Monday, August 03, 2009

Earrings in BeadStyle Magazine, Sept 09

You can see all the magazines where I've been featured for one reason or other on the right side of this blog page, but I wanted to mention this one in particular.

I have a new tutorial out in BeadStyle magazine, the September 2009 issue, which should actually be on news stands now or in the very near future. The actual tutorial example is NOT mine, and was created by the BeadStyle team, but all the other design examples are mine.

This is one of the lovely things about sending in a tutorial to BeadStyle -- they do the photography and the writing. But I'm a bit anal about things like wire wraps and design and stuff like that. Anyway, these earrings are easy as pie to make, use Tierracast components (which can be purchased wholesale at or many retail online bead stores) and are open to ALL kinds of interpretations.

They're great for fall, but a lot of people wear beige and khaki for summer, and tans look great with those colors, so these earrings would be just perfect with that sort of wardrobe!

The rings are large, about 1.25" in diameter, and I have them in silver-tone as well. I'll get these on the web site asap, but they can be custom-designed just for you, too!

Grab the magazine, and enjoy!

Lori Anderson creates jewelry in her Easton, MD studio and mentors a number of beginning beaders. You can see her work at


  1. Gorgeous earrings. Congratulations on getting in the zine.

  2. Carla Kremer11:46 PM

    I was happy to see yet another project of yours in a major magazine - keep up the good work. I tell my family, as I'm waving the mag in front of them, I KNOW her!

  3. pretty pretty earrings, and a reminder that I need to renew my subscriptions...quick!!

  4. I am so glad I stoped by lori! These are beautiful!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  5. Both absolutely fab as usual. That top pair is very unusual, I think. Nice to add some pizzazzzz to a basic hoop. Hoops can never go out of style (can they?)

  6. It's getting to be a Lori Anderson kind of world - and that's a good thing!

  7. New follower here! That's awesome about getting into the magazine! How does getting featured in a magazine like BeadStyle work? Do you submit your work to the magazine?

    I love the blog, can't wait to hear more from you!
    peace and love,

  8. Hi Katie! I left a message on your blog, but I'll leave one here, too -- just send in photos of your work, and the editors will let you know if it fits into what they have in mind for whatever issue. The magazine business works on an entirely different calendar than we do, so be prepared -- if they take a piece, it can be a year before it's in the magazine! It take a long time for them to get all that work done.

  9. Lori,

    Thanks again for sharing your work with us. As always, it's a pleasure to include you in the magazine.


  10. Hi to BeadStyle! I always save my extra issues to hand to folks who come into my craft show booth asking about how to get started in the beading business.

  11. congrats girl...good on you...

  12. Congrats on your new publication, Lori! You did it again! Can't wait to see this issue. :-)

  13. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Nice stuff!


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