Friday, March 06, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Terri of Blooming Ideas and Annette of Under the Loupe both awarded my blog with the Kreativ Blogger award.

The rules of the award are to list seven things that I love, and to then pass this award on to seven bloggers that I love. Here are the things I love, but I'll have to tag the bloggers I love later -- I am suffering what I not-so-lovingly call a Migraine Hangover and just typing is proving to be a little too loud.

7 Things I Love

1. Books -- I can't live without them!

2. Beads -- I can't work without them!

3. The softness of spring air and the crispness of fall air. I detest the heat, and love having the windows of the house open, although it does usually mean that all the occupants of the house have to take allergy medicine against pollen thereafter.

4. My iPod. I said for two years that I didn't want one, and now I don't know what I did without it. Music has a visceral effect on me, taking me back to exact moments in my life -- the iPod makes it a private, all-encompassing memory.

5. Naps. I think I discovered this lovliness in college. A good book to make me drift off, rain on my white noise machine, and I'm set.

6. My family. I know everyone says "my family" on these things, but I truly lucked out. I have a doting husband and a hilarious child, and I never thought I'd have either.

7. True friends. You know who you are. You're loved, and appreciated.



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