Friday, July 17, 2009

Used To, Do Now, Want To

My brain has been quite full lately -- Zack, a few pesky headaches, studio design, web site updates, getting orders out the door, cleaning house -- that writing blog entries sometimes falls behind. So I thought I'd try a stream-of-consciousness style of post that my blogger friend Blackbird has used and said I could try.

I decided to call this one "Used To, Do Now, Want To". I'm going to write three things down that I used to do (and still can but don't), three things I do now, and three things I want to do (but haven't tried yet, and am not sure I ever will). Doors shut, doors opened, doors yet to be flung wide open.


I Used To:

1. Know four languages other than English -- Spanish, French, Latin, and Korean. Five if you count halting Italian.

2. Dance until the wee morning hours in fun night clubs -- mostly when I was stationed in Korea, some in Italy, and some when I came back to Virginia. I miss that energy and abandon. I don't miss wearing heels.

3. Garden with as much attention to detail as I now make jewelry. Clods of dirt would be crumbled by hand. Vegetables would be grown from seed. I weeded every day and dead-headed religiously. People sometimes stopped in the driveway to look at the flowers.

I Now Do:

1. Own more books than clothes and shoes. And I read up to three a week -- always at least one. And always only one at a time.

2. Read at stop lights. I never used to do that. But I have a pile of magazines for the gym in the passenger seat, and I grab one when I hit the light (and some of the ones around here are LONG). I am the ultimate multi-tasker.

3. Color. I color in these cool intricate coloring books (sometimes with Zack, sometimes by myself when I just want to zone) and I am as excited about a brand new box of Crayolas as any kid.

I Want To:

1. Dance. Ballroom, ballet, swing, or modern, I don't care -- just not the wild arms-over-the-head-shimmy-shake of night club dancing that I used to enjoy. And this was LONG before all those dance programs hit TV. I've wanted to dance since I was a kid, but the closest I ever came to a dance lesson was a swing dance lesson which my then boyfriend walked out on in the middle of (twerp). I think that's why I loved teaching aerobics so much -- it's the closest I ever came to dancing.

2. Write a book. This one I think I can do. I've been writing journals almost all my life, and I wish I hadn't dumped a dozen of them in a dumpster in my early twenties (again, because of another twerp).

3. Be an artist. I've always wanted to know how to paint and delve into mixed media and all the cool new things out there that I see in the magazines Somerset Studio and Cloth Paper Scissors. I hope one day to have the time, and the nerve to make the mistakes.

So what are your Used To, Do Now, Want To's? Write them up, send me your link -- I'd love to read them!

Lori Anderson creates jewelry when she's not dreaming and writing. Her web site is


  1. I love this version!

  2. You know, you're already an artist. :-)

  3. cool post Lori, really makes you stop and think. I'll see if I can come up with something and let you know.

  4. This makes for a very interesting post. Perhaps I'll do one too.

  5. Oh, my so much to think about, I'll be back when I have my list, right now I still have sand in my suitcase.

    Did you send photos for "our" article?

  6. I like your list. I may try this on my blog as well -- if I do, I'll send you a link! I'm going to have to copy you on the dancing thing, though -- you and I have that SO in common!

  7. I read at stop lights too, if I have something in the car. It's a bad habit I know.

  8. Well done! I got a magazine in the mail from a friend in Calfornia and on the back cover was an add for Fire Mountain and I noticed the artist represented was Lori Anderson. It was really funny -- I said out loud -- I KNOW HER and Mr. Dragon looked at me kinda funny. Well, I do! :D

  9. I think that is a great way to do it- make three lists, think I'll try it. Remember the dancing days too...

  10. Yeah, what Jen said - you ARE an artist!


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