Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Progression of a March Snow

I love snow. I've always loved it -- not just because it got me out of school as a child, but because of its ability to blanket the world in peace. I remember years ago taking a nighttime walk while it was snowing, through a neighborhood of old, beautiful Victorian houses all lit up by street lights, and marveling that I couldn't hear the traffic from the nearby highway. I also loved that my footprints were the very first, and it's a memory that I hold fondly.

So I was thrilled that my hopes for snow this year were really, truly going to be more than a token dusting. Radar maps said that Easton, MD would be hit around 4:00pm, so Zack kept watch:

The skies had been white for a long time, and around 3:30pm, the first of the snow started. The flakes were fat, lush pom-poms of white, beautiful and magical and pretty serious about blanketing things over.

I decided to take photos of the progression of the snow storm. At 3:30, the pine tree by our door had just the barest of decorations:

Around 8:00pm, Zack and I opened the door to check the progress and take another picture. I quickly discovered that to take night time photographs, I needed my tripod -- that, or to turn into a statue for the eight seconds it took for the shutter to close.

In the morning, it was still barely snowing, but the wind had drifted snow like sand to sand dunes, and our little tree was completely covered:

Off in the distance, if you look behind the tree, is the sledding hill (of very modest proportions) and all the kids quickly realized this wasn't prime sledding snow, but lightweight, feathery snow that poofed up when you walked. That didn't stop Zack from dragging Rick out for the past two days. Zack is so light that on his plastic saucer he was able to zoom where the heavier kids on runner sleds got stuck.

Yes, I do love snow. However there is something I learned, this being my first snow with a child. One -- cabin fever is a nightmare. A six-year old stuck in a house for four days does not make for a tension-free household.

And as for buying lots of milk and bread before the snow started -- forget THAT. What we SHOULD have bought lots of was NYQUIL. I was hoarding that stuff like it was liquid gold.

Now where did my husband hide the tissues?



  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    When snow or ice is predicted, we don't head to the grocery store. Instead, we go to the library for entertainment and then we go to some specialty stores to stock up on chocolate, cheese, and other gourmet nibbles.

  2. I just loved reading your post with the play by play photos! Quite entertaining! :)

    As I've been wandering around blog to blog after the large landslide of One World One Heart'ers it came to my attention that you didn't win any 'gifties'. Because I love to give things away I would love to offer you my super secret winner prize...so secret even I didn't know I was going to do it! lol

    Drop by and let me know if you're interested! :)



  3. Anonymous8:07 PM

    I and my family love snow too, We played outside last Monday and we had so much fun. Hubby did not have classes to it was really a plus. I love these photos. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. What beautiful "real" snow. I wish we could have seen some of this snow. I hope you all have enjoyed it. We are looking at a temperature of upper 80 degrees by the weekend!

  5. Loved the post. I like looking at the snow -- so pretty, but glad I don't live where you do!

    Hope the colds go away!

  6. I love pictures of snow. Actually almost every picture of snow. Did you notice that on your picture of your tree at night the light behind is almost sitting like an angel on the top of the tree.

    Nice post and I love the back of your little boy by the window. It reminds me of a man who was my little boy once standing just like that.

    Enjoy him, he will grow fast.



  7. I love the photos you capture of your son Lori! I really enjoyed the progression of the snow, I was so delighted to see it as well and enjoyed the day at home, an extension to my vacation last week! Great blog!!

  8. Lori - thank you for sharing this! I've never really seen snow falling or even much on the ground actually, so this was a wonderful pictorial.

    BTW, there's an award on my blog for you to collect! http://annettepiperjewellery.blogspot.com/2009/03/first-show-for-2009-and-award.html

  9. pretty photos of the snow, I do know what you mean about being stuck in the house, I feel what your son felt...hope your cold is better...

  10. hey that looks like Rochester NY!! we get that very other dy around here, lol. sure is pretty :)

  11. We have all the snow I'll ever need! We've had a record breaking year! If you'd like more I'll send it your way!

    Also Tag! I'd love for you to do the picture tag game! Check out my blog for details!

  12. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post "Mother Wisdom". Courage to you mama...it's always good to know "this too shall pass", and tomorrow can be a new day!
    Love your excitement at the snow...we've been buried in it since Dec. up here in NW Montana!!
    blessings of peace,

  13. Wow...you guys got A LOT of snow! Now time for the snowman picture!

  14. Hey Lori, you're absolutely right about having a baby. The thing is I have a 7 year old but she was a baby so long ago I pretty much forgot everything that comes with it. haha

    I was born in Minnesota but unfortuantely I did get to stay long enough to remember the winters there.

  15. Oh those pictures really are wonderful!!


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