Friday, June 26, 2009

It's the Mad Tea Party!

Today's the day! It's the official launch of A Fanciful Twist's 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party. The idea is to visit her blog, enjoy her sublime stories and photos, and then visit the participating partiers listed on the right side of her blog. Each blogger will have a different party theme going on -- I can't wait to go look (and please make comments!) Check my previous post for more detailed info.

First, a little-known factoid -- do you know why Mad Hatters are CALLED Mad Hatters? Well, long ago, mercury was used in the process of curing felt used in hats, and it was impossible for hatters to avoid inhaling the fumes. Hatters often suffered mercury poisoning, which caused the hatters to appear disturbed or mentally confused.

Speaking of um, disturbing, how about the new Alice in Wonderland movie? Johnny Depp -- oh, my lovely Johnny Depp. What have they done to you as the Mad Hatter?

Le sigh. I miss the pirate. But you have to admire Johnny's moxie.

So, what does one WEAR to have tea with the Mad Hatter? I mean, LOOK at him! He demands only the best! And as I make jewelry, won't you come poke through my jewelry box and pick something out to adorn yourself for the party of the year?

Perhaps you want something flowery, but not too much so....

Perhaps you want something more colorful, glittering, and elegant:

Or, just glittering and elegant:

Then, of course, you just might want to match the Mad Hatter's attire:

Whichever you choose, you'll be sure to have a wonderful time. I've heard the food is divine, the company the most interesting of all, and the presents -- oh, they're just fabulous. Why, I myself am giving away a present!

YES! I'm giving away a present!

Visit my blog and make a comment (and I'd be so honored if you became one of my followers, but that's not required) and you could win a very special gift certificate to be used at so you can choose your very own baubles. Be sure to leave a way for me to track you down, either by your own blog, or by leaving your email.

Happy Partying!

Photo Credit Disney publicity shots of Tim Burton’s upcoming movie "Alice in Wonderland" with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. All jewelry are things I've made.


  1. Happy Partying!!! Oh yes, Johnny is scawwwwey. He has hands & nails like a scary movie!!

    But, that aside, you are a sweetie, I so enjoy you! I LOVE my art egg to bits, I touch it every day!!

    Oh and look at all of this sublime jewelry, how could one choose????? YUMMY!!!

    xoxo Thank you for partying madly!!!!

  2. Lovely whimsical jewels here at this party! Thanks for letting me stop on by at your party!...Please come on over for a visit to my mad tea party for fun, games and giveaways!

  3. Your jewelry is very beautiful. Thanks, Lori

  4. Lisa Violillo7:27 AM

    I LUV your jewelry Lori! Hope you had a lovely time at the Tea Party!

  5. Yea! So fun =) Loved your little tale too. And, whoa... Johnny is looking very odd!

  6. Johnny creeps me out as the Mad Hatter and I honestly don't know if we'll see the new movie.

    I just went and looked at A Fanciful Twist's blog. WOW. Her photos blow my mind. I just keep looking and looking and trying to absorb the details.

  7. johnny is in alice in wonderland...for sure! i cant wait though! And you have a wonderful blog!! :)

  8. Thanks for having me, oooo Johnny does look scary this morning!! what lovely and appropriate pretties to choose from this morning, I think I'll take the flowering jewels. Happy partying!

  9. love the bling...i loved partying with you...i am having my tea by the sea...with flowers in my hair...come join me...hugs, rebecca/cre8tiva

  10. Happy Tea Party day!!


  11. Gorgeous!! I'd love to win :)

  12. Such an interesting read on why the mad hatters were "mad". Thanks for sharing that and thank you for your so, so kind words you left after visiting my tea party today.

    Sharon the garden fairy

  13. I am so looking forward to tim burton's alice in wonderland ~ it should be a mystical journey of fun. your jewelry is gorgeous and funkadelicous.
    cheers to a wonderful party.

