Monday, September 07, 2009

A Bit of Sunshine on a Dreary Day

I am so longing to go back to bed and immerse myself in "Dragonfly in Amber" because it just started to rain and there's nothing like clean sheets and rain and a fantastic book. Unless it's cake. Or pie. Mmm. Pie.

But I digress.

Yesterday, when there was sun, I took some photos of jewelry that I made months ago (I'm telling you, I really did take the entire summer off!). I played around with not only natural sunlight but with various props. This shot was done with a stack of books that I bought sheerly for their beautiful covers and a lovely vintage cup. I thought the picture probably ended up too busy, but it certainly is fun and bright and cheerful, so I give you this, on my dreary, rainy day.

Want them? Just click here to go to the Lori Anderson Designs web page!


  1. Yum! make me think of summer in this sort of gray with little snips of sunshine kind of day.
    You know you are welcome to come any time, even if the excuse is the atelier, LOL. Love the photos of the young men. Hard to believe how much they have grown since that Christmas when you sent the family photo. They are growing older - we are not. You can quote me.

  2. I love decorated glass like this. I wish it would rain here!

  3. I think the "prop" for the earrings looks fantastic. Ahhhh, and the earrings look fantastic as WELL :)!

  4. Love the photo not to mention the beautiful earrings! what a great find those books are ..very cool.

  5. Looks great, Lori! I say go read... :)

  6. Lovely zingy earrings and I really like the books and cup. Sweet!

  7. these are so fun! They remind me of a rainbow sherbet ice cream cone, my kids summer favorite!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  8. Lori,
    I loved reading your comment on my blog- thanks so much! Also, I am guilty of going to ridiculous lengths to get "american" food over here, which has included running through an airport in istanbul to find the starbucks before our plane took off, and paying a crazy amount of money for a horrible caesar salad, burger, and (I guess we didn't learn our lesson) a milkshake and brownie a la mode in prague.
    but, as you said, it is wonderful in the end!

  9. Very fun earrings!

  10. these are just so cute! :) i wish my ears were still pierced!

  11. You sound like me ... cake, oh or some pie! too funny.

    The earrings look so pretty.

  12. I love where you are going with your photography...and LOVE all the colour!

    p.s. I'll take either cake OR pie. I'm not picky. :)

    And, could you please send some of that rain to Los Angeles? We need it badly!


  13. How cute!

    LOL...I took most of the summer off, too. It feels good to get back in the swing of things though. I made a bunch of unicorns yesterday. =D

  14. As a selling tool for your earrings, it probably is too busy. But as photo art, it's frameable!

  15. I agree 100% with bed-good book-cake(pie)!!!LOL
    Beautiful earrings! Gorgeous colours!
    Love, Sanda xx

  16. Love how the colour of the books enhance the colour of the earrings!

  17. Hi Lori
    Gosh great minds think alike...I'm always ready for a slice of cake or pie!! Your earrings are sweet...couldn't resist saying that, but they they are! :-)

  18. Anonymous11:29 AM

    that is a great photo! very pretty earrings!
    thanks for visiting my blog! I actually found the chair allready painted that green color! it is about 80 years old!

  19. hi Lori.. out visiting
    so cute..
    have a wonderful weekend...
    mona & the girls


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