Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't Forget the Mad Hatter Tea Party Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the official launch of A Fanciful Twist's 2nd Annual Mad Tea Party. Click here to see what Vanessa did last year....

Here's what you do -- tomorrow, visit my blog to see what all good partiers are wearing this year. Then click the photo above (I'll post it again tomorrow just for good measure) to see what Vanessa prepared for us. And then, visit the blogs that are listed on the right side of Vanessa's blog (A Fanciful Twist).

You'll get to see some amazing art, visit fun blogs, and meet new people!

And there will probably be cake involved.

When Lori isn't dreaming of cake, she's making beautiful jewelry. Visit her web site at, or come back tomorrow to see some really awesome creations!


  1. this seems like so much fun...guess i'm too late to join the party but i will certainly visit lots of party blogs...
    maybe next year...

  2. What a beautiful cake! :)

  3. From one Johnny-lover to another! Thanks for having such a great party, and what lovely baubles you have created. very pretty. i appreciate the invite! have a great rest of the day! --robin

  4. momentsinaneye7:27 PM

    Hi, I am just passing by and had to stop here. You have a wonderful cake. Looks so yummy..Too beautiful to eat. The baubles are amazing. I was too late to join the party but I am having fun blog hopping. Thank you.

  5. what a pretty cake!
    I saw your name listed on stephanies blog - are you lori anderson, formerly from wyoming? I am thinking not but can't help but ask


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