  14. Oh my! Your jewelry is beautiful! :) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog earlier. I wish you the very best and most magical tea-party filled day.

  15. Hi Lori!
    I had a fun time at your party indeed! Thanks for the eye candy...ox

  16. Yummy jewels! Have a delightful day my dear!


  17. What lovely jewelry! Put some on and visit my party!

  18. Oh No! Look at what that dastardly Tim Burton did to darling Johnny...why you can't even recognize his beautiful face ;(. Oh well!

    Your necklaces are delightful confections! Perfect for a Mad Tea or a beautiful evening!

    xoxo Cori

  19. Hi,
    I did know that about the mercury-interesting isn't it? Poor mad hatters. I only found out about the film yesterday and it looks great! Alice has grown up, and so has Wonderland-or so it says!
    I loved rummaging through your jewellery box and seeing so much beauty there, thank you!
    Glad to meet you!

  20. I love Johnny too!! As a Mad Hatter only he could be divine!!
    Wonderful creations you have made!!
    Hope you will visit my Tea Party as well.

  21. You are the first person at the Mad Tea Party today to mention the new movie and I am glad, because I didn't know about it! Johnny looks a might odd, but yes, we can all admire moxie like his. Your party was sweet!

  22. Oh and PS. Loopy is hovering over my shoulder and being the magpie she is, she is entranced with your "dangly" necklaces as she calls them. High praise, indeed!

  23. great choice of a Mad Hatter. No one does it like Johnny Depp. When he shows up for a party, he brings it! Thanks for having me over to the tea party, I had such a lovely time. I love your curtains, and you must tell me the recipe for that casserole! hugs and mock-air-kisses, the kitchen goddess.

  24. Thanks for the info on the Mad Hatter---Johnny Depp is perfect for this----I love the photo of Anne Hathaway too----something to look forward to!!!

  25. Thank you for letting me poke through your jewelry box while at your party. Have a magical weekend! Twyla

  26. Great party and I love your jewels.

    Happy Mad Tea Party Day


  27. oh oh!! That last necklace is so very enchanting...then again, I could hardly stop trying on any of them...Thank you for such lovely jewels and a fantastic party!!

  28. Those necklaces are gorgeous!

  29. Your jewlery is beautiful! I love the pink flower with the hint of black and dark colors- It's all stunning! Happy Mad Tea Party Day and thanks for already visiting my party at Motley Anomaly

  30. ~*WOW*~

    Yeah, look at his eyes!!!

    Have a fun time today!

  31. I agree Johnny the Pirate is far less scarier. But it is a Mad party after all and I'm so glad I stopped by. My you are talented!

    Hope you have a wonderful enchanting visit to all the parties today.

  32. Such lovliness!!

    xo Debbie

  33. Oh Lori....I love your creations! They are just beautiful! I miss the Pirate too but can't wait to see this version of the movie!

    We are almost neighbors...I don't live too far from Easton. Nice to meet you!! I am signing up to be one of your followers :)

    Thanks for visiting me!!


  34. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I can't wait to see Tim Burton's spin on this classic tale. He always brings a delicious bit of the macabre to anything he does...which I'm a fan of.

    Your jewelry is gorgeous! :)

    When you get a free moment please stop by my journal and help me celebrate with 2 (!!) tea parties.

  35. OH! FANTASTIC! Just beautiful post!
    Do you love my old typewriter?
    Happy Mad Tea Party!


  36. Oh I love all your yummy creations! I'm following your pretty blog too. :) Johnny Depp is a bit freaky in that get up but dang he's still pretty hot! Martha

  37. OH MY, what fun I am having and now I am here having more fun!
    Thanks for coming by and now I have to finish the tea party arrangements!!!

  38. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Oooh I had yet to see pictures of Johnny in costume for that role! It's going to be so very different!

    I love your jewelry :D

  39. Oh my goodness! Thank you for visiting my blog, and for sharing the link to your lovely tea party too! Your jewelry is gorgeous, by the way!


