Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I Made a Mix Tape For You

I made a mix tape for you. Well, not really, but in words, I did. I can't come up with a really good topic, so I made a mix tape of random things. (But didn't you just love mix tapes, the real thing? There were all kinds.....boyfriend-please-come-back tapes, boyfriend-dissing tapes, drive-for-hours-aimlessly tapes, dance-in-your-room tapes... and now mix tapes have all been relegated to the iPod.)

So here's your mix tape.

1) I said in an earlier post that I had made all the Halloween jewelry that I was going to make. Here's a teaser with a little witch's hat for you. And I'll be posting it all very soon. Don't worry, I'll give you a head's up before the fact.

2) Everyone keeps asking when I'll be a) showing more pictures of my lampwork studio and b) getting started melting glass. I don't want to do a) until all the decorating is done, and it's SO close to done. I just need a tree. Yep, you read that right.

As for b), my husband is taking my torch up to the farm to have his dad drill a hole in the base so it can be bolted to the work station.

3) I miss the drive-through Starbucks more than you could ever, ever imagine. It's cruelty itself to drive by that empty sign.

4) I started "The 19th Wife" last night and probably would have stayed up all night reading if it had been the weekend. Fantastic book. It's historical fiction that weaves two stories about a splinter group of the Mormons that condone and practice polygamy. One story takes place during Brigham Young's lifetime, and one takes place in present day. It's fascinating, and the way the book is put together is clever and keeps you interested.

5) And finally, for some reason I can't think of mix tapes without remembering that sentimental movie from my late teenage years, "Say Anything" -- probably because of the Peter Gabriel song "In Your Eyes", which ends up on one heck of a lot of mix tapes. The entire soundtrack is pretty awesome, and I wore my cassette out. And the best line in the movie, and the reason for most mix tapes?

"She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen."


  1. Excellent mix tape -- there's so much to enjoy.

  2. i'm always looking for new reading material...i'll have to check out the 19th wife... :)

  3. Beautiful work!!! I can't wait to see your new studio!!!!

  4. What a great mix tape!

    1. love that witch hat...I also love the eyes bead!

    2. can't wait to see it done!

    3. i don't get into starbucks as much as i would like. i would really miss them if they left.

    4. that book sounds interesting!

    5. i loved the movie "say anything"!

  5. That witches hat is soooo soo cute!

  6. I loved your word mixed tape & used to love mixed tapes...I so remember that line...

  7. Hi Lori
    I'm still here in your neck of the woods in OC! What?! The Starbucks is leaving?? I remember when you were so excited that it was opening. :-( This was such a creative blog post. Sure brought back memories with those mixed tapes. Your new book sounds like a really good read...should check it out. Also, I'm amazed that you're already making Halloween jewelry! You're on the ball!!! I can't stop with the summer colors. I've got to enjoy my favorite season for every last minute of it! :-)

  8. "Say Anything" is one of my all time fav movies! I fell in love with John Cusack. That line is awesome, I totally forgot about it!

  9. That witch's hat IS adorable!

    I too cannot wait to see your new studio. Thanks for sharing your progress - it's been fun!

  10. What a fun idea. Really we should exchange "mixed tapes" or in my case mixed Cd's. I have done this for freinds birthdays. If I know what a person likes in general I will make a cd with music, some they know and some I think they might like.
    I ADORE the Halloween items (love Halloween) as might imagine is you saw my charms I made for a swap. I am in the Halloween mood too.
    Since I never cared for Starbucks I do not miss the one in our Krogers, however if they closed the Dunkin Donuts (love their coffee) I would be sad.
    I cannot wait to see your studio, you must be sooo excited.
    My daughter is a big John Cusack and Joan Cusack fan, so of course I saw it, several times.
    I am still trying to finish reading "Cell" by Stephen King. Havent been able to focus on it very much though.
    I really love the Halloween beads!

  11. ADORE the lampwork glass witch's hat- cannot wait to see more!!

  12. Lori I sent you an email via your jewelry site about my charms. So flattered you liked them!

  13. I love your lampwork! :)
    Hope you are having a fabulous summer! :)

  14. Life is a mix tape, and that's all I've got this morning.

  15. A hang all your creations on?

    I feel for you not having the Starbucks.

    Looking forward to the reveal of track "a"

  16. Your website looks great! Loved this "mix tape." :)


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