be in a magazine! Did they just find you or did you submit an entry?

    The earrings are beautiful! There are so many times my end product does not end up how I had imagined it to be when I started, but then that's the fun of creating, right?

  9. Beadin' By the Sea -- I submitted photos. I encourage anyone to submit your photos of your jewelry regularly to magazines -- you never know when something you've done will be what they're looking for!


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