Friday, September 25, 2009

Dragonflies and Sequins

I have a blog article on Watch Me Create about using non-traditional jewelry components in jewelry. I've been trying to use only what I have in my stash, rather than buying new beads all the time, and you can see some of the results by clicking here.

I have a show this weekend, my first in a long time, and a new venue for me. If you're in the Annapolis, MD area, come and see me at the Quiet Waters Park show. Click here for more show information!

Can't make it to the show? You can shop day or night at!


  1. Oh, I loved the WMC post! I'm doing the same thing...digging through my stash, stretching things out. My next newsletter has the Inspiration Challenge to "make do"...

    With having to switch to PMC for a bit until I can find an outside studio, I was planning to go on an experimental phase, but I appreciated the warning not to change too quickly too soon. VERY GOOD ADVICE. Thank you for saying it. I'll try to keep things flowing along the vein I was going in and then leave some experimentation mixed in.

  2. A stash is a wonderful thing! Isn't is amazing how they grow, though? As if they were alive.


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