Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Joys of Kindergarten

Zack's last day of Kindergarten was Friday. He had a great year with a super teacher, and I volunteered at the school as much as I could. I went on field trips, made a million copies, cut out tons of die-cuts, and (the most fun) bought tons of school supplies for the kids. For a crafty person like me, buying glitter glue, foamies, construction paper, and paint was a treat. And I loved going to the classroom to help out, getting tackle-hugged by the kids, and never being able to walk down the hall without some child knowing me. While Zack truly enjoyed his Kindergarten experience, I know that I got just as much out of my Kindergarten experience.

One day, Miss M, Zack's teacher, asked me if I could come in one afternoon because they wanted to do something special for me. I never in a million years could have imagined how special it was.

I walked in, and got tackle-hugged and tickled. Abject joy on the kid's faces, big huge silly smile on mine. I got to sit in the Seat of Honor (rather than a tiny kidlet chair) because, they said, I was the Queen. And then they sang a song for me, which brought tears to my eyes... I wish like anything I had a recording of it.

And then the presents. Oh my!

First, a butterfly bush in my favorite color...

Then, an awesome tote bag with all the kids creating butterflies out of their fingerprints and the words, "Thanks for always fluttering in to help".....

And a pitcher with thumbprint lady bugs.....

But my favorite gift by far was the Thankful Book.

Each child drew a picture and told Miss M what to write. She said they came up with them all on their own, and did I notice how almost all the kids put me in fun jewelry?

That book is amazing. From "thanks for making copies" to "thanks for buying Smelly Markers" to "thanks for helping me with art projects" -- they were all so wonderful and amazing.

Then came a veritable feast of ice cream and special butterfly cookies and M&Ms all around. I couldn't believe it. It was one of the best days ever.

Then, on the last day of school, I brought in a big bag of prezzies for Miss M and the kids had fun with that, too. The picture below is about Star Words. Miss M had certain words that the kids had to learn by the end of the year, and she put them all on slips of paper and put them in clear venti Starbucks cups and called them Star Words. So Zack made up slips of paper with words that described how he felt about Miss M.

Her hair's not really pink -- she's sitting under a pink beach umbrella -- which is one of the reasons I made her gifts beach-themed. A huge beach bag, beach towel, and a bunch of other stuff. The kids had as good a time watching her open things as she did, I think!

So now we're on to summer activities (we're headed to the National Aquarium with a friend tomorrow). Kindergarten was a load of fun. I think I'm going to miss it more than Zack! But onward and upward, and I'll bring the fun with me.

Lori Anderson makes jewelry when she's not volunteering. Her web site is www.lorianderson.net


  1. You are one of the luckiest Mom's around, Ms. Queen! Those days were so long ago for me. It was fun reliving them through your story :)

  2. Teachers need more moms like you!

  3. What a wonderful way for the students to thank you!

  4. That is so darling! What a wonderful time your must have had...your awesome!

  5. How absolutely wondrous! You completely deserve it all!

  6. That's wonderful Lori!! I can totally relate to the huge hugs walking in a class, I volunteered with Junior achievement..there's no feeling like it. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful experience and guess what??...Next year they'll still remember you!

  7. Smart ones! of course we both know that they are absolutely right. Tell Zack his Mimi loves the photos you sent me. The newest one is in my atelier to keep him closer to me.

  8. Oh Lori...what a wonderful teacher your son had...to reward you like that...so special! And how wonderful you are to volunteer...it's SO important for a child to see that and know that their parent gets involved! Good for you girl!

  9. Lori,

    Here you are with one just leaving first grade. I had my last one just leave high school and her first year of college. How nice that they did that for you.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on what has become my vast collection of buttons. I can imagine what lovely jewelry you might create with some of these lovely older ones. I am so bad about "using" them on art projects because some are so neat. I keep telling myself I should part with some, but have yet to motivate myself to do it.

  10. Wow... what a fabulous honor! I got misty-eyed just reading your post. And that book is definitely something to cherish.

  11. That was so sweet. I'm sure the first grade teacher would love to have you volunteer, or that the same K teacher have you be a special guest every now and then.

  12. Wow, that is one thoughtful teacher! You were definitely appreciated. This was a great story!

  13. This is such a cool story Lori, we need more moms like you and more teachers like your son's teacher out there...

  14. You probably already have this award but I thought i would pass it on to you again. Please stop by.

  15. I'm a teacher as well, and I cannot tell you how much help from parents is appreciated; you certainly left your mark in that class and in your son's kindergarten experience.


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