Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Growing Pains

The other day Zack came into my room crying.

I hadn't heard any crashes, slamming doors, yelling of the other Parental Unit, or anything that would have led me to expect this.

I asked Zack what was wrong and he said, "I'm not telling you," which is code for "I don't know how to tell you because I think you'll laugh at me." Poor little guy, he hasn't gotten it yet that Mommys really DO listen, even if kids on the playground don't.

So I hauled him up on my lap and let him sniffle a little longer and asked again what was wrong.

He finally came out with it.

He's afraid of growing up.

I knew exactly where this was coming from. Earlier in the day, we'd been going through his DVDs and books and he was telling me if something was too "babyish" for him anymore, and I put it in a pile to donate. That, and he starts first grade in about two weeks.

So I told him it was ok to be sad saying goodbye to things, but that if there were special things he wanted to hold onto, he should tell me so we could save them. I reminded him that one of my favorite books EVER is "A Little Princess" and I still read it now and again. I told him that one day I was going to convert one of the bedrooms into The Dollhouse Room and play dolls whenever I wanted to.

And then I talked about all the many neat things he was going to get into now, things he wouldn't have liked last year. For instance, didn't he like Phineas and Ferb now? (And I really must say, I love it too). And wasn't it cool that he could swim even better this year than last?

When I mentioned the new friends he'd make, he got the sniffles again, saying he'd never see his old friends EVER AGAIN, and I explained to him how school was time to meet a lot of new people, and that as you get older, you start learning how to change classes, so one day, you'll take math in one room, and there will be that friend, and then you'll take English in THIS room, and there will be THAT friend, and he thought that was very interesting.

After a while he got up and headed off to play Wii -- something else he didn't do last year. The irony didn't escape me.

I wonder if he knows that moms get growing pains, too, watching their little ones grow up?


  1. Ah yes. Growing up is hard to do but when love from a good mommy is a true security blanket, then everything is going to be alright as I am sure it will be with my darling Zack. You are a very good mommy and he will continue to be a wonderful human being as he is blossoming in the security of being loved and accepted.

  2. Oh, poor little guy. You handled that so well!

  3. This is all so familiar. He's at a very fun age, if he doesn't know it yet!

  4. As much as I love my mom now, I wish my mom was more like you when I was growing up...specially when I had to leave an entire life behind and start a new one at the young age of 14...thanks for sharing this story...Zack is very cool&smart & has a great mom...

  5. My son was and is the same way. You handled it beautifully!

  6. what a great post Lori, and what a great conversation with zach. growing pains are tough to deal with, even know I look at my 12 year old and still see my 2 year old..I know he has to grow up, but I just want to hold onto him like he was 2 forever...boys are so special give Zach a hug for me!

  7. Aw, what a sweet story. You are such a good mommy to put this into perspective for him. You gave him great explanations and examples. It's funny to see how their minds work and what they worry about at such a young age. Glad he opened up to you!

  8. love this have relaid it to us so well. What a special Mom and son moment that was shared. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. Anonymous9:52 PM

    oh this is a very sweet post, arg, i've been there so many times with my own children, it's nice to know this happens to all of us :)

  10. Zack is a cool little guy and apparently very smart. You handled his "losing his friends" situation very well. I'm afraid of growing up too! wish i could go in reverse for a few years. . .

  11. Oh, this post is just priceless.

  12. How precious. Awww. Sniffle.


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