Friday, April 10, 2009

A Kindergarten Egg Hunt

The Kindergarten Egg Hunt was the first time that Zack ever participated in such an event. We've hidden our fair share of eggs around our own house, but he's never experienced the mass chaos and hysteria that is a large community Egg Hunt.

First, we had to scatter all the eggs. A bunch of us moms carried bags upon bags of eggs and "hid" them all over the playground. It got to the point where we were hurling them all over the place because we just couldn't walk anymore without crushing plastic.

Then all ten of the Kindergarten classes trooped out and made a ring around the yard. Was everyone acting like they were already full of sugar? Oh yes, they were.

Zack made sure I knew he hadn't cheated and snagged an egg before the whistle blew:

And then he just acted a little goofy. I don't know if he thought he was the Easter Bunny or the Easter Monster at this point....

And then, mass chaos. In 45 seconds, it was all over. Hundreds upon hundreds of eggs were snatched up.

I was very proud of my munchkin -- and actually, proud of his entire class. Some of the kids didn't get as many eggs as others, and there was a lot of trading and giving away of eggs. Zack was a sweetheart, passing out eggs to friends. I couldn't have asked for a better kidlet.

Asked how he thought the day went, he said, "It was Number One!"

And that was Zack's first Pandemoneum-Style Egg Hunt.



  1. fun fun, we are going to my brothers to watch his kids and my sisters kids do the same thing in their yard on Sat, day before Easter Sunday...I always love the do the kids it seems...not to mention the candy...

  2. That brings back memories! I had forgotten how wild an easter egg hunt can be!

    I'm glad he had a good time.

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  4. How fun!

    We used to go to those, and the girls could never decide if they liked them because they got fun or if they didn't like them because they hated the stress of dealing with all those kids.

  5. How CUTE! He's adorable!
    We had one for 4-yr old's K4 class and you are right - they all acted like they were hopped up on some sugar drug.

    I hope you have a great Easter!

  6. I love the photo with his finger up,
    at first I though that he only got one egg and then I realized what fun thing to do at that age, what memories covered with chocolate he will have, lol!

    (psyclat? what a word for a psychologist to verify LOL)

  7. Easter egg hunts were always fun as a kid! My church is having one tomorrow for the community, we have 20,000 eggs to put out in the morning, hurling sounds good already!

  8. What a fun day for your son!!!! Love the photo with the basket on his head!!!!

  9. So cute! I am sad that my son has outgrown egg hunts (he's 11 going on 12.) Cherish the days!

  10. Awwwww. Now that's my kinda hunt!!! My kids were the ones who never found the eggs even if they were right in front of their noses! giggle. I always kinda felt sorry for them. lol


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