Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kids at Craft Shows

In my previous post, I told you about how I couldn't do my craft shows without my husband's help. Now it's time to talk about how we manage setting up my booth with an inquisitive, short-attention-span child in tow.

I've been exhibiting at craft shows for about four years, which means it all started when Zack was two. At first, it was rough -- I'd have to walk Zack around in the stroller to keep him occupied, or I'd have to hire a sitter (which I think I only did once, because I couldn't bear to be away from him).

As he got older, though, things got easier, because he had distractions that didn't involve constant parental attention. For instance, he discovered the joys of a portable DVD player or my iPod, and snacks are ALWAYS a welcome diversion...

Indoor shows are a lot easier for managing children, I think, because I don't have to worry about Zack getting run over by a car. Outdoor shows, on the other hand, require a different method. The battery on the iPod only lasts so long, so we pack up a tote full of puzzle books, markers, and such, and park him in a spot with a stern command to NOT MOVE from that spot.

Let's take a closer look....

Zack "borrowed" the plastic box from my booth and plunked himself and his favorite stuffed rabbit in it. He then contented himself with books, stickers, and markers, as well as quacking at the ducks that ambled by.

Fortunately, once the tent is set up, the guys go off and have fun doing whatever it is that guys do for fun. They come back when it's time to help me shut down, and we go enjoy dinner and the evening together. I love having them around, much preferring it to sleeping alone in a boring hotel room.

I'm lucky to have my two Best Guys. They're both so supportive of what I do for a living, and I love them dearly for it and for a gazillion other things.

Smoochies, sweeties.

Lori Anderson travels the east coast exhibiting at craft shows with husband and child in tow. You can see and purchase her work at www.lorianderson.net.


  1. I love the fact that he's IN the plastic bin!

  2. What a good boy. I love that he found that plastic bin to sit in. How cute is that!

  3. awww! what a sweet little, creative boy you have!! I love that picture of him sitting in the plastic bin. So cute!

  4. Awwww....so wonderful to have your 2 fav guys on your crafting show trips! So great how they support you! Love the pic of your son!!

  5. What is it with kids and confined spaces? Mine have been known to hang out in boxes, laundry baskets, even our giant fabric grocery bags.

    Anyway, he's obviously a fabulous kid, and it sounds like your hubby is a keeper too. Enjoy them!


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