  40. ooohhh my goodness, what lovely tea party blingery you have there!
    OOHH!! That's what I call eye candy.

    (well, that and Johnny Depp. Even Scary, he's a cutie.)

    Thanks for stopping by and inviting me! It's LOVERLY!! :)

  41. Such pretty baubles you make! I love them all.

    Thanks for the lovely comment you made on my party adventure - I do hope you'll come back again.

    Oh, and I don't care WHAT they do to Jhnny D - he's always the Bees Knees for me. :)


  42. I finally made it to your fabulous party! You jewelry is fabulous (and Johnny ain't bad either, pirate or no! lol) Thank you so much for making it such a special party!

  43. Oh, my. Your baubles are fabulous. Love those you showed. Thanks for the party.
    Carol R

  44. How beautiful! Love the happy face! Thanks for visiting my party! This is too fun!

  45. How exciting! Thank you so much for visiting me and your lovely comment! Such beautiful jewelry that you make! Happy party day!

  46. Fun Fun Fun jewelry! Hummm what's a girl to wear to the party? I'm thinking the clear crystal one!

  47. Wonderfully beautiful jewels at the party.
    I just love Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter I would love to visit his tea party! he he
    Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful tea party. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  48. Hi Lori,
    Love, love that flowery necklace. So different and pretty. Please come over to 'my place' at

    Thanks and have fun partying!,

  49. Beautiful necklaces!! wow!!
    happy party day-xox natalea

  50. Hi, thanks so much for visiting my Mad Tea Party! I have just posted Part 2.

    Thanks for the lesson on why hatters were considered mad. I didn't know that interesting factoid!

    Your jewelry is SO pretty.

  51. You always have such beautiful jewelry!

  52. oh my- your jewels are beautiful!
    and i love the "le sigh" lol - I miss the pirate too!~!
    What a delightful blog! And the jewels! now THAT deserves a "le sigh" :::memo to self, win lottery:: Okie Dokie!
    Have a Wonderland day!

  53. Hi Lori,
    Thank you for letting us poke through your Parities chest, a bounty of pretty things.
    Such beautiful jewelry you create!
    Fun to see you here at the Mad Tea!

  54. Hi How wonderful, such a pretty party all decked out in wonderful jewellery. Lindax

  55. Hey Lori,
    We all know Johhny is gorgeous underneath all that makeup and wild hair and that's all that matters. Besides, the weirder and the kookier the better. Or so I believe anyway.
    Your jewelry is beautiful. Thanks for your lovely encouraging comment on my blog.

  56. HI Lori...
    Loved this jewelry... very
    wonderland whimsy..also love
    the picture of Johnny Depp... should
    be a great movie..

  57. Hi!!
    Your jewelry is very beautiful.
    Happy Tea Party day!!

  58. I just had been commenting how incredibly cool Johnny Depp continues to be (after seeing the preview for Dillinger) so I'm glad I saw that and not the scary Depp!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway opportunity! :)

  59. Anonymous3:53 PM

    had a mad time at the party. What can't Johny Depp do?
    Love the jewelry.

  60. Visiting your party was such a delight! What fun!

  61. LOL Thanks for the information ON why we can Mad Hatter's Mad Hatter's...Can't wait for the movie to come out.. Looks you are having a fun time here... I believe I will be up very late tonight still sipping my spot of tea ...However, my tummy is getting full! Lovely jewelry you create...must stop back later to see more eye candy here. Thanks for popping over and having a spot with me. Enjoy the weekend and Party On!

  62. Beautiful Jewelry and Johnny looks quite mad in every sense of the word. I am looking forward to the movie.

  63. Ooooh.....
    That second necklace is my favorite.
    I know what you mean....poor Johnny isn't looking his most dashing. However, he's MAD, yes?

    Love the mad hatter info, by the way-
    BYe bye!

