Sunday, May 31, 2009


I always wanted to be a dancer. I'm a huge fan of modern dance, modern ballet -- fun, funky, joyous dance just for the sheer love of movement.

These days I can't move much, have been told that for now, the only exercise I can do is swim, and that I have to be careful with just about every aspect of living (I won't get into it right now). But I still have this exuberance of spirit, this stubborn refusal to let my mind dwell on the "might be" and instead dream and plan for the "will be". So when I found this picture, I thought it was perfect. I hold it in my mind, and nothing can stop me from moving like this in my thoughts.

When Lori isn't dreaming about dancing, she creates jewelry. You can see it at


  1. Thats Great! I was just there a few days ago . . .

  2. They say "life is wonderful" so beautifully! Love it!

  3. I, too, have been a dancer in my heart. In reality, I have two left feet if I try to do anything other than completed unchoreographed "feeling the music"!

  4. Awesome pic, glad you are still thinking that way. I just read your spinal tap experience! You are amazing, I probably would have died right there. You are in our prayers and thoughts. Again, jewelry is so incredible!

  5. Fantastic photo. I can feel the joy.


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