Friday, May 08, 2009

Step By Step Wire Gallery

In the latest issue of Step By Step Wire magazine (Summer Preview 2009) you'll see my bracelet in the Reader's Gallery. I love this bracelet, and it's a big piece -- the box clasp on it is about 1.25" across and resembles a pill box. I wish it DID open like a little treasure box, but alas, it doesn't.

The sterling silver chain is a Japanese chain maille weave that I like because it's wide and bold but still airy.

I'll be putting this one up on the web site over the weekend, but if you have to have it now, please leave a comment below!

In the fall, I'll have an earring tutorial in Step By Step Wire -- very exciting for me, as I've been in the gallery a couple of times but finally got a tutorial written, photographed, and off in the mail. Writing tutorials takes a lot more time than you might think, because you can never be quite sure how the photos will turn out, and then you're stuck making ten more of the same thing to get it just right.

If you're a jewelry artist that wants to get published, take a look in the beading magazine web sites. They all have sections with instructions on how to approach them with your work.

Hope you all have a great weekend!.


  1. That would be amazing if it opened. Imagine what you could keep in there.

  2. I KNOW! Like those poison rings they had in the middle ages. I have some tiny little prayer box chamrms that open, but nothing huge like this. WHICH is why it's a good thing I'm getting a better metal torch -- one of these days, I'll make something like this that WILL open, but all in pierced, filigreed metal.

    That is a few dozen skill sets away, but it's on the list. ;-)

  3. beautiful piece Lori and congratulations!

  4. congrats girl, that a yummy piece...

  5. Wow, I'm impressed! You are an expert of promoting your art!

  6. Hi Laurie! I have a marketing and sales background which helps.... there are WAY more people out there that make better things than I do. But the marketing part of it can be a snore.

  7. This is fabulous!

  8. That is one fantastic piece of jewelry! I love it!


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