  64. Hello Lori,

    thanks for passing by at PinkePinke ! So I came over to you... I like the last necklace : they are my colors and THAT's the one I would wear on a party like this.
    I bookmark you , so I find some time later to discover more of you...
    greetings from Belgium

  65. I learned something new! Thank you for the history of the mad hatters! I love, just love the pics of the jewelry! Thank you for stopping by my little ol party too, and for the kind comment!

  66. You are my first stop in the Mad Tea Party train...and you have so beautiful goodies to share with us, I love the Madison necklace, great look :)

  67. Hi Lori, Tim Burton's work is so very creepy and interesting, and oh hey, so is Johnny Depp!

    Love your jewelry, especially the larimar!

    I'm enjoying a piece of burnt chocolate cherry cake today at the Tea Party - Mad, just Mad!
    - Lisa

  68. Wow! Your gems are just super fabulous! Johnny Depp here, too! WOW! I love your work as you may very well know by now! Tea~hee!

  69. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Thanks for stopping by my garden tea party! That's a very cool fact about Mad Hatters and where the term came from. Very interesting!

  70. Gee....he is scary looking...
    I am so looking forward to Burton's "Alice in Wonderland".

    Love your jewelry....
    I popped in over at you jewelry site and took a look......lovely stuff
    Today I am in bit of a hurry, trying to get to everyone's tea party. But I shall return and if it hasn't sold, I would love to buy....oh, better not say. Someone may beat me to it. :-)
    I'll be back...

    Have a beautiful weekend

  71. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Thanks for stopping by my tea-party your jewels are too die for!


  72. What a fabulous party!! I am looking forward to to new movie. I do miss the pirate, too. I know he will make a great mad hatter. BTW...never knew that about mad hatters (cool fact!).

    I am loving your jewelry! =D

  73. Everything SWEET! Hope to win!!! tee hee EnJOY all the tea parties!!!

  74. Hello there, thanks for visiting me, nice to meet you here too. I cannot wait either to see the new Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp, aahh. Your jewelry is so beautiful. Have a happy Mad Tea Party everywhere!

  75. You have such lovely jewelery.
    I can't wait until Wonderland comes out.
    Thanks for letting us join in your tea party.

  76. Happy party day! What a lovely party you are having and wearing things that glitter and gleam.Glad I stopped by~
    I hope you have a chance to visit my tea party~ MsartistTheresaHuse

  77. What a wonderful post.

    I did check out your jewelry - beautiful!

  78. Oh, I am so excied to see Johnny as the mad hatter. The guys is such a camelion it should be fun! Love your jewerly, fingers crossed!

  79. Hello Ms. Lori,

    That was Johnny Depp I saw in that photo of the Mad Hatter. Oh, he's perfect for these quirky characters isn't he? Thank you for the background info and thank you for your visit to my blog today.

    Sending fairy wishes for a magically creative day! Great idea on having a giveaway for the followers! Kudos!

    Cheers! =D
    ~Kitty Kellie

  80. Oh MY!....You have so many visitors!
    I hope you even notice I was here....Thank you for visiting my tea party! It was so nice of you to drop by.

    You are a fine jewelry artist!I love it!

  81. Your jewelry is beautiful, I am so not talented with jewels so I can really appreciate people who are! Thanks for stopping by and inviting me to your party!

  82. What beautiful jewels!!! I'm so glad you came to visit my tea party. It was lovely to have you!

    My Desert Cottage

  83. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Beautiful jewelry! Love it!

  84. Happy Mad Tea Party!!
    Your jewelry is lovely. Fun info on "mad hatters." Never heard that before.
    Thanks for joining the party!

