Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party!

I just found out about Ultimate Blog Party 2009, and hope to see some of the participants wandering over this way! We're supposed to list what goodies we would like to win, but to me, anything in the mail that is an unexpected gift is fine with me!

I'm looking forward to visiting all the wonderful blogs and hope to see some of you soon!

A few things for you newcomers to the blog:

- I am an ex-Air Force linguist, UVA grad (Biology pre-med), dot.com survivor (barely), and currently (and most happily) a full-time jewelry designer stay-at-home mom to a six-year old sweetie.

- I'm an avid reader and post on GoodReads all the time.

- I vascilate between horrid insomnia and the complete inability to wake up in the mornings. I wish I could go to bed at 2am and get up at 11am.

- I married a man I met ten years before I knew he was The One -- we only spoke to each other a few times, lost track of each other for ten years, and then voila -- married now for eight years.

- I love to make things -- Crafty Girl, I am. I love that my son is a Crafty Boy.

I hope you'll hang around for a while!


  1. Hello! Nice to meet you! Here's my party!


  2. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Hello there. Knocking on your door from the blog party. Hope you don’t mind.


    Twitter: AboutParenting

  3. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Hi, Lori! I am a newcomer and I've arrived here through the blog party. It's great to meet you.

  4. Hi, stopping by from the UBP! (I started at the bottom of the list to be creative!!) Nice to meet ya!


  5. Hi there, I’m stopping by from the UBP. It’s nice to meet you!
    I’m having a giveaway on my blog- if you want to check it out! annejensenfamily.blogspot.com

  6. Hi! Stopping in from the UBP! Stop by my blog when you get a chance and sign up for my giveaway!


  7. Stopping by to say hello from the UBP!

  8. Welcome to the party!

    Stop by for a visit to mine when you get the chance!

  9. Anonymous8:39 PM

    Lori, how I long to read more. It isn't that I don't have the time, per se. I just chose to take those few moments here and there to read blogs, or write, or eat. It is great to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

  10. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Hi! Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. Greetings from the Philippines!

    I'm visiting from UBP site in 5M4M and I hope you're having fantabulous time. :)

    Hope you pop by and visit my party place here.

    Thanks. :)


  12. Hey Lori, I brought some more Cadbury Eggs and brownies.... where would you like me to put them!!

  13. Party hopping and I found your super cute blog! I am following you now. I have the insomnia/get up in the morning thing, too. Come visit us when you get a chance.


  14. Nice to meet you. This is my first blog party and I love it.

    Hope you will stop by my blog for a visit. Though I am relativity new to blogging, I am loving all my new friends.
    I am giving away my first EVER BLOG PRIZE.
    I have a gift basket business and it is the most requested gift over the last 15 years.
    From the comments I have already received, appears to be something a little different and something anyone could use.

    I have been so touched by the comments that I have decided to give 2 boxes . They will be the $100 deluxe size. I really do want to bless people!!!

    I want my blog to encourage others. I have decided that giving is life at its BEST. The drawing will be Saturday! stop by

  15. Hey Lori,

    I love your post about the Cadbury Egg!!! I LOVE THOSE THINGS :)

    Just hoppin' around, so be sure to hop on by my blog as well!



  16. So nice learning a little about you! Poor you. I had horrible sleeping habits a couple of years back, getting better now. How fun that you and your hub reconnected. What a wonderful love story. Your jewelry is the best!!

  17. It's good to see someone I know here -- I hate going to parties and not knowing at least one person! :-)

  18. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Hello! Poppin’ in from The Ultimate Blog Party…all the way from Queensland, Australia! G’Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.

    I'm giving away Pink Champagne Shower Syrup from Jaqua Beauty...stop on over and enter! Ends April 8. Open to USA.



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