  85. Your jewelry is just perfect for the tea party, colorful & yummy!

    I can't wait for Burton's Alice ... and though Johnny's Mad Hatter is a little scary, I think perhaps that is as it should be. He's mad, you know? :-)

  86. Gorgeous Jewelry! Thanks for the visit! Blessings.

  87. Thank you for the lovely party! I do believe I would party in the flower necklace :)

  88. One of each please and Johnny Depp!

  89. Your jewelry is beautiful. Doesn't he just make the perfect Mad Hatter, I can't wait to see that movie.

    Happy Mad Tea Party,


  90. Oh! I just love your jewels! That colorful Johnny Depp matching necklace is awesome!
    Thanks for inviting me along!

  91. Beautiful jewelry.......have a wonderful day at all of the Tea Parties.

  92. I'm sure Johnny would love you and any of your jewels!

  93. Love the story of how Mad Hatters got their name. As always your jewelry is amazing!!

  94. Hi Lori, You have outdone yourself with the bling for the party. And I loved the cake too.

    I always enjoy your work, and I want to thank you for coming to visit me on occasions and for my party. You are a dear.

    Can't wait for the movie! Remember Johnny in Edward Scissor Hands. I need to see that again. IdaClare

  95. Hmmm... I miss the pirate too, but quickly got over it when I peeked at your goodies. How divine!

    Please stop by my blog to if you haven't already done so. ~ Lori

  96. Wow, more handmade jewelry! I love this party!

  97. I never knew that about the mercury. Very interesting fact. I just learned yesterday though, that in the 1600s Brandy was used in thermometers instead of mercury. Interesting.

    I adore your jewelry. So lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  98. it is a scarey pic of our johnny boy! did not know that about hatters! that is interesting. wow!!! beautiful jewelry! and thanks for coming to my tea party and for the sweet comments! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! have a sweet sunday!

  99. What a generous gift, just for attending your mad hatter teaparty.

    Renee xoxo

  100. Oh how delightful!

    I think I'd like to sparkle.. no the colors call me.. oh how can one possibly decide?

    Thanks for inviting me!

  101. What a lovely party! I loved it all!


    P.S. I'm having a giveaway at my party! Come check it out if you haven't yet!

  102. Thanks so much for stopping by my no-party post (HaHa). I have an official one now. Love all the pretty things. And in info about the Mad Hatters.

  103. Great jewelry and would love to win something! Johnny D will fun to see as the mad hatter for sure!

  104. What a party! I hope I'm not too late. I'm having so much fun and I'm only half way through the list...whew. Love your jeweled creations!

  105. I adore Johnny for his adventurous spirit...I think he looks rather cute and at the same time quite Mad.
    Lovely Jewelry...I am truly late :(
    Enjoyed your visit at my party thank you for coming.

  106. I know Im too late the enter the drawing, but at least you know I'm not leaving a comment for selfish reasons! :) What fabulous jewelry! So beautiful! And, for Johnny, I do prefer the pirate! :)

  107. Oh I love that last necklace! So fun & colorful! ^-^

    Thanks for stopping by on party day; we finally got the pictures up if you want to stop back!

  108. Your tea party jewels are fabulous! Love your fun party!

  109. Your jewelry is beaytiful! Thanks for visiting with me!

  110. How PRETTY!
    I'm sure you'll get more visitors, since it takes a while to get to all the parties!
    Thanks for visiting me. The Jabberwocky is definitely the result of some kind of weird party Carroll went to!

  111. Oh drat. I'm late. But I love your jewelry. And I had no idea where the term "mad hatter" originated from. Glad I at least got a history lesson, even though I missed the giveaway!

  112. It is so curious that these Mad Tea Parties are still going strong! I've yet to clean mine up, so please feel free to follow me back down the rabbit hole to Haute Whimsy before life goes back to simply mundane!

  113. I hope that I am not way too late to enter the drawing. Just a tad behind apt to get further as I am out to visit the party :)

  114. Pretty pretty. I LOVE the colorful necklace and would have to agree with you on Johnny. Small comfort- he's always handsome regardless. Maybe they should dress him up in rags and see how good he looks. (The pirate wardrobe doesn't count.)


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